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Metafilter: A great hopeless situation warrior.
Metafilter: the one-stop for all your celebrity gossip!
Metafilter: the more we know, the less we know.
Metafilter: going around poking at lifeless things to see if they move.
Metafilter: Fuck you, elitist prick.
Metafilter: I very like to observe her and touch her inflated belly. It's great!
Metafilter: We're window-peepers in a polymorphously perverse world.
Metafilter: Hell is other people.
Metafilter: People who've grown dissatisfied with their lives and constructed their own fantasy world.
Metafilter: It's bullshit on stilts.
Metafilter: viral advertising and wacky Japan, hence my grouchiness.
Metafilter: 30% discussion of the content of the post, 70% discussion of the merit of the post.
Metafilter: something that has become overly familiar or commonplace
Metafilter: D--n your Writing, Mind your Sh-t-ng.
Metafilter: *hearts* Suck.
Metafilter: I feel that you are stupid.
Metafilter: If the bikini clad woman gets stuck, just click and drag her.
Metafilter: randomly judging people to bolster our own pitiful sense of self-worth
Metafilter: we need more scruffy, shiftless layabouts, stat!
Metafilter: like making a filthy hospital to attract all the germs.
Metafilter: Drunk driving with the body of an underage Laotian boy in the trunk
Metafilter: I like people once they're dead.
Metafilter: American, or international?
Metafilter: Celebrating the deprecated method
Metafilter: What the hell are you on about, anus???
Metafilter: Amazing technology. I just think it's misapplied in this case.
Metafilter: The stick finally breached the colon wall.
Metafilter: What the fuck do you think you're doing?
Metafilter: a routine that involves hanging 45 pounds of weight from [our
members for up to seven hours at a time]
Metafilter: Stay away from my cervix with that thing!
Metafilter: Blaming anybody but the Terrorists p.s. BushChimpHitlerPolPot!!!1
Metafilter: we don't know wtf we're talking about.
Metafilter: Now only one year behind Monkeyfilter
Metafilter: come to blows over a flavor enhancer.
Metafilter: Fixin' to fuck all'yall, I reckon, for making youse guys wait on me in this fresh hell.
Metafilter: I resent those crotchwaffles.
Metafilter: It tires me that we are still having this discussion.
Metafilter: A bigger hit than a can of silly string.
Metafilter: Any backstory here?"
Metafilter: Reading posts down here.
Metafilter: Whiskey! I require medical attention!
Metafilter: Big-ass joints. Big stereos.
Metafilter: I'd dip that whole thing in an egg batter, dust it with Progresso Italian bread crumbs, fry the shit out of it, and serve it all up with a nice chianti.
Metafilter: very flowery french BS
Metafilter: What are you, autistic? Cause, you know, if you are, you know, that's cool.
Metafilter: *zooms back in**zooms in too far**pulls back**blinks**reads thread again**looks at it yet again**blinks*“I really don’t see what you’re all going on about.”
Metafilter: Dan buro ubanka shege, ko ni da fun iya la iya re, otu nnegi.
Metafilter: do you have to be an offensive twat every time you write something?
Metafilter: Caution: contains foul language and political thought.
Metafilter: Championing the Idiot.
Metafilter: young and hip by proxy
Metafilter: partisan hack
Metafilter: Bullhorns or STFU.
Metafilter: Like fucking a wet Wilford Brimley.
Metafilter: Taking a peek under the peduncle.
Metafilter: Thread over.
Metafilter: Show up every day and listen to someone’s brother in law tell you how to do your job all ass backwards.
Metafilter: useless without computer-generated polygon-genitalia pics!
Metafilter: Ultra-focused on pixelate titties.
Metafilter: For fun or for prosimcreation.
Metafilter: Anyone have a link for clitoridectomies?
Metafilter: none of us are ever getting sex again.
Metafilter: I see gay porn on safari and no gay porn on firefox.
Metafilter: More bird flu news than you can shake a stick at!
Metafilter: The only time I've ever given above $5 has been a stripper.
Metafilter: ED209 gunning down an OCP VP.
