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Metafilter: We're Not Welcome Here
Metafilter: Please close the HREF behind you.
Metafilter: A link and 25 snarky comments.
Metafilter: Everyone has a right to your opinion.
Metafilter: We're one big happy dysfunctional family.
Metafilter: Where bark is worse than bite.
Metafilter: Language is a virus.
Metafilter: Swewy, Ain't it?
Metafilter: Soundbytes and Catchphrases and Bears! Oh my!
Metafilter: word
Metafilter: It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore.
Metafilter: Shouldn't This Be In MetaTalk?
Metafilter: links posted for the content on the other end and links posted so the poster can pontificate. I never thought of Metafilter as primarily a discussion forum, but as a meme exploiter, link provider, idea generator. A large part of the comments are predictable and worthless. Most of them seem to be made by people trying to dominate rather than discuss. There are a lot of rhetorical, grammatical and syntactic red flags, anyway, that clue me into to the content-less, value-less nature of many of the comments.
Metafilter: links posted for the content on the other end (informational links) and links posted so the poster can pontificate (editorial links). I never thought of Metafilter as primarily a discussion forum, but as a meme exploiter, link provider, idea generator. A large part of the comments are predictable and worthless. Most of them seem to be made by people trying to dominate rather than discuss. There are a lot of rhetorical, grammatical and syntactic red flags, anyway, that clue me into to the content-less, value-less nature of many of the comments.
Metafilter: The Home(page) Game"?
Metafilter: new posts are bound to be old stuff.
Metafilter: Elephant enough for everyone.
Metafilter: Where posters go to go postal.
Metafilter: Why are we here at all?
Metafilter: Where Trolls are killed and eaten.
Metafilter: Abandon all work, ye who enter here
Metafilter: More tags than Sears!
Metafilter: Don't do this.
Metafilter: I'm sitting at work in the Real Networks building. We have just experienced close to a minute of jostling and shaking. There is now a six foot crack on the wall of my office. Looking around, nothing appears to have fallen over, but there are crowds of people on the sidewalks." This web surfer relayed the news, like every day on Metafilter, one of the most significant american "Web logs".
Metafilter: a large earthquake strikes the downtown area of Seattle. I sat at my office, in the building of Real Networks. We have just lived ten minutes of intense jolts. There is now an enormous crack on the wall. What I see, nothing fell, but it ya of the masses of people in the streets." It is a Net surfer who relayed information, like tous.les.jours on Metafilter, one of most significant "the Web American logs.
Metafilter: The Collective Detective.
Metafilter: We're in it for the money.
Metafilter: 1% information, 99% perspiration.
Metafilter: This won't hurt a bit
Metafilter: Help me get a friggin' job better.
Metafilter: that's another argument entirely.
Metafilter: Enough jibba-jabba, I need work!
Metafilter: Can I Live A Day Without Metafilter?
Metafilter: Pony up, you bastards!
Metafilter: What are you contributing except for masturbation?
Metafilter: it could be a perfect world, but it is an ugly place
Metafilter: a massive, multi-state killing spree.
Metafilter: If you're going to link to your brother's page, admit it.
Metafilter: self-policing since 1999.
Metafilter: use it to impress your friends
Metafilter: gain a small (very small) reputation for cool
Metafilter: our excessive generosity with anonymity and multiple personalities. Members should all identify themselves. If they wanted to remain anonymous, for some reason, they should be made to use "anonymous" as their signature, so that we all knew how to take a comment or post.
Metafilter: Little, #006699, different.
[ Metafilter: More Evil than Ber... Metafilter: Self-policing my sugar-coated ass since 1999
[ Metafilter: a propos... Metafilter: a proposal. (more inside.)
Metafilter: Stripped down minimalism for the masses
Metafilter: this here is genius
Metafilter: Thinking Inside The Box, 24/7.
Metafilter: Making sure Matt Haughey spends all of his free time coding for the rest of his days.
Metafilter: We pay his rent, he works for US.
Metafilter: open an exception, please! We're all curious about what she has to say; Voyageman has stuck his neck out; we've all weighed in... and it's just not fair!
Metafilter: open an exception
Metafilter: Self-Appointed Self-Important Self Policing 99% of the time.
Metafilter: You Suck, I Rule
Metafilter: sniff my ethernet
Metafilter: It eclipses the rabbit, easy.
Metafilter: community weblog
Metafilter: Where you can eat pancakes, watch bunnies, watch bunnies with pancakes, eat ice cream, ZippityBop!, make Baby Jesus cry...
Metafilter: 60% Barroom Brawl, 40% Group Hug.
Metafilter: It makes me smarter, and more angry about THINGS.
Metafilter: Nice Threads
Metafilter: The page you linked to simply doesn't support that, old fruit.
Metafilter: We blame the lack of ponies.
Metafilter: Frees you from any expectation of tangible success.
Metafilter: Not in the pedestrian manner of being weird
Metafilter: metafilter related'.
Metafilter: There's Still Some Of Us Who Love It Just The Way It Is.
Metafilter: they just can't kill the beast
Metafilter: Warning - Spoilers!
