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Metafilter: the overwhelming din caused by all the clucking tongues.
Metafilter: the most awesome fat kid square dance rant I have ever seen.
Metafilter: Fustian
Metafilter: The fustian ornament of somewhat spirited talk.
Metafilter: at least two posts with the word "fustian.
Metafilter: When old timers come out of the wood work to deepthroat their own boots
Metafilter: Fit of Angry
Metafilter: Er, anger not angry
Metafilter: honest, scholarly persuasion on a level playing field with cynical, hard-bitten toddlers just out of their cribs
Metafilter: Sometimes I think folks here need to go find a friend or something.
Metafilter: I don't understand what is going on here.
Metafilter: Check for airborne pigs.
Metafilter: How mowglisambo got caught
Metafilter: Blah blah blah I hate all of you blah blah blah derail derail derail.
Metafilter: high school stoner bullshit
Metafilter: if you weren't stupid and lazy you probably could have answered your first question yourself.
Metafilter: A whole big bag of fuck yeah!
Metafilter: The audience laughs and roars along as he mistakes side effect for malicious intent
Metafilter: my above post parses like a Nigerian email
Metafilter: Lovely people loving each other.
Metafilter: Where was I? I forgot the point that I was making.
Metafilter: self-policing since 1999.
Metafilter: the percentage of comments that suggest taglines
Metafilter: Bullshit. You're all crazy.
Metafilter: lol bush iz teh dum
Metafilter: Flagged as Fantastic
Metafilter: You're wrong, I'm wrong, We're Wrong
Metafilter: I get email all the time from irate magicians
Metafilter: Good ol' fashioned freak-outs since 1999
Metafilter: We Spit on Houdini's Grave.
Metafilter: You, sir, are clearly nuts.
Metafilter: the lamest and filthiest well of circlejerk geeksterbation.
Metafilter: a cliche that is pretty much guaranteed to derail any thread in which it's posted
Metafilter: Be a curmudgeonly old internet crank.
Metafilter: I | you.
Metafilter: Rejecting theology, embracing evangelism.
Metafilter: I was slightly happier before I saw the PENIS being shoved into the CHICKEN.
Metafilter: Communal Weblog
Metafilter: Anonymous paid commenter wins.
Metafilter: The Throbbing Cowboy.
Metafilter: Obvious tagline.
Metafilter: Unfiltered I will buy up all the copies I can find and hide them in the woods.
Metafilter: It's like living in a really crappy city, where the water is brown and it rains every day. But you stay there because all your friends are there. One day someone's going to to realize the place is a piece of shit and move on. Eventually another city will take it's place. ... and Cleveland sucks too!
Metafilter: the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.
Metafilter: You're on crack.
Metafilter: Because you have nothing better to do.
Metafilter: I don't know why everyone is so hung up.
Metafilter: people making comments directed at other personalities instead of the post topic or issues surrounding it.
Metafilter: assuming good intent since since 1999. Was it a weak callout: Yes. Am I too sensitive: Yes. I still love you guys though.
Metafilter: The guy doesn't sound like much of a catch.
Metafilter: you who commented in that thread should review that thought or go lick a dogs ass till it bleeds, maybe both.
Metafilter: Masters of remote psychological diagnosis
Metafilter: Masters of remote psychological diagnosis
Metafilter: is it more about the poster getting an answer, or about people reading it for curiosity and trivial pursuit? If answers start dropping off then perhaps it will affect the latter, and fewer eyeballs on the page reduces the overall utility of the site, since casual browsers may have that perfect answer.
Metafilter: The best of the web, so long as it can be viewed in under two minutes.
Metafilter: blahblah thing really. That was the reason for my dumber comment).
Metafilter: Drooling idiots welcome! ;-P
Metafilter: simply because of the petty and irrational self-righteous twattery of its detractors.
Metafilter: It practically titters
Metafilter: I have a few pieces of art I am trying to identify. Can I embed the pics (which I feel will probably lead to more responses), or should I link to my flickr account?
Metafilter: Jimbob and bugbread have it.
Metafilter: Icing on the shit cake.