Metafilter: Law for Law's Sake.
Metafilter: Who Said Irony is Dead?
Metafilter: The facts are less important ... than the chance to be pithy.
Metafilter: my outrage meter is barely moving on this one, but it ain't gonna happen any time soon.
Metafilter: slowly collapsing and expanding by brownian squirm
Metafilter: Why kill a blonde with big tits?
Metafilter: Just this side of retarded
Metafilter: Rev. Moon pwns
Metafilter: Wasn't sure if that was supposed to suck and I didn't get it, or whether it just sucked
Metafilter: Do not hit the monolith.
Metafilter: Do not take the room too literally....imagine it's in the fourth dimension.
Metafilter: Starchild of the internets.
Metafilter: 28% of web surfers that didn't actually see a series of really lame boxes
Metafilter: as in Hitler-bad or Skeletor-bad
Metafilter: If your aunt had a dick, she'd be your uncle.
Metafilter: The coffin like shape has not been lost on us.
Metafilter: Not a formal system, and therefore not necessarily incomplete or inconsistent.
Metafilter: quacking "I told you so"
Metafilter: The "Dude, I'm so hip" ethos is pretty worn out. Boring.
Metafilter: because this town lies a lot. thanks.
Metafilter: Your #1 source for grumbling curmudgeons with nothing better to do.
Metafilter: Where mocking dead strangers has become the best of the web!
Metafilter: It's like Yomango without the dancing and eating and stealing.
Metafilter: New to you since 1999
Metafilter: No talking penises were harmed in the making of this website.
Metafilter: metal will always beat meat.
Metafilter: Did you not like the movie or something?
Metafilter: It will shine!
Metafilter: We are a small group of probably the finest intellectuals alive today. Certainly, we have not heard of anyone living whose thoughts approach the clarity, depth and power of our own.
Metafilter: some sort of super drug that instantly turns you into a ravening meth zombie
Metafilter: a semi-autonomous zone of extraordinary deviancy.
Metafilter: unafraid of creating self-referential taglines
Metafilter: Congratulations on the impressive ability to hide your disdain for the rest of us most of the time.
Metafilter: Let's not call it prostitution, let's call it Applied Psychology.
Metafilter: Where the Urethra Meets the Subpoena
Metafilter: teams must at all times lose their shit and blame one another, and not know shit about fuck.
Metafilter: The Name Written in Blood
Metafilter: some days it's reassuring, some days it's absolutely destructive.
Metafilter: Good grief!
Metafilter: pretty inoffensive, compared to say, genocide.
Metafilter: Parentheses count increasing daily!
Metafilter: There can be more than one jerk. It's not a zero-sum situation.
Metafilter: These fucking symbols will be the death of us all.
Metafilter: I'm looking at you, Chris Carter.
Metafilter: Holy BALLS!
Metafilter: Take a break from email and Web surfing to send a real, paper letter
Metafilter: Like a quarrelling group of monkeys on a leaky boat, armed with sticks of dynamite.
Metafilter: Make way for dyklings  : >
Metafilter: completely misunderstanding the post and then making a sarcastic comment deriding it.
Metafilter: where's your great FPP?
Metafilter: Your local middle school chess club, with meth and guns.
Metafilter: uncovering the sparkly, fabulous truth!
Metafilter: you get sex—with appliances and furniture if available too
Metafilter: If nothing else, this site is trolling you.
Metafilter: Playing with a vibrator.
Metafilter: Find and share the best of the web as it happens
Metafilter: an elephant pedaling his unicycle.
Metafilter: cradling a retarded baby
Metafilter: You wouldn't want to be a member.
Metafilter: You're all nuts.
Metafilter: we can't censor everything/everyone.
Metafilter: Look it up in Google.
Metafilter: No feet, no whisky.
Metafilter: Let's be honest with each other
Metafilter: We I enjoy masturbating.
Metafilter: Sharing the joy of wanking.
Metafilter: Go out and contract gonorrhea and rub some of the pus in your eye.
Metafilter: in front of it and you're witty too! Woot!