Metafilter: No different to any other news source
Metafilter: You can't expect it to be any different.
Metafilter: Like a sports bar, but without the big screen.

Metafilter: Where all traditions are wrong! Especially when they annoy ME PERSONALLY! Waaah!

If you don't like it, palegirl, don't participate. Change the channel. Jesus.

Metafilter: Trolling for Fellatio
Metafilter: What Are We Doing Here. Well, what are we? A good many of us spend a significant amount of time reading, posting, arguing here on Mefi. WHY? What are we doing? One could say that it's for the links - fine. But there are, we must admit, far larger, more comprehensive link lists available if that were the sole draw. We could say that we are keeping our debating minds sharp, but that's not all of it, either. The beauty - and the bedevilment - of Mefi is that there is simple, stated purpose for our activity here. Beauty because it frees us up to be creative, to act impulsively, to not be constrained... but bedevilment in that there is no direction, to compass, to help us determine if we are doing the right thing, by Matt, by each other, by the ethos we perceive Mefi must certainly have but, maddeningly, does not make explicit. So in the meantime, we argue the points knowing that we will never change the minds of those we argue against, we rail against our trolls while indulging them (even coddling them, sometimes), and we come the Meta and debate our entry into the final, final no-really-this-time-for-sure ultimate death of metafilter... until tomorrow, when we do it all over again.
Metafilter: From Palestine to Goodbye Mr. Chips, all without leaving your chair.
Metafilter: When You Can't Be Arsed To Go Look.
Metafilter: Three Doormats and a Circle Jerk.
Metafilter: people who mistake lack of discipline for iconoclasm
Metafilter: Where everybody faints over Matt.
Metafilter: Matt's ass is usually pretty moist.
Metafilter: brought to you by Beano and Gatorade. Sponsors could pay prolific posters to include a gratuitous product placement spot in their comments.
Metafilter: Graphic Anal Talk" would be a good tag line.
Metafilter: yeah, we got anal foam
Metafilter: We're all deranged
Metafilter: Where we who disagree, should all fornicate.
Metafilter: Where You're Not Allowed to Hurt My Feelings.
Metafilter: Pillow fight in the ladies room.
Metafilter: We rite gud!
Metafilter: It's all about the tail-less dogs
Metafilter: I love my dead gay threads
Metafilter: Same as it ever was.
Metafilter: Poke It With a Stick and It'll Bite. Eventually.
Metafilter: your freedom of expression ends when your packet touches Matt's server.
Metafilter: The Blue Screen of Love.
Metafilter: Thousands and thousands web scouts' eyes watching your every move!
Metafilter: it is an issue affecting the Internet and current issues, and it should be discussed. I find no reason for the link to the video, though, and do not agree with your analogy. It does not fit; if it does, please explain how. We can seriously discuss the issue, but the "serious, if uncomfortable and challenging, thinking" can be had without a link to the video.
Metafilter: boldly going where not even Rotten will?
Metafilter: How to add the alt attribute to make those images work even harder for you!
Metafilter: why do people here feel like they need to find reasons to dislike people?
Metafilter: Feel The Difference
Metafilter: hissy fits and freakouts and pointless pissing matches.
Metafilter: Where ad hominem comes to life!
Metafilter: Where you can even learn about your butthole.
Metafilter: There Is No Middle Ground
Metafilter: More than a good-humored chuckle or an annoyed expletive.
Metafilter: We've upped our standards, now up yours.
Metafilter: Jesus, Don't Ever Fucking Possibly Maybe Offend Anyone (Even If Said Offense Is On A Subconscious Level That Only The Offendee Can Understand. Maybe.) ...
Metafilter: passive-aggressive vomitmasters its ok to like
Metafilter: I know something offends me, I just need to find it...
Metafilter: Its brilliance is its simplicity: a community weblog where members post links and discuss those links. The result is a diverse yet surprisingly inclusive community where the focus is on discourse and debate. Despite some cliqueishness (e.g. "pancakes" = "this thread sucks") and the occasional tendency toward sheer polarization (understandably, on topics like the Mideast), the typical Metafilter thread is reasoned, textured and passionate".
Metafilter: shortcut buttons below comment box (link, etc.) are not there.
Metafilter: As Usenet as We Wanna Be"... So, you said something stupid in a previous thread, now you're gonna drag yourself (and everybody else) through it again in some lame attempt to save face, convince others, or both?" Considering that "JollyWanker" called him stupid and lame, I don't think saying "wank on, wanker" was particularly trollish.
Metafilter: Post whatever you like, but Jesus Christ don't disagree with our dogma.
Metafilter: I love you.
Metafilter: Always Should Have Been For The Truly Interesting
Metafilter: Motherfucking DUH.
Metafilter: A Firehose For The Thirsty
Metafilter: Respect The Link
Metafilter: Respect The Link
Metafilter: Matt steps in to defend a post of his to a newbie. :)
Metafilter: 'let the people in'....and we dare talk of immigration in the U.S. More people, the better. nothing could have been worse then before the new members. If Matt has problems with these issues, HE will have to work it out. I would imagine if metafilter cut into his other work too much, mefi would either cease or whatever. To me, it is evident that mefi benefits (which is good). but he is also the bearer of the down side of those benefits.
