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Metafilter: Everybody covered, from Johnny Upstanding to Filo the Philanderer.
Metafilter: I have given twelve Mickey-Mouse-movies as a present for the Führer at Christmas!
Metafilter: Sumbody is killed on every page and it is terrible xciting.
Metafilter: The Rest of the Web
Metafilter: premature speculation
Metafilter: premature e-speculation
Metafilter: Too early, and you're not going fast enough; too late, and you've gone into a spin.
Metafilter: Stone-aged and primitive
Metafilter: Everything you like we hate
Metafilter: Water is wet.
Metafilter: your favorite web application platform sucks
Metafilter: Your head asplode. Literally!
Metafilter: insufferably smug and self-satisfied
Metafilter: Random schoolyard beatings.
Metafilter: what about the fucking working man
Metafilter: That's not a package - it's luggage!
Metafilter: Ugly yet Cute
Metafilter: Ad hominems in blue.
Metafilter: You need a thread about insults so as to be vulgar without being self conscious about it.
Metafilter: teaching Americans that you can't drive to Hawaii!
Metafilter: Full Sized Jobbies
Metafilter: Well, fuck, you got me there.
Metafilter: I was just about to go home.
Metafilter: 108 hours ahead of the rest of the world.
Metafilter: looks like Tina Turner peeing on an electric fence.
Metafilter: The biggest challenge facing the porcine dairy industry
Metafilter: I went so insane I nearly converted to Catholicism.
Metafilter: no interest in truth, justice or honest debate
Metafilter: Way to make yourself look like a dumabass.
Metafilter: It may seem frivolous
Metafilter: the ultimate way to unlock the key to maintaining the PHIre of life!
Metafilter: WWAtGD?
Metafilter: Like a hammer hits a cataloupe
Metafilter: not sufficiently prepped by a team of handlers.
Metafilter: I want a refund :(
Metafilter: a lot less youngster emo art fag contortions.
Metafilter: a hideous, fire-belching, blood-gurgling demon of indescribable evilness.
Metafilter: just like sticking stuff up your ass.
Metafilter: They don't fuck around with their screw tubes.
Metafilter: Melodramatic Monday
Metafilter: This should be your link to Death.
Metafilter: Eyorm paunch pelican.
Metafilter: amateur sociolinguistic chav analysis
Metafilter: I think you need to wedge Cthulhu in there somewhere.
Metafilter: Suggestion for new Metafilter tag line
Metafilter: new sugestion
Metafilter: no comment from me, i'll leave that to everyone else.
Metafilter: [something witty
Metafilter: [something not so witty
Metafilter: [Wit berating wit
Metafilter: Jesus god people these threads are NOT GOOD.
Metafilter: Meta filter.
Metafilter: Something said earlier in this thread.
Metafilter: Hate must flow freely for the internet to function.
Metafilter: lunatics and assholes argue with each other
Metafilter: Soothing Deep
Metafilter: as ghetto as we wannabe
Metafilter: Everywhere you turn, a penis is staring at you.
Metafilter: It's been done. Let's move on.
Metafilter: Huh? Huh? How come?
Metafilter: I have bought egg
Metafilter: Swine penis.
Metafilter: moving the discussion in the correct, namely our, direction.
Metafilter: So many people whose opinions can be instantly dismissed
Metafilter: I still stand behind my post, though, irrelevant as it may be.
Metafilter: actual girls?
Metafilter: $5 says purple is a dude.
Metafilter: The media fabricates stories and meth-amphetamine is bad for your health.
Metafilter: still a bunch of strokers.
Metafilter: If you are afraid your image won't go over well, you are probably right.
Metafilter: Game recognizes game.
Metafilter: Also air-breathers, though I don't know their mechanism.
Metafilter: respectful discussions about penile skin flaps.
Metafilter: a single operator can bung up to 1200 hogs / hour.
Metafilter: high fiving for Hitler
Metafilter: small, functionally illiterate, immoral test pilots.
Metafilter: I keep expecting the tongue to come out as some sort of horrible worm creature, but it never happened.
Metafilter: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
Metafilter: Tongue sucking makes me cringe.
Metafilter: It is circular and tenuous, but it passes peer review!
Metafilter: as crazy as trousers full of ferrets.
Metafilter: The "spirituality" link is broken.
Metafilter: Ladi ladi la
Metafilter: Wrong!
