Metachat Drinking Game

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  • Every time someone posts "OMG ______!" do a shot.
  • Every time Jonmc posts the Best Song Ever, do a shot
  • Every time Jonmc links to a picture of himself, do a shot. If the picture includes a bare nipple, do two shots.
  • For every shouting thread, scream at the top of your lungs and do a shot.
  • Anytime someone gets whuffled, drain a beer.
  • Every time someone makes a veiled allusion to a Mecha person they want to sleep with, slap yourself, do a shot.
  • Every time someone posts an "I love you guys" thread, do a shot and kiss the person on your left.
  • Every time you see a new breakup thread, curl up in a fetal position.
  • Every time Wendell self-links one of his articles, toast him with very cheap champagne.
  • Every time a "why is MeFi down?" post appears, drain a beer.
  • Every time you see a bunny reference, drink some mineral water. (Hey, anything else would kill us!)
  • Every time a picture of a pink bunny on a hillside, bunnies driving a car, or other incongruous behavior of bunnies or people dressed as bunnies is posted that has already been posted before, mix yourself a Manhattan (one for every time this picture has been posted previously).
  • Every time we change IRC channels, finish your beer.
  • You must download and play all YSI music. And have a shot of an appropriate beverage, of course.
  • And when New York Mechazens meet up, mix yourselves another Manhattan.
  • Whenever West Coast Mechazens travel up or down the coast for a meetup in another city, mix a Gin'n'Tonic.
  • Every time someone begs DaShiv to come to a meetup in their city, drink a Guinness.
  • Every time Specklet's boobs are mentioned, do a shot.
  • For every "This is my last post for a while," one shot.
  • Two shots for every "Hi guys, did you miss me?"
  • Every time matildaben does a shot, do a shot. Including matildaben.
  • For every thread about having a crush, down a shot and burn a lock of someone's hair.