Metafilter: Say hello to your newest overlord.
Metafilter: the innocence there is amusing in a way, it's not what I'd call funny.
Metafilter: this cycle goes nowhere. Hee hee.
Metafilter: Being Pissed Off is No Excuse
Metafilter: Nearly 16,000 users separated by a common language.
Metafilter: More red herrings in here than in a Communist smokehouse.
Metafilter: to find new stuff. Something 30 days old is not new. Something 2 or 3 years old is definitely not new.
Metafilter: The whole thing has a dysfunctional family vibe that makes me feel queasy.
Metafilter: The whole thing has a dysfunctional family vibe that makes me feel queasy.
Metafilter: That's the Way It Is.
Metafilter: xxx, New tagline: xxx MeFi: xxx etc. Needs repeated searches to find the different versions. Getting there, though.
Metafilter: gently and slowly fuck the fuck off.
Metafilter: Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here.
Metafilter: huuuuuuuuuugs!
Metafilter: Yeah, it kind of sucks, but it's not sucky enough to ax.
Metafilter: A cockfest for nerds.
Metafilter: Get Back to Work!
Metafilter: Still crazy after all these years
Metafilter: now I have to give that up and do something real
Metafilter: LazerTag With Words
Metafilter: Because Misery Loves Company
Metafilter: Live by the Pen, Die by the Pen.
Metafilter: It's all fun till someone gets an ego poked out.
Metafilter: It's a fucking website.
Metafilter: are = aren't
Metafilter: Farting in a freaking windstorm of dumbitude and breast-beating
Metafilter: makes me really happy
Metafilter: It's about nothing.
Metafilter: You won your little shout-down. Don't gloat.
Metafilter: Devilish technology of oppression.
Metafilter: Because we're nerds and we like to show off!
Metafilter: Encouraging You To Go Elsewhere.
Metafilter: Don't stick around long enough to be called a fuckwit."?
Metafilter: I hope dg is adding these to his list...
Metafilter: the buffer of wackyness) just to celebrate the weekend..
Metafilter: It's very contentious among those who care about such things.
Metafilter: All the ponies you can eat
Metafilter: Facist censors, facials, and shots of huge genitalia
Metafilter: Just the place for a Snark!
Metafilter: the realm of insults and claptrap.
Metafilter: Hitler's Moustache!
Metafilter: You're right! No, you're wrong!
Metafilter: no profundity intended
Metafilter: Is this just political grandstanding?
Metafilter: Bored with McSweeneys?
Metafilter: Should we be worried about this?
Metafilter: Do you read such things?
Metafilter: Overwrought or spot on?
Metafilter: Whose pecs will reign supreme?
Metafilter: nobody has any fun, but we've got fucking guidelines by god.
Metafilter: I'm Quitting! No I'm Quitting!
Metafilter: We have strong brow muscles.
Metafilter: What, you thought we fucking cared?
Metafilter: Expound on to us whatever crazy opinions you want, just don't talk about yourself because we get a little creeped out when we have to put faces and feelings to the previously autonomous masses of digital output we originally saw you as.
Metafilter: It looks like we've solved yet another mystery with our collective investigating and remote reporting! Good work reading everybody.
Metafilter: Great at breaking news.
Metafilter: if they are going to have all these rules, then I think they should be written down.
Metafilter: we're just like Eminem!
Metafilter: The horse isn't quite dead yet.
Metafilter: I'm not part of the problem, I'm part of the solution. Except for this post. This post is part of the problem
Metafilter: Sod this, I'm going home to get stoned.
Metafilter: more addictive than having three women in your house.
Metafilter: Bothering things that ignore you.
Metafilter: Not even reading what some people are ignoring.
Metafilter: Just lie down until it goes away.
Metafilter: de-vibrating brooms everywhere.
Metafilter: I wholeheartedly object to the next comment.
Metafilter: Watching the Watchers
Metafilter: Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
Metafilter: I trust Matt, the rest of you are suspect.
Metafilter: When news breaks... we fix it!
Metafilter: where the rules are changed more than a baby's diaper
Metafilter: more "gee whiz," less "fuck off
Metafilter: Not the place to advance your political viewpoint.
Metafilter: We do hot-button issues poorly.
Metafilter: Who you calling fuckwit, you fuckwit?
Metafilter: Instantly split into pro- and anti-lego building blocks.
Metafilter: gee-wiz i sould learn how use that spell-checker!
Metafilter: That's it! MetaTalk!
Metafilter: A bunch of oversensitive pussies.
Metafilter: No beautiful virgins.
Metafilter: Assume it be readable.
Metafilter: Hot dog said need a town.
Metafilter: No beautiful virgins.
Metafilter: Wash a window, wash two. There is a fish here.
Metafilter: It's Miller Time at the hatchery.