Metafilter: I'm sure that you've never used induction to formulate a hyperbolic opinion that ultimately cannot be proven.
Metafilter: it does NOT cause cancer
Metafilter: An unforgettable suspense, mystery drama.
Metafilter: the crazed, crafty preparation of the ball snatchers.
Metafilter: Who am I kidding? I am never really going to close the dork tag.
Metafilter: Would I have to be a total loser to understand this post?
Metafilter: Your ice cream sucks.
Metafilter: mild kudos.
Metafilter: exploring the quantitative dimensions of arousal
Metafilter: Check out our breasts, jonson.
Metafilter: words are exchanged, fists are cocked, cocks are fisted.
Metafilter: Being recruited as ideological pawns in these staged battles of mawkish archetypical polarities.
Metafilter: headache in my balls
Metafilter: Anything even remotely funky in the testicular neighborhood.
Metafilter: acres of smooth textual womanflesh?
Metafilter: dropped with ball
Metafilter: no haircut is safe
Metafilter: The less attractive one is doing a really good job.
Metafilter: Tainted with Teleology
Metafilter: reflected plums
Metafilter: It's the difference in semen stains and blood stains
Metafilter: this place is not a place of honor
Metafilter: Best shunned and left uninhabited.
Metafilter: your favorite os sucks
Metafilter: Who doesn't enjoy a tanned, athletic penis?
Metafilter: all of the backwash in one room.
Metafilter: your smug sarcastic tone etc etc
Metafilter: your favorite variable bitrate audio compression technology sucks.
Metafilter: persecuted and tortured to death. Then they moved to Pennsylvania.
Metafilter: I read it for the articles.
Metafilter: which I guess must be some sort of territorial behavior
Metafilter: An AMV made by an acquaintance!
Metafilter: Why can't I take a dump right on top?
Metafilter: They're gonna have to flush twice.
Metafilter: dismissed by its recipients as a rambling philosophical treatise.
Metafilter: young people fall away from the principles of their upbringing and into depraved lifestyles
Metafilter: The dumbest or funniest thing I have read in a long time.
Metafilter: Kinda creepy. Why are so many of them naked?
Metafilter: Hear me for my cause; and be silent, that you may hear.
Metafilter: You make web stuff for us to poop on.
Metafilter: You're either with us or with the yoga-doers.
Metafilter: know your meat.
Metafilter: Blast 'em with a shot of icky bio-ooze!
Metafilter: resting on its superfluous toes.
Metafilter: now older and sounding like Dad.
Metafilter: Soon we'll be.. (etc.)
Metafilter: Awesome until the dick in the chicken.
Metafilter: My fangs are sharp and my eyes are red
Metafilter: Bush brings out the fark in us.
Metafilter: "Well, I don't know anything about X, but let me tell you about Y."
Metafilter: Allah is the greatest. Give it to me, give it to me. Allah is the greatest.
Metafilter: the sort of thing that can curdle your man gravy
Metafilter: anti-microbial snot mixed in with a lot of fat and sugar
Metafilter: breast of the web
Metafilter: a lot of people just talking out of their ass
Metafilter: So the entire purpose of this post is to bash on one guy?
Metafilter: Serial on-field sodomy.
Metafilter: group sex by the pool, anyone?
Metafilter: My statement of faith makes people visibly wince.
Metafilter: a hobby, or at most, a hobby.
Metafilter: We’ve probably given this bullshit more general circulation than any single other outlet on the internet.
Metafilter: I have a legion of nerds at my disposal prepared to teach you a lesson.
Metafilter: Holy fuck!
Metafilter: defend this crappy post.
Metafilter: At least it's not another 'gay sex at rest stops' expose.
Metafilter: Kicking some real demon butt tonight
Metafilter: running around like a putz = bad.
Metafilter: I never got no nut shrinkage... They were still the size of eggs.
Metafilter: More prone to getting bitch tits.
Metafilter: You speak without knowledge.
Metafilter: there's always someone who decides to be a dick
Metafilter: You had it coming you fat whore.
Metafilter: Only a noun would verb.
Metafilter: exploding bathtubs and calling it science
Metafilter: Holy ghost in your slice of toast
Metafilter: We have nice things.
Metafilter: Just hand over your wallet.
Metafilter: blue smoke and electrical fires in all the right places. It had to be done.
Metafilter: made my technoweenie hard like rock.