Metafilter: worth $5 just for fenriq's accidentally self-referential snarks
Metafilter: is not a career. It's a relationship.
Metafilter: Vagina-friendly bacteria.
Metafilter: most of you in this post are a bunch of shitheads.
Metafilter: I can imagine rational arguments
Metafilter: I EAT BABIES.
Metafilter: Stop evolving as humans and start evolving as poindexters
Metafilter: Can we try just a little harder, please?
Metafilter: I'd say 12 percent goodness, 88 percent crapola.
Metafilter: insouciance may result.
Metafilter: Content with quotidian bullshit
Metafilter: Shooting downward leaving a contrail behind it.
Metafilter: 25,000 people a day urinating in a submarine.
Metafilter: Therefore, God exists.
Metafilter: "I'm into fashion. Judo fashion, like blackbelts."
Metafilter: You're not the only man at this fountain!
Metafilter: it's a Gödelian event horizon!
Metafilter: Hands-Free Self-Propelled Pleasure
Metafilter: It's completely sphincter operated!
Metafilter: It lacks concision.
Metafilter: there's no ejaculation involved
Metafilter: skeet, skeet, skeet, skeet
Metafilter: a first-hand account
Metafilter: See? You really will go blind.
Metafilter: a megaSlashdotFlamewar worth of suck.
Metafilter: a gaggle of fucking naysayers sits in the wings
Metafilter: I can't seem to keep my cats in sync...
Metafilter: If you would let me talk . . . !
Metafilter: making moose walk backwards
Metafilter: when exactly did Hell become a normal place?
Metafilter: Everyone's ugly when I have to pee.
Metafilter: hot and respectful. (sorry, too tempting to resist)
Metafilter: At least look like you're on the job.
Metafilter: !*"%@%$*%# Spicynuts it's not *$^*"*"%"^
Metafilter: No windmill untilted.
Metafilter: You see what you want to see, and you hear what you want to hear.
Metafilter: I weep at the horror of running low on ice cubes
Metafilter: Fucking photo-op!
Metafilter: Don't forget to stop by MeTa for the obligatory flame-out!
Metafilter: United Together In Friendship and Labour.
Metafilter: let's boil the wolverines.
Metafilter: snarking like a bunch of useless buffoons
Metafilter: Wrapped in tin foil.
Metafilter: Not crazy insane whacky, just not expressible as a fraction.
Metafilter: Jumped the Fark.
Metafilter: Oh dear god and saints preserve us from the bereft of clue.
Metafilter: Are you sure you aren't talking about Whitney Houston?
Metafilter: fitter...happier...less productive
Metafilter: is there anything you can say on this site without someone bitching at you as if you're the fucking anti-christ?
Metafilter: Give me a Better Idiot.
Metafilter: More babies dead! USA! USA!
Metafilter: about as sexy as a Bill Gates lapdance.
Metafilter: this is nipple
Metafilter: At least you were unintentionally funny in your little rant.
Metafilter: Let those who ewnjoy iut DO SO!
Metafilter: You Wouldn't Understand
Metafilter: it ain't brain science
Metafilter: the bittersweet feeling of bittersweetness
Metafilter: Dude, You Got Caught
Metafilter: All your mean-spirited bullshit does not contribute anything
Metafilter: I misunderstood you cynicism for hatred, sorry...
Metafilter: trun on the playboy channel.
Metafilter: project their turgid thoughts in chicken scratch
Metafilter: Go f_ck yourself, Mr. Cheney!
Metafilter: Intelligence hasn't really been around long enough to have determined whether or not it is an advantageous quality
Metafilter: It is at this point where the beginnings of the terrible afflictions and blights on the human condition were cast into the shadow of evil.
Metafilter: no meaning except in so far as it signifies 'something not desirable'
Metafilter: I was pretending it was about something interesting.
Metafilter: Meh is the new bleat.
Metafilter: petty, rush-limbaugh territory and i think it undermines one's larger argument.
Metafilter: I gnash my teeth and moan and wail.