Metafilter: If you don't say it here, don't say it at all.
Metafilter: MUAHAHAHAHA.
Metafilter: a bunch of nutters who are somehow watching every edit
Metafilter: Strangers deriding strangers since 1999.
Metafilter: without needless drama, we'd all have to go back to pointless debates.
Metafilter: Like a frantically googling layman with poor reasoning skills
Metafilter: Then quonsar comes along and says something only he finds funny. Then EB comes along and takes seven paragraphs to state the obvious. Then languagehat comes along and congratulates EB on being an intellectual peer, so far above the chatty rabble. Then I say something about how my perception of many of you is that you need girl and/or boyfriends. Then monju_bosatsu comes along and says I don't defend dios, I just carry his water for him unto perpetuity. Someone will tell me I should eat a bag of cocks. And at the very, very end of this thread, which won't finish up completely until Monday afternoon, y2karl will come along and say something cryptic about a mefite who hasn't posted here since 2002. And all the while, dios will get his jollies reading all this shit through the weekend and thinking once again he's "won" mefi, because he's only capable of seeing this place in terms of warfare (how Lakoffian of me...).
Metafilter: Designed by God to be the Perfect Internet Forum". Unless by God you mean Matt, and by the perfect internet forum you mean not crashing most of the time. It's run by reasonable people with a limited amount of time on their hands.
Metafilter: Mutant Gimpfuckings.
Metafilter: respecting the work but loathing the presentation
Metafilter: Removed inline chickenfucking image
Metafilter: A bar full of drunk college professors and stoned garbagemen/flash animators arguing at full volume about Finnegan's Wake and classic King Crimson songs while they try and get in each others pants and not pay for the drinks
Metafilter: one big hipster pissing contest where oh fuck it.
Metafilter: Just a random person in a bad mood.
Metafilter: Stupid shit lives on based on my whims.
Metafilter: I've unwittingly viewed the chickenfucking image
Metafilter: Yes, by all means this is entirely my fault. (mathowie)
Metafilter: altered vision, muscle twitching, other involuntary movements, loss of awareness of your surroundings, mental confusion, and/or convulsions.
Metafilter: a question about futures, tradesports, betting, gambling, prediction and markets". Could turn out a bit funny, but I think it's better than what we've got now. Questions don't need titles, and having them just causes problems.
Metafilter: Like the inside of a hot dog.
Metafilter: Made of various unsavory meats.
Metafilter: Full of lips and assholes.
Metafilter: Doesn't make a lick of gaddamned sense, prepositionally speaking.
Metafilter: You. Can't. Win.
Metafilter: The Summer of Snark has begun
Metafilter: The Summer of Snark has begun
Metafilter: Where all the children are above average.
Metafilter: Based on our analysis of your posting semantics, we refute your claim to be 13 years old and demand you reveal your true identity. Are you my mommy?
Metafilter: Lets just be funny ok? Or smart or something. Lets just decide to do that.
Metafilter: maybe you're just ignoring it.
Metafilter: Apples to Apples
Metafilter: Generally not too stupid, is what I'm trying to get at.
Metafilter: slapped together and posted on the internet where everyone will love you for it.
Metafilter: I'll wipe what you have and repost.
Metafilter: You put certain topics on the table and this place becomes a puddle of drool, quite incapable of intelligence or civility. Christianity is one of those topics. Ann Coulter is another.
Metafilter: 600 kinds of ass smells
Metafilter: your best option may be just shutting the fuck up
Metafilter: A bit of puritanical demogogery absent from actual meaning
Metafilter: Throbbing wangs of indignation.
Metafilter: Idiots who decided to shit in the thread
Metafilter: Midgets fuc ohnevermind
Metafilter: hm, maybe you should get back to work then, huh?
Metafilter: For Kids!'
Metafilter: an abstract fable with a connect-the-dots moral
Metafilter: My opponents are extremists
Metafilter: My cowrokers are X-streamists
Metafilter: hearing your orgasm all the way down here.
Metafilter: OMG You're a total idiot.
Metafilter: I once called a man out in MeTa, just to watch him flameout.