Metafilter: I think you guys are getting off pretty light with having to scroll your life away.
Metafilter: You need to read something that is not tied to your preferred ruling monkey group
Metafilter: Pe(t,∆)=P∞(∆) 1−exp − γ(∆)t P∞(∆)
Metafilter: Would make you pop bubblewrap till Doomsday if it ever got its way
Metafilter: antiquities and sexual slaves
Metafilter: It's not all better sex techniques.
Metafilter: the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time
Metafilter: Golf courses aren't flat!
Metafilter: I don't understnad, hope me
Metafilter: rival gangs of elitists snarking at each other.
Metafilter: Self-reinforcing, navel-gazing insularity
Metafilter: The willing bog roll dabbed against the magnified, magnificent cunt we call celebrity.
Metafilter: The next thing I know the cameras are rolling and I've got my shirt off
Metafilter: interesting but not totally a great read
Metafilter: Always with the smite.
Metafilter: Nobody and I mean nobody cares about cup holders.
Metafilter: Looking for a manual lawn-mower in Da Nang.
Metafilter: Surprisingly well-written for... oh, forget it.
Metafilter: Is this supposed to be a joke or something?
Metafilter: It's the last scurrilous refuge of the mendacious.
Metafilter: It's not quite as cool if you have to close one eye to see the effect
Metafilter: 230 penises and one vagina
Metafilter: small and sickly eyes may glare and gloat.
Metafilter: Fitzmas gave me blue balls.
Metafilter: No Fitzmas made me ejaculate all over myself
Metafilter: Turn up Mot the Hoople and dance, boys
Metafilter: What a pointless post.
Metafilter: Yet another blemish on the already poxed face of America.
Metafilter: americans with a sens of humour will laugh at it
Metafilter: Replaced with 5000 Micrograms of LSD.
Metafilter: choke on a bucket of cocks.
Metafilter: Only two clicks in til I saw goatse
Metafilter: You think you get to dictate software development terms to the other 96.5%
Metafilter: If you can't figure out who the sucker in the game is....
Metafilter: one of these "emergencies" which you were only able to survive due to your giant throbbing stick shift.
Metafilter: Whoa nelly, there's a big cloud of smug in this room!
Metafilter: Ivory tower, pedantic, hey-look-how-erudite-we-are-but-we-still-know-what-"fun"-is.
Metafilter: Shielding the children from boners since 1999.
Metafilter: What kind of humorless twat are you?
Metafilter: it's gonna get whacked every now and then.
Metafilter: I want my five bucks back.
Metafilter: Nothing but disregard for Anderson Cooper
Metafilter: You can shut up and like it
Metafilter: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
Metafilter: Group sex, performed by various animal puppets.
Metafilter: narcissistic crap and ugliness, trying to pose as cool
Metafilter: This is not nearly as sexy as a panda going extinct
Metafilter: Focusing narrowly on the one or two things we do know and just assuming that's what was important.
Metafilter: Focusing narrowly on the one or two things we do know and just assuming that's what was important. Clearly, I have missed the important broader philosophical context of this single-link FPP about a bunny rabbit outrunning an airplane.
Metafilter: I guess I'm an artist, too.
Metafilter: Your asses, our boots.
Metafilter: the bonobos appear to have a great timekiller.
Metafilter: The new Stile
Metafilter: of those craptastic fad humpathons
Metafilter: it doesn't make you gay, is what I am saying.
Metafilter: It's not all about the pork.
Metafilter: Taking a kitty away from a kitty.
Metafilter: they are not discussing matters that are personally important
Metafilter: Sometimes you guys are just too easy.
Metafilter: by the time you're 80, you just want to die
Metafilter: Sentient Meat
Metafilter: the meat the the machine?
Metafilter: My, how cynical and jaded we are.
Metafilter: Go away. Shut up.
Metafilter: What is this? Should I click on it?
Metafilter: A ridiculous proportion of posts here are by petulant twats
Metafilter: not nearly the difference you'd expect between a horrific hypothetical snack and a widely advertised, commercially available, ready-to-eat food product.
Metafilter: It presents facts and allows us to think for ourselves.
Metafilter: apologies for our deviant elements.
Metafilter: a tiny hairless mole just left of your anus.
Metafilter: It's possible to be complex and deep and use big words without also being a jerk about it.
Metafilter: rally for the faithful.