Metafilter: Snarking like a Butcher and Butchering the Snark
Metafilter: it was just destined to end up in MetaTalk with someone's feelings hurt, and of course with some ignorant "keep it in your pants, fags" comment. I had lots (and lots!) of things to add to the thread, but there was no way I'd do that in this forum.
Metafilter: What is everyone bitching about?
Metafilter: I don't have my own blog. Can I still be a fuckwit?
Metafilter: I'm just a drunk asshole.
Metafilter: Not safe for work]
Metafilter: Where even Dante would fear to tread...
Metafilter: There is no other choice.
Metafilter: Ya' Know What I Hate....
Metafilter: Hey, check out what I uncovered on the front page of
Metafilter: Throw if off a bridge. Or use a bomb.
Metafilter: I've got a discussion site
Metafilter: all the best no matter what.
Metafilter: so long and thanks for all the pancakes/ponies
Metafilter: Hedonistic, Self-centered, and Immature.
Metafilter: I welcome our Pony overlords with Pancakes in a thread, you're really not going to be that funny by posting it again.
Metafilter: Came for the beer, stayed for the pretzels.
Metafilter: I don't know everything about technology, art, literature, freaky shit, the sciences, etc. As a matter of fact, I'd rather see posts like this and enjoy the ensuing comments than any post on religion, politics, I/P and so on.
Metafilter: Fajsdjalj firpemrn, photr gfjeneuy te.
Metafilter: You just screwed up a historic thread.
Metafilter: You just screwed up a historic thread.
Metafilter: Well thanks for wasting my time and Matt's bandwidth.
Metafilter: We Aren't Very Good At It
Metafilter: What Moronic Title Will We Bestowe Upon It Today
Metafilter: We're Not As Funny As We Think We Are
Metafilter: come ahead ya fuckin radge!
Metafilter: a linear, brute-force method.
[ Metafilter: on first... Metafilter: Buttfuckingly Funny
Metafilter: All Human Life Is Here
Metafilter: from labial mice to big cojones
Metafilter: Lancing the Pustulent Boils on the Rump of Society
Metafilter: crossing the line into irretrievable geekishness.
Metafilter: The King of the Shitpile
Metafilter: Blinding Schlongs.
Metafilter: look at your own genitals, fuckwits!
Metafilter: We're
Metafilter: god forbid anybody should have some fun.
Metafilter: It Doesn't Sweat the Details So Much.
Metafilter: Home of 8-year-old little boys.
Metafilter: The Boobs Have Won Again.
Metafilter: Billions and Billions served.
Metafilter: We are feverent in our indignance.
Metafilter: A little mass crank-yanking
Metafilter: YOU MUST SPANK ME NOW!!!!!
Metafilter: Weblog as conversation" sound familiar?
Metafilter: Don't gulp, small sips work well.
Metafilter: On second thought, this is dumb
Metafilter: kind of getting old
Metafilter: Yo, lazaruslong's mama is SO FAT, that she uses a matress as a maxi pad!
Metafilter: swimming upstream against the chortling chuckleheads.
Metafilter: not sure exactly which hole you're abusing.
Metafilter: Links to interesting things all over the Web--except on sites we don't like.
Metafilter: crack whores past the first flush of youth.
Metafilter: A! B!
Metafilter: right-click on the date stamp in the "posted by" line. Your comment above, for example, is
Metafilter: rather than "finding something interesting on the web" and posting, some posts are a result of seeing something on teevee and then googling up some lame web site to fulfill the
Metafilter: Local memes only.
Metafilter: When I said ph34r m3, I meant it.
Metafilter: 1n m47h0wi3 w3 7ru57
Metafilter: Obi-Wan taught us well.
Metafilter: we'll work all the kinks out.
Metafilter: ...', as if the repetition of a comment in this format is inevitably and invariably hilarious.
Metafilter: Inevitably and invariably Hilarious
Metafilter: is it a feature?
Metafilter: Is it a tagline?
Metafilter: predictable as hell.
Metafilter: The old jokes are the oldest
Metafilter: :retliFateM
Metafilter: blasts a pack of peckers
Metafilter: To be or not to be?
Metafilter: read the monkeys prattling on
Metafilter: sam walton would be proud of us.
Metafilter: Zero Tolerance Poo.</font>
Metafilter: Namecalling and ad hominy grits.
Metafilter: mn!
Metafilter: Crushing out vitality and exuberance since 1999
Metafilter: a steady diet of boxed wine and peanut brittle that's long past its expiration date
Metafilter: Licking Fuck-o Since 1999
Metafilter: is a closed community and allows new members only rarely. members must pass through a bizzare, bloodthirsty hazing ritual.... All the members know each other and they generally share the same political and cultural mentality....It is rumored that they are all clones, with slight mutations and genetic variations on the DNA of the founder...some have webbed feet and toes...they all reside together in a giant apartment complex in Albania engaging in group sex and bizzare occult practices with the legendary pornography star Cicciolina"....
Metafilter: a sea of vitriol and juvenilia
Metafilter: once, by ashbury, as he pleads to others and makes his remark about the nails in the coffin of metafilter; and once by matt, when he said that some posters are [ killing Metafilter.