Metafilter: Increasing numbers of whiners.
Metafilter: Just speculating...
Metafilter: 40kg Marshmallows, 3g Sodium Penthathol
Metafilter: a similar same gut-wrenching discovery
Metafilter: Best of Fark
Metafilter: Use no reproachful language against any one; neither curse nor revile.
Metafilter: Play not the peacock
Metafilter: talk not with meat in your mouth.
Metafilter: sticking my clouded frost-spire into her gates of attrition
Metafilter: Politicians are gaming the system.
Metafilter: And the maggots just keep on breeding in your bum.
Metafilter: Forgive me for being distracted by bright shiny websites.
Metafilter: this is not cool, this is yawn.
Metafilter: Cunty, Murderous
Metafilter: 'These people were going to die anyway'
Metafilter: Embrace the Barbarian Within
Metafilter: As long as people must have Internet access in order to participate, the sample will remain culturally biased.
Metafilter: A wee man league, with trampolines and flaming hoops.
Metafilter: for the broadminded audience.
Metafilter: Words MEAN THINGS.
Metafilter: Chimpy McAwol.
Metafilter: You too can play comment wars.
Metafilter: Don't forget to try the fetus fajitas.
Metafilter: Getting With The Pogrom.
Metafilter: Like, Whatever, It's Your Life.
Metafilter: Whatever, it's your life
Metafilter: The tolerant pacifists are ready to swing fists
Metafilter: The other side of the Fark coin.
Metafilter: Fuckin' Hippies.
Metafilter: The Almost Decent of the Web.
Metafilter: Forward this to all your friends NOW!!!!!
Metafilter: life sucks
Metafilter: It's like watching a train wreck, except after the accident, all the onlookers storm the train and begin beating the survivors.
Metafilter: Inside is the god of blood, Hakkar
Metafilter: The Sumbitch still think he is white
Metafilter: Who are these people, and why should I care?
Metafilter: Mushy and Sweet.
Metafilter: preview, then post.
Metafilter: It would be an absolutely bulletproof theory, but for the...
Metafilter: the holy shit apocalypse.
Metafilter: Let the stupidity fill your sails
Metafilter: This seems pretty cool, except that the whole "membership" thing is harshing my mellow.
Metafilter: may very well be the result of those two kinds of assholes coming into direct contact
Metafilter: vengeful wind fetuses and then a giant Rita phallus
Metafilter: Smoke if ya got 'em.
Metafilter: What's wrong with the occasional punch in the face?
Metafilter: the larva that gets its wings from an innocent carcass at the roadside.
Metafilter: the development of a Giant Space Fetus.
Metafilter: although the post page appears to be setup to post a single link, we require at least two links.
Metafilter: please pardon me for fooling with the format of this in-joke.
Metafilter: God says its okay so get over here and pull your pants down.
Metafilter: Enjoyable, but there is no mystery.
Metafilter: You can shit on a dime.
Metafilter: Is like this and I protect its people from the anti-social elements!
Metafilter: thin skinned liberal asshats
Metafilter: I joined the Army because I wanted to kill something.
Metafilter: Landover is a parody site
Metafilter: like reading a book covered in vaseline.
Metafilter: Dribbling drool means a fight is on the way.
Metafilter: tail-spinning, shit-flinging
Metafilter: I can't believe anyone has the energy to get righteously upset over piddling shit like this
Metafilter: Fear Fear Fear Fear Sex Fear!
Metafilter: unconstitutionally vague.
Metafilter: we all save the world everyday, don't we?
Metafilter: One of the many places you cannot get to in this world by choosing.
Metafilter: Theyre All Dicks
Metafilter: "... having such a big penis does have one drawback: it seems that co-ordinating eight legs, two feeding tentacles and a huge penis, whilst fending off an irate female, is a bit too much to ask ..."
Metafilter: We're gonna need a bigger ship....
Metafilter: Jesus is always better on meth.
Metafilter: wheedly-wheedly-whee
Metafilter: completely illegible
Metafilter: ??????????????
Metafilter: I think it has to do with hope and shit.