Metafilter: shrill, addicted to psychodrama and the cultivation of outrage, and not very useful or effective. dios's second comment remains.
Metafilter: Your favorite band sucks broke up.
Metafilter: your proboscis of concern
Metafilter: I was sooo looking forward to a shoe made of actual flesh.
Metafilter: The best in Unscience.
Metafilter: a couple of over educated soccer moms going at it
Metafilter: Nice bicker grenade, though.
Metafilter: with ephemeral, if not often nugatory, results.
Metafilter: Jesus Christ isn't my personal lord and savior.
Metafilter: The Monthly Newsletter.
Metafilter: The fine line between eating pussy and playing house.
Metafilter: one big, undifferentiated squatting mass.
Metafilter: This causes fecal stagnation.
Metafilter: Fun, therapeutic and can expel the hard-to-reach feces
Metafilter: The web makes it possible.
Metafilter: These sabres, they vibrate?
Metafilter: It's not a truck.
Metafilter: Just Wait for the Idiots To Die Off
Metafilter: shut the fuck up you gimp-humping nunshitter
Metafilter: authentic.
Metafilter: rococo melismatic rodomontade
Metafilter: Folding you through the 9th dimension.
Metafilter: With only you and what I've found, we'll wear the weary hours down.
Metafilter: Best of the Half-Assed Crackpot Badly Researched Metaphysical Credulous Pap.
Metafilter: I didn't see any pyroboy but this was interesting
Metafilter: a hand on the pulse of liberal outrage.
Metafilter: Stuff you saw three days ago everywhere else
Metafilter: Viral marketing via outrage.
Metafilter: Seldom is one's mind changed on significant issues, and rarer still via an online discussion.
Metafilter: You un-verb that right fucking now.
Metafilter: You do not want to miss getting laid. I promise.
Metafilter: It's the Leopard's Kidneys!
Metafilter: To balance the stupid.
Metafilter: no posts and 4 comments
Metafilter: Diced meat up their asses on thursdays.
Metafilter: not the fist up your arse.
Metafilter: I didn't crash into members of the Tonga royalty
Metafilter: I am imagining comments about family, young relatives, goats, and excrement...
Metafilter: essentially calling for heads on pikes since 1999.
Metafilter: You can hear God laughing, “Swim, you bitches, swim!”
Metafilter: What's the argument here?
Metafilter: "If you'll notice, I'm kin to myself."
Metafilter: Witty language used to convey insults or scorn
Metafilter: a fascinating series of Japanese toilet training videos.
Metafilter: Hilary is going to clinch the nomination and then lose the election in '08.
Metafilter: Where sleep is the new sex and we all have insomnia.
Metafilter: "a bunch of self-serving, self-congratulatory niches."
Metafilter: The 9 without tits.
Metafilter: The 9 with a bunch of dicks.
Metafilter: the land of slavering dorks.
Metafilter: you copulated profusely with it's diseased corpse while riding some kind of giant Ferris wheel of shark-jumping, donkey-butt sucking festival of unrelenting crapulence.
Metafilter: The whole thing is very lazily done.
Metafilter: Not really a snuff portal.
Metafilter: I came for the links, I stayed for the catjunk.
Metafilter: The Seven Year Bitch
Metafilter: I'm by no means a democracy fetishist.
Metafilter: Jesus fuckin' duh on a popsicle stick.
Metafilter: everything even a tiny bit cool is shit.
Metafilter: They probably turned into pure energy.
Metafilter: It's Hot in the Summertime
Metafilter: We are building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude. We forge our tradition in the spirit of our ancestors. You have our gratitude.
Metafilter: I always root against the heterosexual.
Metafilter: The world is STUPID.
Metafilter: Fuck of losers.
Metafilter: a little spanking on their little bottoms, shorts down, bare hand.
Metafilter: MeFi readers who stand by while this man has sex
Metafilter: Have FPP, will snark.
Metafilter: Russia's big and so is China
Metafilter: it is now mandatory that a mefite shit upon each thread
Metafilter: Yes it does, you smarmy fuck.
Metafilter: how's it feel to be a cowardly, shit-bag, apologist for butchers and murderers?
Metafilter: Get thee to a nunnery.
Metafilter: when you open up the site to contributions, you are opening up the site to shitty writing.
Metafilter: Just blow warm truth up my ass.