Metafilter: A Unicycle...On A Tightrope!!
Metafilter: fluff-prone.
Metafilter: Paranoid & Over-Critical.
Metafilter: All The Others Are Ass
Metafilter: It gets enough masturbatory self-adoration at home.
Metafilter: You can never have enough masturbatory self-adoration.
Metafilter: Fast. Furious.
Metafilter: Less Filling. Tastes Great.
Metafilter: a string of one-liners and snippy bitchouts masquerading as an actual discussion.
Metafilter: Where it's always PST
Metafilter: everyone seem cordial
Metafilter: Like scabies, if scabies had an odor and made high pitched sounds
Metafilter: Cheap 'n' Easy Taglines (tm)
Metafilter: Ever Inciteful
Metafilter: We Groom The Monkeys.
Metafilter: A Social Lubricant.
Metafilter: We got the memo sometime back.
Metafilter: Bullfrogs. Whippoorwills. The occasional hoot of an owl.
Metafilter: repeating formulaic catchphrases.
Metafilter: We're primates, deal with it.
Metafilter: i think we've all learned something here today.
Metafilter: Pomposity does not become you.
Metafilter: We missed the memo.
Metafilter: a call to arms to make references to pancakes.
Metafilter: thanks for trying!
Metafilter: a tad unwieldy
Metafilter: Plus C'est La Même Chose
Metafilter: Den of CD Swapin' Thieves
Metafilter: it doesn't meet your standards.
Metafilter: Can't we do better?
Metafilter: for all your rabid wombat situations.
Metafilter: car tires being changed openly.
Metafilter: People didn't get the irony.
Metafilter: Your Vibrating Pancake Bunny Overlord.
Metafilter: Spellcheck suggests detailer
Metafilter: a site that gathers items of interest from Web pages around the world
Metafilter: The all-knowing, all-seeing automatic link harvester that allows you to labor under the delusion that you have some semblance of control over your posting habits.
Metafilter: Spinning Around with Our Dicks Out, Spraying Urine All Over the Place
Metafilter: You can unclench now.
Metafilter: One forgotten smiley, and you're hitler.
Metafilter: This spread is a good thing
Metafilter: Half Resentment, Half Ego-Massaging. :-)
Metafilter: Ignoring the Crap Isn't Easy
Metafilter: Commenters need to try harder.
Metafilter: such a collection of clickishness
Metafilter: Typically Snarky
Metafilter: everyone bask in the love.
Metafilter: The inevitable tagline.
Metafilter: it ain't MemePool, cockKnocker.
Metafilter: for all the world to see and dissect and snark on
Metafilter: the lies are nested
Metafilter: Irrational, thoughtless sequences of stereotypes, followed my a whole lot of nothing to back it up.
Metafilter: watching idiots have their ass handed to them when they come over here calling for justice over something they deserved in the first place.
Metafilter: reduced to grunting and pointing.
Metafilter: Pass that pipe along, there are plenty more addicts over this side of the room.
Metafilter: Stick to gay stuff in the future.
Metafilter: Too much of everything, not enough of nothing.
Metafilter: matt's just... jesus
Metafilter: *walks in, scratches head, shrugs, crawls up Miguel's butt*
Metafilter: At least it's not Fark, or was that a figment of my imagination?
Metafilter: Just Such a Den of arrogant Snots
Metafilter: 65% buttocks and 15% boobies
Metafilter: highly unsatisfactory sex lives
Metafilter: Not like say, Slashdot, where they've never seen boobies.
Metafilter: I don't exactly think what I just said.
Metafilter: What it sounds like when doves cry
Metafilter: It's Evelyn Wood.
Metafilter: Too Hot for TV, featuring the wild MeFi meetup shenanigans caught on tape, totally uncensored. You'll get mathowie's drunken rant on "those damn filthy midgets", you'll see Steven Den Beste's last post in all its gory detail, and that one thread where everyone vowed to someday meet in the Nevada desert, naked and covered in honey. All this and more if you order now*
Metafilter: The Coffee Table Book.
Metafilter: Sponsoring the furtherance of your perversions since 1999.
Metafilter: your personal colostomy bag
Metafilter: community colostomy bag.
Metafilter: Global thumbnail psychoanalysis
Metafilter: Just freaking post something good and be done with it.
Metafilter: Taken Way Too Seriously Since July 1999...
Metafilter: an elaborately disguised and over engineered . . .
Metafilter: mucus-scalding espresso.
Metafilter: You, as the tagline says, are wrong.
Metafilter: Loud, civil conversation without the whole "civil" part in the middle.
Metafilter: You want whining about anything in particular, we'll give you whining.
Metafilter: a bandwidth-sucking ugly pool of bitterness and anger.
Metafilter: A place to download and stream music created by MetaFilter members. Would anyone be interested in taking part? Do that many MetaFilter members create music?
Metafilter: Home of America's whitest civil rights icon...
Metafilter: MiguelCardoso and a few other people.
Metafilter: Tudo bem.
Metafilter: The Accidental Empire
Metafilter: Where everybody knows your nickname.