Metafilter: Utterly pointless, but nifty.
Metafilter: *SHUN!*
Metafilter: why the stupid fucking monster comes out from nowhere and eats my main guy.
Metafilter: This is where baby snow monsters come from
Metafilter: Michael and Kate's Beach Dance Party.
Metafilter: Fw: Fw: Fw: Best of my inbox circa 1994!
Metafilter: spread the disease.
Metafilter: Better Living Through Finger-Pointing!
Metafilter: One strawberry tart (without so much rat in it) later... "Disgusting". "Oh, you're always complaining!"
Metafilter: I love you.
Metafilter: Describe to me immediately how to go to Seasame Street.
Metafilter: Show Me On The Doll How You Got To Sesame Street.
Metafilter: turning ear-kissing arguments into news from abroad.
Metafilter: an exclusionary institution, populated by society's elite teh int0rnet's l33t.
Metafilter: I figured if matt wanted to delete it, he would.
Metafilter: Double, double toil and trouble.
Metafilter: Best of the Web??
Metafilter: it builds up to a mega guitar freakout.
Metafilter: Bayonet Bad, Shovel Good.
Metafilter: I probably wouldn't mention my bunghole.
Metafilter: changing the world one damn pixel at a time.
Metafilter: Think inside the bottle.
Metafilter: And a little namecalling, just for good measure.
Metafilter: I don't really give half-a-rats-ass what you believe as long as you keep it to yourself.
Metafilter: Oh well
Metafilter: hastily strung together bits of blather framed as a potent political statement.
Metafilter: Full of fat, wage-earning crybabies
Metafilter: It is not your constitutional right to sit in the waiting area with your balls hanging out.
Metafilter: If you want it done and didn't mind having thousands of people die, you could get just about anything accomplished.
Metafilter: hive-mind-sanctioned electro-gruel.
Metafilter: Google Apple
Metafilter: it's a charmed quark.
Metafilter: When pain of action is less than the pain of inaction, its go time.
Metafilter: was the puckered anus really necessary?
Metafilter: we see dead people.
Metafilter: I must have been a cloth-eared idiot
Metafilter: By clicking No, did you really mean to click Yes?
Metafilter: where the cool, and only apparently cool, are vetted.
Metafilter: You don't take a drug and go 'Mmm, rabbits'
Metafilter: everyone read homunculus' link
Metafilter: highest-profile American-based touring bellydance troupe around
Metafilter: makes me want to burn down rainforests and shoot guns.
Metafilter: I come here for the boingboing links.
Metafilter: at least it's an ethos
Metafilter: The bleeding edge of internet memedom.
Metafilter: A Tradition of Heritage
Metafilter: that warm stream down the back of my neck.
Metafilter: You are obliged to distinguish yourself from the heretics and the corrupted and must not resemble them in anything.
Metafilter: it is not permissible to stand and urinate.
Metafilter: How quaint.
Metafilter: I wasn't very impressed either by the nudes or the corpses.
Metafilter: the bizarre symmetrical "finger"
Metafilter: assuming that everyone has followed the updates religiously, that's 100 users. Way to go!
Metafilter: Sure we'll post your out of context press release.
Metafilter: Ain't but two straight girls, and both of them ugly!
Metafilter: No wonder your behind is bleedin'
Metafilter: That thing ain't got no feelin' in it!
Metafilter: it takes a screw and a nut!
Metafilter: $TAGLINE.
Metafilter: [inaudible - coughing
Metafilter: always has a sketchbook in which he never stops doodling with dayglo magic markers, even though he himself is color blind.
Metafilter: "regurgitating your own links is sort of weird."
Metafilter: You forget who you are.
Metafilter: get a room.
Metafilter: The anal penetration seemed rather incongruous.
Metafilter: inferring explosions
Metafilter: I have not been rocked.
Metafilter: His willy in another dude's crap hole.
Metafilter: insert one liner about MC Hammer here
Metafilter: We all know what the blue and white means.
Metafilter: you know it's time to sit down.