Metafilter: All I called for was attention.
Metafilter: Why do some people think they have been on the internet longer than me? Are they crazy, or just misinformed?
Metafilter: The Manson Family was a community too.
Metafilter: in retrospect I probably should've waited.
Metafilter: The where it's okay to editorialize in your posts.
Metafilter: The that's still around.
Metafilter: 5 posts by puke & cry posts and 689 comments
Metafilter: No wonder all of us narcissistic a-list weblogers stopped frequenting this site years ago...
Metafilter: So practical that it eliminates thought.
Metafilter: HeisenFish.
Metafilter: The chicken fucking pic really topped it off.
Metafilter: precious oozings.
Metafilter: Odes to Deleted Crap
Metafilter: pre-emptively destroying its own fun
Metafilter: no posts and 3 comments
Metafilter: teaching indiebass a new in-joke every time he stops by
Metafilter: waiting on lawyering
Metafilter: at the beck and call of Lotto's boyfriend (yes, her boyfriend. BOYFRIEND!)
Metafilter: a thin scum over fear
Metafilter: Fingers are also meat
Metafilter: a generation of irrational, prinitive nincompoops, people who habitually spout indolent, fallacious arsedribble, fucking idiots, dreadful, ignorant, piss-witted religious apologists, fucking pathetic, whining, retrograde imbeciles... Fuck you vermin. Fuck you; you disgrace humanity.
Metafilter: fallacious arsedribble
Metafilter: Best of the Web, just not today.
Metafilter: Religious oppression, any question that would ask for perceived incidents of "personal oppression" from a segment of the population is subtle hatemongering with the intention of inciting contention and propagating slander, libel and misinformation. This thread is dangerous and should be removed immediately.
Metafilter: Directing thirsty souls to the Source of Living Water.
Metafilter: You're not going to kill my dog.
Metafilter: Don't You Fucking Dare Include References To Wikipedia or YouTube Or I'll Fucking Cut The Shit Out Of You.
Metafilter: Racist oppression, any question that would ask for derogatory jokes about a segment of the population is subtle hatemongering with the intention of inciting contention and propagating slander, libel and misinformation. This thread is dangerous and should be removed immediately.
Metafilter: ahead of that self-immolating guy in the banana suit.
Metafilter: They paved paradise and put up a snarking lot.
Metafilter: photographed by DaShiv  : >
Metafilter: Forum of America
Metafilter: A very rough reflection of the degree of fame of a given dead person.
Metafilter: Best of the web
Metafilter: Suck it, (insert name here)!
Metafilter: no posts and no comments
Metafilter: It makes me happy to know that my presence is so offensive to you.
Metafilter: Have fun eating each other alive, kids!
Metafilter: Safe and civil.
Metafilter: Don the Asbestos.
Metafilter: It's pony time, asshole.
Metafilter: the hotline receiptionist is male
Metafilter: We're All in This Together, With Decoder Rings
Metafilter: Our readers are hotter than Fleshbot's.
Metafilter: We'll shoot down your "good feature" suggestions.
Metafilter: a fucking pre-kindergarden for schizophrenics
Metafilter: Putting the Me in Meta since 1999.
Metafilter: malformed gentiles
Metafilter: malformed gentiles
Metafilter: some sort of uppity delicacy
Metafilter: Place is turning into a cesspool of understanding
Metafilter: We're getting too old for this shit.
Metafilter: Running our tools against each other.
Metafilter: I cockslapped you with set theory before breakfast, punk. How's that feel?
Metafilter: A little performance art.
Metafilter: In the long run, we're all screed.
Metafilter: Ask a bunch of strangers on the Internets...
Metafilter: getting all Dworkin on your sleazy ass.
Metafilter: Perhaps You'll Die.
Metafilter: I thought it seemed kinda petty.
Metafilter: denying people the choice/control of content
Metafilter: no posts and 15 comments
Metafilter: I guess I really do have to search before asking
Metafilter: This feature sounds about as handy as side pockets on a toad's ass to me.
Metafilter: It's the Toad's pockets.
Metafilter: Really bad for your girl parts.
