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         Please see the relevant discussion on the talk page. I have served two terms as a Member of Parliament representing the electoral district of Elgin East in the province of Ontario, a position I recall with much fondness, and followed that by being elected Prime Minister for all of our great land. My constituents were good people, strong people, people who made a man proud to stand up in front of his country and say "I, I am from Elgin East. I am Canadian". They have spirit. A spirit so bold and noble it can never be taken away, not by the Queen's tyranny, nor at the hands of the Québécois extremists. As Prime Minister, my policy was a pillar of fire, a policy of true Canadianism, of moderation, of reconciliation. An English-French partnership was best for my nation, and I believe, no, I am convinced that by welcoming Saskatchewan into our brilliant confederation, we have driven Canada forward into the twentieth century.

Cmonkey is an international man of mystery with many tattoos (some of which may even compile). He flies around and offers tech help in a black mask and tights, which is pretty cool, except that it can be surprising in the middle of the night.

He is very gracious when beer is spilled on him. Try it -- you'll see. Dr Pepper, however, will make him momentarily grumpy. Not the beverage--Dr. Pepper is his periodontist.

Cmonkey now knows how to knit, and intends to use this new skill to achieve maximum economic disruption. Watch out, world, I'm about to knit chaos (or sharks)!

cmonkey's real given name is Carlton Ridenhour.


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Some day I am going to catch up in this devilish tournament.... someday....