Metafilter: All The Aural Pain
Metafilter: like life itself)
Metafilter: I came for the links and stayed for the pancakes.
Metafilter: dhartung's always right!
Metafilter: People of all ages who don't know what the hell they're talking about.
Metafilter: Trying to determine if MiguelCardoso is a brand name or a flavor.
Metafilter: Looking like shite since Mosaic 1.0
Metafilter: Miguel's vast flowering umbrella of forgiveness
Metafilter: Respect the Link.
Metafilter: Here's a whip. Here's a dead horse. Enjoy.
Metafilter: Keep your head down and don't make eye contact, you'll be fine...
Metafilter: It was good enough for Jesus.
Metafilter: this thread will suck
Metafilter: gloo.. Ow! Who threw that?
Metafilter: We're a Community Because You Can't Get In.
Metafilter: I'm getting a page error when I try to click your attempt to insult me.
Metafilter: Bush, tits, and cock!
Metafilter: We Won't Notice Advertising If It's Cool.
Metafilter: it's more dangerous than we all thought.
Metafilter: _____", or "this _____, it vibrates?" or "I for one welcome our _______ overlords" when they have no ability, either temporarily or chronically, to contribute anything worthwhile to the discussion.
Metafilter: go out and get laid, you simple fucks. Brilliant, jonmc.
Metafilter: I normally find you hilarious, but you're being a bit of a dick at this point.
Metafilter: a giant high-school locker room.
Metafilter: You want a piece of me?
Metafilter: Could do with more swearwords.
Metafilter: serious unpleasantness.
Metafilter: Just try applying us to something positive.
Metafilter: It's Like Being Home For Christmas--No, I mean really...
Metafilter: Where God is White and 30ish
Metafilter: You call it a problem. I call it egalitarian entertainment.
Metafilter: The blobs are unranked, and no blob has an advantage.
Metafilter: Bleah. Leave it alone.
Metafilter: Can I Executive Produce someone's key-gripped crotch?
Metafilter: Ooh, fight!
Metafilter: ameliorating your grief and sobbing into your hanky
Metafilter: A brilliant idea with some kinks.
Metafilter: More work for Matt.
Metafilter: Four Years of Spaghetti Code... With 17,151 Meatballs.
Metafilter: Why ya'll have to be asses about it?
Metafilter: study the art of the troll, and devote yourselves to this noble calling!
Metafilter: We're all basically a bunch of moderates (minus a few) who are trying hard to pretend our belief-systems are radically different, and thus exaggerate those differences in conversation to create for ourselves a more righteous, secure identity.
Metafilter: Like a cloned sheep.
Metafilter: I, for one, welcome our pike overlord pancakes. It vibrates? ???? profit!
Metafilter: fuck you, unclefucking fuckwits.
Metafilter: running on fumesWow, and a direct Matt quote at that! ;-P
Metafilter: making a red herring out of a dead fish.
Metafilter: critical tumescence
Metafilter: It's not a bug. It's working as designed.
Metafilter: What's the appeal?
Metafilter: The Eternal Struggle
Metafilter: nothing bad will ever happen again.
Metafilter: Rectum-Faced Buckets of Sex-Sauce
Metafilter: I'll leave forever if you pay me enough money.
Metafilter: really obnoxious and extremely petty.
Metafilter: Some of Us Prefer Pansy Pinko, Thank Youâ„¢
Metafilter: Sometimes the bastard is right
Metafilter: officially deprecated.
Metafilter: conform, or be ridiculed.
Metafilter: 17,000+ nipple-tweaking monitor spewers and one portuguese guy in a smoking jacket.
Metafilter: Let the World In!
Metafilter: How George Michael felt when someone walked in...
Metafilter: I thought there was more going on here than met the eye.
Metafilter: very easy, but kind of unethical.
Metafilter: Meeting all your browbeating needs since 1999.
Metafilter: Let the theses flinging begin!
Metafilter: I Can No Longer Look at Metafilter
Metafilter: the electronic charnelhouse
Metafilter: just felt compelled to say something.
Metafilter: It's dusty and it makes me cough.
Metafilter: You're both wrong.
Metafilter: Man, I must not read my own site enough.
Metafilter: filled with iron things and simile smiles and at the end most say
Metafilter: eclectic nonsensical gibberish.
Metafilter: You can't please some of the people some of the time.
Metafilter: The that still exists.
Metafilter: Matt doesn't fuck with the infrastructure. If Plastic truly has expired, Carl has no one to blame but himself.
Metafilter: a shortage of prissy little hall monitors
Metafilter: prissy little hall monitors
Metafilter: A weeping blister hidden under a lace doily.
Metafilter: Matt steps in to defend a post of his to a newbie. :)
Metafilter: Don't Drink and Post.
Metafilter: What shall we chat about today?
Metafilter: Feeling like a big suckerhead.
Metafilter: Won't Someone Think of the Dead Horses?
Metafilter: We Beat Dead Kittens
Metafilter: I've looked, and...
Metafilter: Remixed, he thought it was "a great idea to crib," had already added it to ticketstubs, and was going to copy the code over to MeFi.