Metafilter: more than mere pornography with price quotes
Metafilter: It's not a real ride until someone has tried to kill me
Metafilter: Made from tomato-like substances that produce their own pesticides, IN YOU.
Metafilter: unfamiliar with the concept of the rhetorical question
Metafilter: snark hunts on a nightly basis
Metafilter: Best of the Web Complaining that my five dollars are worth more than this shit, since 1999 (tm)...
Metafilter: Hot Nerd-on-Nerd Action
Metafilter: OK then.
Metafilter: Some of these are criminally stupid. Others, pleasantly funny. Odd.
Metafilter: some esoteric moral higher ground, right?
Metafilter: a temperature above 0 Kelvin
Metafilter: I had no idea it had been robbed by clowns.
Metafilter: witticism
Metafilter: Non Sequitur Phrase That Sounds Funny But Has Only Tangential Connection to FPP
Metafilter: flashlights fleshlights and dicks.
Metafilter: They paved paradise and put up a snarking lot.
Metafilter: Retards In Area
Metafilter: shame on y'all
Metafilter: It's not going to be Lord of the Rings, but then, most websites don't have to be.
Metafilter: Necrophilia may not be okay.
Metafilter: Your favorite eschatology sucks!
Metafilter: Your favorite belief system sucks? lol
Metafilter: keep the humans alive for food.
Metafilter: A complete surprise to the staff.
Metafilter: You know it's there, you can't stand it, but you can't get rid or it.
Metafilter: I hate you, and I hate the band you like!
Metafilter: 1.21 Gigawatts: The Power of Love.
Metafilter: I'm not a nuclear scientiest ...
Metafilter: falling prey to the Arab propaganda machine.
Metafilter: Suck it, greatest generation.
Metafilter: trusting the web to Hobo Joe in his Bible Shack to "fix" things
Metafilter: You can't take anything said seriously.
Metafilter: DON'T TOUCH IT.
Metafilter: If I knew what I was doing, I would have baked a cake.
Metafilter: good and useful, and can survive a bit of pranking. (... just don't tempt Colbert to do it!)
Metafilter: from 9/11 to the Nazis in 18 posts.
Metafilter: Different day, same gazebo
Metafilter: passive aggressive load dumping
Metafilter: Gbalf Xozmn Ram Rqzyk
Metafilter: the horrible and multitudinous jizz-worms of doom.
Metafilter: Like, things and... things goin' on.
Metafilter: Things and THINGS going on
Metafilter: Too bad the endless site text is pedantic/satanic/inannic
Metafilter: some at this site thing this lame
Metafilter: The empty, soulless, and desperate business of marketing boobs.
Metafilter: lives at home and does not have a girlfriend.
Metafilter: the cushion on the Dipshit Chair
Metafilter: We start with a point
Metafilter: the movie!
Metafilter: Are you people even familiar with Wikipedia?
Metafilter: Probably hacked by Lamont.
Metafilter: the cesspool of unbridled partisanship
Metafilter: Also, it was the blogofascists!
Metafilter: If he only knew to what degree he's boring me!
Metafilter: Sedating Your Inner Kittycat
Metafilter: Drinking the WHOLE Frisbee.
Metafilter: that toilet's gettin' a workout, ain'it?
Metafilter: Many of the intelligent people reading this post will agree with me without hesitation.
Metafilter: My source is the internet from last year
Metafilter: Pitching to Gimpy
Metafilter: is the fat one on the left.
Metafilter: Here's a cool dress you can make
Metafilter: no shortage of dickheads. Or guns.
Metafilter: [what fleacircus said
Metafilter: a disgustingly overused blue-green transfer look.
Metafilter: all video all the time! Reading's for chumps!
Metafilter: a scandal within the Harry Potter fanfic world; use Harry Potter to teach genetics.
Metafilter: I just made a cell phone while applying hair gel to my head. Is this why I am forcefully exploding, or is it the Gatoade? Thanks in advance.
Metafilter: Flaccid Niggaz.
Metafilter: keeping the world safe for bean dip.
Metafilter: not in this one either.
Metafilter: Won't somebody please think of the chickens?
Metafilter: Whistle with disproportionate phallus
Metafilter: "Wow! 20 centimeters!"
Metafilter: needs a comfy chair, a coffee, and a couple of bong hits.
Metafilter: This isn't Fark.
Metafilter: Yoking the muse.
Metafilter: An Ode to Hitler's Guardian Angel.