Metafilter: Dios is being contrary
Metafilter: Who the fuck knows.
Metafilter: churlish puling since 1198
Metafilter: Don't Ask Us For Shit.
Metafilter: the pure, Platonic essence of lame.
Metafilter: It's kind of like a mormon masturbating.
Metafilter: an 8th grade masturbatory orgy of douchebaggery
Metafilter: where you can post any sort of inane bullshit so long as it doesn't come off as remotely conservative.
Metafilter: I'm pretty sure I share this vice.
Metafilter: Ascenders, descenders and dots in lower case.
Metafilter: Fuck all you bitches
Metafilter: A collection point for enemies of the state.
Metafilter: Judging from some of the comments, you may be the only one that actually thinks
Metafilter: I think it's best to give people the benefit of the doubt, and- Hahahaha!... hah... heh... oh my.
Metafilter: Spurting cocks and anal snowballing.
Metafilter: Everybody's got 'That old lady is about to fall over' on their mind.
Metafilter: McNasty Weblog
Metafilter: how about a bunny fucking a balloon
Metafilter: how about a bunny fucking a balloon
Metafilter: Afraid to post.
Metafilter: I don't think there's a set policy, in any case.
Metafilter: tagline"s. I don't think you can search for colons in google or yahoo.
Metafilter: Would some of you please just let it go?
Metafilter: If you can read this you must be some kinda pinko metrosexual.
Metafilter: an anodized-neon lump of cocksled
Metafilter: no posts and 10 comments
Metafilter: a cage with a pack of howling, slavering hyenas.
Metafilter: The food here sucks--and wormsinmybraingetthemout ohgodkillmebeforeitaglineagain such small portions!
Metafilter: I claim this website in the name of The Queen of Spain!
Metafilter: We'll name your baby "If I had an Anus
Metafilter: Enterprise.
Metafilter: Expands body showing dominate.
Metafilter: Expand body showing dominate, and maybe some disgust in a frown.
Metafilter: no posts and 2 comments
Metafilter: I like seeing my own comment after I write it.
Metafilter: no posts and no comments
Metafilter: Waits for Praise from the Cool Kids
Metafilter: In my defense, I'm an idiot.
Metafilter: talking the piss out of quonsar
Metafilter: Is there a server down prehaps ?
Metafilter: 2 posts by xtian posts and 101 comments
Metafilter: no posts and 83 comments
Metafilter: no posts and 39 comments
Metafilter: Helping THE TERRORIÅ¿TS Å¿teal Å¿amples of Varicella Å¿implex since 2001.
Metafilter: ok i know you'll all think im paraoid
Metafilter: Try your best to spell words and use the shift key or we are going to give you a hard time about it.
Metafilter: Try your best to spell words and use the shift key or and we are going to give you a hard time about it anyway.
Metafilter: Don't. Fuck. With. MetaFilter.
Metafilter: You fuck with me, you fuckin' with the best!
Metafilter: I apologize for what I was thinking
Metafilter: you got caught by the hype, and it stings.
Metafilter: those people either have the sorts of high-drama experiences later in college, or not at all. From their perspective, the high school experiences of the rest of us seem outsized and extreme.
Metafilter: willingly making the ultimate Iraq
Metafilter: In the reptile hose.
Metafilter: We couldn't hold all their angst.
Metafilter: You make me want to go on a weekend-long cross-country bombing spree.
Metafilter: Stay in Canada and eat more ice and snow.
Metafilter: Look through the thread and make sure that nobody has already posted your tagline.
Metafilter: whatever happened to the taglines? I sorta miss them.
Metafilter: I can't think of anything to say at the moment.
Metafilter: Typing random shit into a little box.
Metafilter: I was out on a date last night. We drove into the woods and were, you know, getting intimate when we heard a scrabbling noise and got scared and drove back to the city as fast as we could. When we got out of the car we found a bloody hook still dangling from the doorhandle! Do I have a moral obligation to report this incident to the police??
Metafilter: the website that time forgot.
Metafilter: furries, frottage and American politics.