Metafilter: pointing at their navels and saying "swoosh"
Metafilter: the Jews, damnit
Metafilter: I was very much disturbed when I found young children killing each other. I think that anyone with a conscience would agree with me.
Metafilter: Like Sneezing, only much more beautiful...
Metafilter: Worst euphemism for sex ever.
Metafilter: Thanks for giving me a good reason to stop using the internet today.
Metafilter: This is the MetaFilter I hate.
Metafilter: Hurricanes and guys being banged to death by horses.
Metafilter: look over their shoulder at gaping anus porn.
Metafilter: Hold at crotch level.
Metafilter: badde mooder-swyver!
Metafilter: it benefits the word lickspittle.
Metafilter: I just stumpled upon this while browsing
Metafilter: Brown and foreign
Metafilter: featured at the Tulsa State Fair, as one their annual butter scultpures
Metafilter: pedantry is fun! couldn't resist.
Metafilter: Was it worth it all it?
Metafilter: A funny idea that deserves better execution
Metafilter: like eating filthy dead meat in the desert
Metafilter: [...
" line)]
Metafilter: ridiculously biased towards homos.
Metafilter: I just have nothing else to do right now, so I had to say *something*.
Metafilter: What a hoot!
Metafilter: He who smelt it dealt it.
Metafilter: I owe a cock to Asclepius
Metafilter: drooling for blood on this thing
Metafilter: Yes, it's entirely safe for work, unless your workplace forbids quirky charm
Metafilter: How many times can we jump the shark?
Metafilter: The vast Mormon underground network.
Metafilter: Trust me - I've been in the church all my life.
Metafilter: You'll be craving red and a hammer.
Metafilter: An endless repository of unfounded nutty claims and shrill defenses for those claims.
Metafilter: profoundly nutty"
Metafilter: If you're confused about it, that may mean you understand it
Metafilter: Informed debate.
Metafilter: minty bum piss with just a hint of ass.
Metafilter: godwinned already!
Metafilter: i just type whatever bonaldi types in really.
Metafilter: I'm less and less young every day. (And yeah, "loquacious" you are, not that that's a bad thing in that example.)
Metafilter: You oughta understand a little bit about procedures around here.
Metafilter: The Musical would kick ass.
Metafilter: the organ can't sing with that many pipes that long without running out of air.
Metafilter: You finally got to me, fuckers. Good Job.
Metafilter: You must have patients to catch a fly with copsticks.
Metafilter: Very, very fresh crabcakes.
Metafilter: Siamese twins strip naked and chase a plucked chicken around a manger scene sculpted from Spam while a midget in a tutu sings "Cocaine" and a frog in a little pink scuba suit hops from a bungy cord onto a spinning turntable making the needle jump on a scratchy recording of the Grateful Dead singing "Casey Jones", when suddenly, Pat Robertson swings in dressed like tarzan, punches the Siamese twins out, and snorts coke off their unconscious bodies, then pierces his tongue with a letter opener and keeps yelling "tint, tint". It's kind of weird.
Metafilter: chock full of "anvil-from-the-sky" moments.
Metafilter: I'm hoping that a totally fucking offensive message will spur you into action, as I see no indication anyone is reading these messages.
Metafilter: Fatty McFatster's from Fatvill - it ain't your fault.
Metafilter: unbrisantly detonate, and the fugue thread is thataway.
Metafilter: Like scurvy, but louder.
Metafilter: Fiddling with each other's diddles.
Metafilter: that five-dollar better-than-nothing moron-filter.
Metafilter: I was writing about those balls.
Metafilter: This is a very slipshod post, but it's nice to see some emthusiasm...
Metafilter: You illegitimate atheist.
Metafilter: Defining the terms of resistence for oppressed peoples.
Metafilter: fruity, soft and pleasant
Metafilter: Just Standing Up For The Little Man.
Metafilter: Love the Orwell and Costello routine.
Metafilter: Bringing Fark-grade discussion to the Big Questions - since late 2005.
Metafilter: bitter, sarcastic sniping in meat-hats
Metafilter: You learn something new every day.