Metafilter: All The Guys In Here Are Three-Legged.
Metafilter: Make yourself feel better by making someone else feel worse
Metafilter: know the rest.
Metafilter: Roll that s—t, light that s—t, smoke that s—t.
Metafilter: shrieking through their blowholes and listening to the echoes
Metafilter: probably paying for it anyway
Metafilter: I really can't believe this is a thread on Metafilter.
Metafilter: Not really.
Metafilter: maybe I just live in a blue fantasyland.
Metafilter: Just Go To YouTube.
Metafilter: Mu.
Metafilter: dimwits bullshitting one another.
Metafilter: Something that Robert Plant would use to wipe the sweat off his ass before fucking a goat.
Metafilter: Mad about Muppets
Metafilter: much ado about nothing
Metafilter: Lots of annoying commentary. Registration required.
Metafilter: Thirty-Five Dudes (So Far) Strokin' It
Metafilter: Slack jawed rubes drive around in circles.
Metafilter: Web of the best.
Metafilter: Not Safe For Anyone Who Doesn't Want To See A Monkey Eating His Own Splooge
Metafilter: Some kind of warning would be nice.
Metafilter: These urinals are beautiful, but they're also hilarious!
Metafilter: Policing duality since 1997.
Metafilter: Someone's going to do the tagline thing [...
aren't they]
Metafilter: That was always the best part for me until I lost some hair.
Metafilter: If I don't like something, it must suck.
Metafilter: this site now officialy sucks?
Metafilter: Easy on the smart.
Metafilter: 0 to cocksucker in under a minute.
Metafilter: It may look striking. But people hate reading it.
Metafilter: Yes, it's YouTube. They all are.
Metafilter: acerbic cynicism is the way of things
Metafilter: Generic Manifesto
Metafilter: The real tragedy here is the going price for marijuana.
Metafilter: I can pretend my black " white viewpoint belongs in the blue " white.
Metafilter: Golly, I can say obvious stuff too!
Metafilter: The kid keeps eating the candy bar even while his throat is being slashed.
Metafilter: as jittery -- nevermind.
Metafilter: On the drip.
Metafilter: As mindblastingly fun as it is to laugh at people
Metafilter: Shut up, Dios.
Metafilter: In short: Go ahead and try it, motherfucker.
Metafilter: it was a complicated process but, y'know, we'll leave some mystery to that
Metafilter: you are murdering me by tiny increments and I take you out.
Metafilter: It could probably be demolished by a single well-considered Nietzschean epigram.
Metafilter: Seizing on and analyzing slapdash comments and authoritatively answering rhetorical questions.
Metafilter: I wouldn't be so judgmental, if I were some of you.
Metafilter: some mystical bullshit mechanism.
Metafilter: More unimaginable.
Metafilter: who fucking cares?
Metafilter: why the left loses elections.
Metafilter: a bunch of angry internet people.
Metafilter: Going where no snark has gone before
Metafilter: another cynical snark at bloggers!
Metafilter: I will spue thee out of my mouth.
Metafilter: Exposing your ignorance to the rest of the world.
Metafilter: 50% ads for 'escorts', 20 pages of full-page ads for mediocre music at nightclubs, 15 pages of reviews of okay local bands, 5 pages of theatre reviews, 1 page of a gay guy talking about being gay, four comics, and a half-page of sarcastic commentary on news somewhere near the front.
Metafilter: Your favorite band sucks even more in cross-genre covers.
Metafilter: This thread is depressing.
Metafilter: your favorite band's fans suck.
Metafilter: you suck
Metafilter: You should have known that was going to be a lose-lose situation.
Metafilter: you can't tell a dead man to stop feeding his children to fuckin' alligators.
Metafilter: just a bunch of fan wankboy bulldada.
Metafilter: your favorite social system sucks, you capitalist running dog.
Metafilter: 42% English, 38% French, 15% le rest van de UE tonguen und 5% mixed fantasia mots out from Latin, unlikely-old-Greek et mucho rude Italian jurones.
Metafilter: the artistic act is a piratical gesture.
Metafilter: Devastated Like Hiroshima
Metafilter: Trafficking in abstractions is not the same as thinking...
Metafilter: Stay-at-home fatladies
Metafilter: There is no free lunch. We are all doomed.