Metafilter: Meta anything that deviates from the norm.
Metafilter: people discussing chicken
Metafilter: Proud to be accident free for 8, 6, 0 hours
Metafilter: Lest I become like you.
Metafilter: the only reality show I watch.
Metafilter: What the fuck are you people thinking?
Metafilter: It's a circle jerk.
Metafilter: Hell, who needs to become more right-wing?
Metafilter: we are the best
Metafilter: Anything not prohibited is mandatory.
Metafilter: Be ridiculed by a cohort of trained professionals and gifted amateurs.
Metafilter: full of bastards ; >
Metafilter: a death cult like Christianity....
Metafilter: will help you move a body?
Metafilter: We have no idea what "Pyrrhic" means
Metafilter: Love it or leave it!
Metafilter: Squashing diversity of thought since 1997.
Metafilter: shitty than its ever been +more...
Metafilter: My version is more important.
Metafilter: Some Kind of Ultimate Form of Masturbation
Metafilter: Ignore the Comments
Metafilter: that's not usually a grave offence. It was not declared, at that time, how much a part of that woman's life that FFF is. He's a virtual father. I applaud him. And I'm not gonna say any more about it.
Metafilter: feats completamente astounding do prazer oral
Metafilter: Looking Good!
Metafilter: It's like hanging out with my parents and their friends.
Metafilter: It's not a hot meal and a blow job
Metafilter: Ten tons of talk on a two-ounce subject.
Metafilter: a naive little throw pillow
Metafilter: I'll skull fuck your verbs then sell your nouns to the Yangban
Metafilter: naked men dressed as clowns spanking each other.
Metafilter: the preview box is full of lies.
Metafilter: one makes double-posts.
Metafilter: drooling packs of leftwing zombies!
Metafilter: Making the Simple, Complicated.
Metafilter: I only make it here in spurts.
Metafilter: 10947. Can't beat that for sheer lack of interest.
Metafilter: just another politically motivated shitfuck
Metafilter: Are you on jonson's list? Maybe he is trying for it.
Metafilter: underutilized and slightly aged
Metafilter: Mom, sometimes I get that not-so-fresh feeling
Metafilter: I keep my involvement here pretty strictly limited; I almost never get drawn into the controversial-subject posts, because, yes, they really are sausage-waving contests, and when I see them I do think ... "here comes the pain". I come here for the fun and quirky posts, the unearthed gems and the eye candy. If I wanted to discuss current events, I would go somewhere else, because it's pretty much armchair Fight Club around here.
Metafilter: I actually am writing the story right now for Monday's newspaper here in Klamath Falls ... and I would have had no idea a local party was happening without that info. Small quibble about the film (for Keyser, seeing as he's the only one of you who has seen it at one of these parties): What was up with that British expert? It's like the filmmakers just stuck her in there so it had "international" perspective. Good grief, she only gets one soundbyte, hardly enough to make me understand why they traveled across an ocean just to give her some face time.
Metafilter: it doesn't matter! it doesn't matter one damn bit.
Metafilter: Not even for a little wet behind the ears cunt like you.
Metafilter: Your sister sucks.
Metafilter: the Answering Genie. The question answered is a self post in a way so why not it be a reward. Yet, there may be some great unanswered questions out there: JFFT.
Metafilter: I agree that there are many terrible things that can happen that I would indirectly be helping if I was in the military. Maybe I could transfer to the CIA, as the sergeant said was possible. Probably very hard to do.
Metafilter: a few overly verbose anal nit-humpers
Metafilter: It probably has to do with adding an entirely sarcastic remark within a community self-referential thread, in a totally ironic post. That's what I love.
Metafilter: a god everyone must appease
Metafilter: Threat or Menace?
Metafilter: More Meta than Thou
Metafilter: More Peta than Thou
Metafilter: too democratic for some people?
Metafilter: lets you forget nuisances such as this debate
Metafilter: the preview box is full of lies.
Metafilter: It pains me to watch my friends devote so much energy to this stuff.
Metafilter: as balanced now as it has ever been.
Metafilter: a god everyone must appease
Metafilter: Threat or Menace?
Metafilter: We can't let the assholes run the place
Metafilter: a few overly verbose anal nit-humpers
Metafilter: it doesn't matter! it doesn't matter one damn bit
Metafilter: Not even for a little wet behind the ears cunt like you.
Metafilter: Your sister sucks.
Metafilter: Mom, sometimes I get that not-so-fresh feeling
Metafilter: underutilized and slightly aged
Metafilter: I keep my involvement here pretty strictly limited
Metafilter: We bully you till you behave the way we think you should.
Metafilter: It's like having a blackout...but without all the drinking and sex
Metafilter: drooling packs of leftwing zombies!
Metafilter: Making the Simple, Complicated.
Metafilter: I only make it here in spurts.
Metafilter: the preview box is full of lies.
Metafilter: naked men dressed as clowns spanking each other.
Metafilter: spraying urine all over the place
Metafilter: neither Meta nor a filter
Metafilter: Not dead, just inconsiderate. (y6y6y6)
Metafilter: a non-representative subset of the Web (thankfully).
