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Eideteker once ran the Book Club because no one else wanted to. He was also the head operative at Mixsion Impossible. Now he runs #bunnies because that's much easier. He would like it if you stopped by and said hi. He's fond of meeting new people because he's so adept at chasing away the old ones.

Eideteker was born in the Year of the Monkey, which seems fitting for the Book Club founder:

Monkey people read extensively and are able to remember everything they read.
Consequently they are unusually well informed. 
If a monkey person is allowed to follow his or her instinctive course through life, 
fame is very likely. However, monkeys tend to talk too much, and may drive their 
friends away with complicated explanations and endless chatter. They are inclined to
appease diplomatically, rather than fight, but have a strong sense of right and wrong.

I'm here here here and here. Oh, and here, and also here. I'm rumored to be here and here, as well. I don't go here or here very much any more. I used to be here but that's gone now, and I have nothing to do with this or this.