Metafilter: Stabbed In The Chest | Stabbed In The Face | Stabbed In The Leg | Stabbed In The Neck
Metafilter: "Please forgive me for being chosen by God."
Metafilter: Instead of briefly offending six people at a meeting, you have the chance to enrage thousands.
Metafilter: It's not made by great men.
Metafilter: cave hermit MY ASS!
Metafilter: posted [ over and [ over and [ over again.
Metafilter: trust me, I've tried to teach it.
Metafilter: Descriptions are for old people.
Metafilter: you all come out to complain.
Metafilter: I will not take that [free
thing from your hand.
Metafilter: "churning" its own "butter" since 1999.
Metafilter: pedant patent pending
Metafilter: Everything sucks in at least one way, and that way is all that matters.
Metafilter: Hypocrite! This is the most contemptible political trick since the beginning of time. He is blatantly pandering to the kitten vote in November. Where will all this kitty-love go after the elections? You know he is going to veto Lamont's universal health care for cats bill. What about all the Iraqi kitties killed in American air strikes? Impeach Bush now!
Metafilter: Getting irked at just about every comment
Metafilter: If this is the best of the web then I am a horse with a canteloupe for a head.
Metafilter: Ooh! I get to tell my severed head story!
Metafilter: YouTube, in German but with moustached rubber ducks.
Metafilter: That was a stupid comment.
Metafilter: The snarky meme.
Metafilter: a veritable lolocaust.
Metafilter: Burma-Shave signs
Metafilter: home of the surrealistic non-sequitur
Metafilter: Like being bitten to death by ducks.
Metafilter: Going Down the Toilet
Metafilter: Remember, if you feel faint or light headed, that means your just not working hard enough.
Metafilter: black-hearted little shits.
Metafilter: They can puff up and shit.
Metafilter: This isn't motherfucking Fark.
Metafilter: It is our desire to develop and generate the revolving scheme to filter to the consuming public in."
Metafilter: The problem was that the information, gleaned from the Internet, was false.
Metafilter: heart palpitations and other bodily effects above and beyond the ordinary "hey, that tickles!"
Metafilter: Stop getting your news from the Drudge Report
Metafilter: It's the kind of crap that comes out of a precocious and moody sixteen year old kid's mouth.
Metafilter: People with vaginas are fucked in the head
Metafilter: We don't march up and down the street demanding anybody be deported for wanting to impale their adult baby on a double-headed butt-plug.
Metafilter: Missionary position only, and none of that funny stuff
Metafilter: sitting in the seat of mockers
Metafilter: a cup and some shinguards, and hungry for human flesh
Metafilter: Where Mr. T has been discussed many times before.
Metafilter: Respectfully disagree with
Metafilter: Labels. Philosophies. Nouns.
Metafilter: who fucken cares
Metafilter: a simulation in the key of irony.
Metafilter: nothing but a dream, determination, and millions of loyal, consummate killers riding behind you.
Metafilter: "Watch me take my round, pink pill ...and not care."
Metafilter: Went down to Alabama and stole one of your women, who came back to Canada with it and recently produced a hybrid North American.
Metafilter: who cares what the real story is.
Metafilter: you guys are certainly a bit harsh on new people to this site.
Metafilter: Why am I even here?
Metafilter: People being goofballs.
Metafilter: the leading provider of YouTube videos of kids lighting farts on fire
Metafilter: Monitoring the dildonic menace since 1999
Metafilter: a mix of Shaolin and Street Fighter II
Metafilter: a turd on the sidewalk that everyone has to step around.
Metafilter: slaughtering chickens or churning butter
Metafilter: Our society is doing pretty well despite the lack of joined up letters.
Metafilter: skilled gay polyglots
Metafilter: death, fear, fire
Metafilter: It's not a logical rule (even if it does make light saber like sounds in your head when you use it).
Metafilter: your favorite fantasy land social system sucks
Metafilter: Some folks just enjoy a nice safe rage.
Metafilter: First prize, yellow cock
Metafilter: nothing here besides pretension, half-witted irony, and some vague anti-capitalist notions
Metafilter: linguistic libertarianism to grammar fascism
Metafilter: blurring the line between serious observation and snarky comment one thread at a time.
Metafilter: on TV, all you can do is lurk.
Metafilter: Haters of my new girlfriend.
Metafilter: Shit ain't suppossed to make sense and it never will.
Metafilter: This discussion sucks. Too many white people
Metafilter: I love these polyramas
Metafilter: Not as funny as it used to be.