Metafilter: I totally agree with some of you, and I think some of you are fucking idiots.
Metafilter: mostly hormone posts
Metafilter: I'm sorry you said that, and I'll try to forget it as quickly as possible.
Metafilter: Persons of Nuance
Metafilter: Nothing but heartaches and "daddy didn't love me
Metafilter: A lot lot lot of total douchebags when it comes to relationships
Metafilter: Seriously debating a "anal sex only" rule.
Metafilter: persnickety little mopes
Metafilter: and being supported by pissing elephants since 1999, but that would require more energy than I have right now.
Metafilter: We're here for your amusement or trickery. Fuckers.
Metafilter: able and willing
Metafilter: We only do the hard questions.
Metafilter: a ball of unique snowflakes.
Metafilter: I hope he dies of penis cancer.
Metafilter: It's like the Seinfeld episode where Jerry shaves his chest
Metafilter: fucking your cockshit in the dickass
Metafilter: fucking your cockshit in the dickass since sometime in 1999
Metafilter: you could just post a link to a txt file on your server.
Metafilter: many rich, nuanced and spittle-laced shouting matches.
Metafilter: Yeah, I also had sex once and think that means about five
Metafilter: the TV show.
Metafilter: This isn't a contest!
Metafilter: Delete at will.
Metafilter: IT'S ALIVE.
Metafilter: no posts and no comments
Metafilter: we are, as a group, big drinkers.
Metafilter: I am frequently irritated by contributors here
Metafilter: Come for the racism, stay for the pancakes (now with special syrup)
Metafilter: We have lots of assholes on here, period.
Metafilter: you have been enlisted as it's army of retards
Metafilter: I know that I have a high level of intelligence...
Metafilter: the ideas guys
Metafilter: I find things irritating when people aren't as clever as they think they're being.
Metafilter: it's serious business
Metafilter: tolerating boorish behaviour" is *not* a tag-line I'm expecting to see in this lifetime.
Metafilter: The sooner you accept your impotence and defeat in this regard, the better.
Metafilter: Aiding and abetting criminals sanctioned by the moderators.
Metafilter: I deleted it without hesitation.
Metafilter: I guess we disagree then.
Metafilter: 16 posts by Eideteker posts and 1064 comments
Metafilter: I fucked your mother.
Metafilter: More Vicious than Rape
Metafilter: What if it were Hitler's vagina?
Metafilter: favorite == bookmark
Metafilter: place-switching your bushes.
Metafilter: Careersuicidewatch
Metafilter: it's all about jonmc
Metafilter: takes all the bitchsnark away
Metafilter: I don't care, and I don't care that you don't care, and further, even if I did care, I'd care less than you, even though we care enough to post in this thread about how we don't care.
Metafilter: often sickly, and nearly always male.
Metafilter: a boorish nerdgasm for its contributors and a lazy resource for uninspired college students
Metafilter: Why don't you actually read the fucking thread first?
Metafilter: this isn't the first time you've been accused of overmoderating and it won't be the last
Metafilter: obviously they're trying to cause trouble...
Metafilter: I didn't cry or anything when he killed himself.
Metafilter: X tagline, declaring that they'd just shot coffee out of their nose (or hilarious variant), followed by, of course, the requisite clever play on [more inside, which keeps us all in stitches, every single time.]
Metafilter: i'm in ur lawn de-pantsing ur vibrating camera fish
Metafilter: This is why democracy will never work.
Metafilter: This is what democracy not working looks like
Metafilter: malicious" folk such as myself aren't welcome.
Metafilter: the spider veins on my scrotum are normal for an old guy.
Metafilter: I've been beating my wife for years and she's finally taken her revenge. Can anyone tell me how to take apart the garbage disposal in the sink and is it worth the trouble?
Metafilter: You must show pancakes in order to acquire identity.
Metafilter: some joking around, as well as possibly some heated debate.")
Metafilter: At least use a sockpuppet.
Metafilter: pointlessly rude and patronising
Metafilter: some kind of Bizarro World where reality cannot penetrate your senses.
Metafilter: this is the worst example of whatever it is that I have ever seen.