Metafilter: I had nothing planned for the holidays anyway...
Metafilter: I never get tired of doing it (although i'm sure people are tired of seeing them)
Metafilter: I knew about [insert here waaay before you losers.]
Metafilter: Not Googleable
Metafilter: Not a Quiz or Poll
Metafilter: Not a Rhetorical Question
Metafilter: Not Flame Bait
Metafilter: Not Lame
Metafilter: your Cheerios are everywhere ???
Metafilter: like Usenet, without the idiots.
Metafilter: Stop pretending as though you REALLY don't understand the point.
Metafilter: Fuck right off and start your own.
Metafilter: Useful" is far too fuzzy a concept.
Metafilter: Just deal with it and move on.
Metafilter: Every time the expression MeFi's collective expertise pops up, I chortle a bit.
Metafilter: Stop pretending as though you REALLY don't understand the point.
Metafilter: This pony doesn't do what I want it to do.
Metafilter: Half the fun here is Matt's subjective guidelines. (written by the most openly devoutly religious MeFite... hmmm...)
Metafilter: As long as you guys don't chase the heretics with big rocks.
Metafilter: I'll learn 'em a thing or two.
Metafilter: Mission-Critical.
Metafilter: Mission-Over-Critical. (my variation)
Metafilter: of course I learned to kill with nothing but licorice back in 'nam.
Metafilter: Where the least of links generates the greatest amount of whining.
Metafilter: My sphincter is at full rest.
Metafilter: It's not blog churn.
Metafilter: The yogurt of human kindness.
Metafilter: sanitized for your protection
Metafilter: Grand Royal experiment sounds noble, it would likely have to be conducted "off-site, yet in spirit". (Unless Matt's anxious for another burgeoning project to worry over...)
Metafilter: You should get out more
Metafilter: Commentary on the nesting tendencies of lesbians.
Metafilter: Surgical Nuclear Strikesmyself, but oh well.
You know, it's a good thing that it's only AskMeFi that's as useful as we make it. If MeTa were as useful as we made it, posts like this one would be right out.]
Metafilter: Não Objeções Possíveis*
Metafilter: Vacuum all your undies?
Metafilter: Embedded metrosexuals in the hizouse!
Metafilter: The sweatshop of shilling?
Metafilter: At least a few hogsheads.
Metafilter: Wendell, you're wrong.
Metafilter: This is not your blog.
Metafilter: The nice, tasty, hardened toothpaste crud on the end of the tube.
Metafilter: Pot, thine black kettle awaits.
Metafilter: Refried ectoplasm
Metafilter: You're totally missing the point.
Metafilter: Start saying insertyourownword-Filter
Metafilter: Has sucked royally for a few years now
Metafilter: I disagree
Metafilter: Another minor point...
Metafilter: Screw you, too.
Metafilter: CHOO! CHOO!
Metafilter: Our guarantee of quality and freshness.
Metafilter: This is, after all, a community weblog, not a hub for all things beautiful.
Metafilter: A boring, very minor quibble with a view to absolute perfection.
Metafilter: Whoa. Thanks for catching this, I would have never seen it.
Metafilter: Trolls with good PR
Metafilter: Outraged about Outrage
Metafilter: Outrageous Outrage
Metafilter: a churning clusterfuck of drooling simpletons
Metafilter: A forest of reciprocally fondled penises.
Metafilter: Masturbatory rhetoric since 1999
Metafilter: Even if it's a joke, it's not funny and not cool.
Metafilter: It's quaint.
Metafilter: Might someone explain the humor to me and my ilk?
Metafilter: Oh, wait. I'm not supposed to say that, am I?
Metafilter: Context is everything.
Metafilter: Context shmontext.
Metafilter: None of you are Mr. T.
Metafilter: Hey, what's in this clos--ARGGGHH!
Metafilter: time for the dd214.
Metafilter: Some people react rather than read.
Metafilter: I'm sorry, wendell, but you're wrong.
Metafilter: some people like being whipped with barbed wire
Metafilter: pornography surrogate.
Metafilter: blowing hot air back into the box.
Metafilter: Embracing our tools since 1999
Metafilter: Leave the shit as is.
Metafilter: not merely self-referential, but exquisitely refined
Metafilter: We love, respect and defend anyone except those hateful, evil and worthless Christians.
Metafilter: 17,175 members, 10,600 abused.
Metafilter: let ye who are without bias post the first snark.
Metafilter: Billions and Billions abused.
Metafilter: I Don't Mean To Be Flip
Metafilter: I don't want to catch anybody not drinking.
Metafilter: Even more sodomy and paddling rituals.
Metafilter: For those who dare to wear Big Turbans.
Metafilter: yeesh.
Metafilter: I like passing unfair judgments on people
Metafilter: The naked part just sort of happened".
Metafilter: Your Guidebook to Life
Metafilter: This ***filter thing
Metafilter: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! *chugs beer*
Metafilter: Always Orbiting Uranus.
Metafilter: Have You Seen My Colonoscopy?