Metafilter: The home of intelligent discourse.
Metafilter: fuck your ilk
Metafilter: ..." lines in there...
Metafilter: constructed from advanced "metamaterials"
Metafilter: some kind of hunting lodge for rich weirdos
Metafilter: Grabbing fearfully at your crotch
Metafilter: Don't worry, it's just a soybean paste.
Metafilter: My god, that's a lot of semen.
Metafilter: About a quart.
Metafilter: About a quart low, I'd say.
Metafilter: that googling guy
Metafilter: neural mainline turned me blue
Metafilter: And then there were five...
Metafilter: the collective fellations of the digerati.
Metafilter: Warning: Fiddle tunes!
Metafilter: Um....Duh?
Metafilter: Sometimes we have a feeling of complete hopelessness.
Metafilter: Just another tired trend.
Metafilter: Is this to be an empathy test?
Metafilter: finest quality, superior workmanship.
Metafilter: I'm so happy that was left out.
Metafilter: I subscribe to all of the same rss feeds you do.
Metafilter: Log off and kill yourself.
Metafilter: This bullshit isn't going to stop
Metafilter: worthless without before/aft pictures.
Metafilter: Not everything needs a big veiny cock in the middle of it.
Metafilter: We don't wait no fucking 17 years.
Metafilter: buttering the Great Cosmic Muffin so you don't have to
Metafilter: The best strategy would be to move away from the laptop, quickly.
Metafilter: Dang, that is good cochicken!
Metafilter: Actually, no, it's not. Actually, yes it is.
Metafilter: gasping puss and cheddar
Metafilter: ear bleach
Metafilter: Elephants are bigger in person!
Metafilter: The bust of the web.
Metafilter: uncanny similarities between JFK and Abraham Lincoln!
Metafilter: Bullshit candybar.
Metafilter: A Sofa Of Small Birds Who Agree With Lesbians
Metafilter: This is why I stopped reading MetaFilter.
Metafilter: It produces a lot of useless verbiage, this comment included
Metafilter: Since 2004, I thought american people are so stupid but know they are just bunch of mother fuckers and also ham
Metafilter: it's the actual physical separation that causes problems.
Metafilter: Meh.
Metafilter: Even Jesus has a smelly anus.
Metafilter: bending the world to the will of its collective consciousness somehow.
Metafilter: Simplistic, overbearing crapola.
Metafilter: Just pawn in game of life.
Metafilter: I'm just kind of amazed we're giving this rather pedestrian event such attention.
Metafilter: Some degree of acidity should be assumed.
Metafilter: somehow that Flash cartoon seemed funnier late last night after a few drinks.
Metafilter: I don't feel that I am a better person for having watched that.
Metafilter: No Burning Rivers of Lard
Metafilter: Yearning for freedom and sleeping with whores.
Metafilter: cryptic and porny -who could ask for more?
Metafilter: Your favourite magician sucks.
Metafilter: Guided By Comments
Metafilter: A lot of people there are extremely upset.
Metafilter: some crazy booze-fueled snogfest.
Metafilter: Lame, unless someone explains it to me.
Metafilter: the art of demotivating others.
Metafilter: Fifty years ago we'd have you upside down with a f***ing fork up your ass
Metafilter: That's what happens when you interrupt the white man, don't you know?
Metafilter: BF Skinner would be proud.
Metafilter: Guilty when found innocent.
Metafilter: Vertebrates getting pwnz0red
Metafilter: Best Advertising for a Television Show On The Web
Metafilter: The new hotness in the post-hipster Grass-House wave a decade from now, but probably not.
Metafilter: cancer... it's better than nothing.
Metafilter: first with breaking news.
Metafilter: Wookiees---Asian maids.
Metafilter: The Divided States of United Lies!
Metafilter: If I've ever seen a single page worth of information that just screams for some Java based interactiveability, this is it.
Metafilter: five dollars of terrible."
Metafilter: The Worst of the Web.
Metafilter: the user submitted content solution.
Metafilter: Grumpy Old Men in D Minor.
Metafilter: Linked the penis.
Metafilter: a gigantic struggle between strength and weakness, an eternal victory of the strong over the weak.
Metafilter: very small ones. But they're kinda hairy
Metafilter: a horse Nuremberg rally
Metafilter: Theodore Sturgeon was an optimist.