Metafilter: What a nice waste of time.
Metafilter: Just because I found it exciting doesn't mean I was rubbing my 5500 rpm cock.
Metafilter: it's like [...
stroking a 5500 RPM Righteousness boner]
Metafilter: It's probably the bovine semen.
Metafilter: more nudity, and some moaning.
Metafilter: The Movie - Creepy Diners Inhabited by Diners Diverse and Loquacious Who Find, Share, and Debate the Best of the Web Yet Find the Time to Twitter Over Politics</u>?
Metafilter: As simple as possible, but no simpler
Metafilter: Baa Baaa Baaaaaaa
Metafilter: can't tell which is Fark
Metafilter: your buddy Sodomite Hussein. yada yada yada ya' ad nauseum
Metafilter: It didn't suck, but I didn't get all the critical raves.
Metafilter: jonmc is tired of hearing about the shit you sheep enjoy
Metafilter: Your blog is my blog too
Metafilter: it's like dropping a kitten in a pirhana tank...
Metafilter: MiHail is pretty stupid
Metafilter: what the hell! I'm posting it anyway!
Metafilter: K.I.T.D.F.O.H.S.
Metafilter: I reverently fellate you while holding back tears.
Metafilter: Fool! That word is biotech. Why you gotta be ignorant all your life?
Metafilter: licking the back door of the bus
Metafilter: I am very old and partially senile
Metafilter: There are other dictators, and we should take them out, too.
Metafilter: There are other dictators, and we should take them out, too, unless the president is a democrat, and those dictators happen to be serbian.
Metafilter: Sizzling In The Skillet Of Well-Deserved Self-Hatred.
Metafilter: All gone to pot (pass the cheetos)
Metafilter: You're a hat.
Metafilter: Igonrami!
Metafilter: This topic should be phat.
Metafilter: making your everyday decisions seem more significant than they are.
Metafilter: it should be turned into a pancake and the cat should snatch it!
Metafilter: Whump, whine,whump/ whump, grind, groan
Metafilter: Baby Jesus would shit if he saw this.
Metafilter: only one or two surgeons can even manage it.
Metafilter: japanese food blog
Metafilter: Now I'm going to have to go find that pickle!
Metafilter: Hitler, baby eating, niggahs, Stalin, Elton John, and Fark.
Metafilter: Calling you out on things we thought you did, but you really didn't do them. But we'll call you out anyways.
Metafilter: Please read carefully and then condemn.
Metafilter: HOW DARE YOU!
Metafilter: dense and bullet-like
Metafilter: No one listens to me :(...
Metafilter: Nak--- oh, forget it.
Metafilter: Please remove this comment too.
Metafilter: needs less of that garbage.
Metafilter: You might as well talk to Dick Cheney's hand
Metafilter: Sliding downwards on a rope of mucus
Metafilter: sensational, yet blog-worthy."
Metafilter: Not merely bad, but unpleasant in a hostile way.
Metafilter: Manos, you're a fuckwit.
Metafilter: Somebody's a fuckwit.
Metafilter: will kill everything you love.
Metafilter: It's better than sex; not as awesome as coping.
Metafilter: a Few Feet Short of the Mountaintop!
Metafilter: It's always meme meme meme with you people.
Metafilter: Will these classic candymen get out of this delicious dilemma?
Metafilter: I'm NOT so concerned about what the consequences might be of starting an intergalactic war, that I just think I had to say something
Metafilter: horses' asses for viewing by everyone
Metafilter: Horses' asses.
Metafilter: Equus Anus
Metafilter: All you ever really wanted to know about something we all already know plenty about.
Metafilter: Hardly a piece of logical reasoning you'd put to a 12 year old.
Metafilter: An empty can of Pringles potato chips, two latex rubber gloves, two foam sponges, two electrical-cable ties, and lube.
Metafilter: That juvenile crap.
Metafilter: It might give you the biggest orgasm ever!
Metafilter: your Flash masturbation resource
Metafilter: Whew. Ok, it's out of my system now.
Metafilter: It's about the links.
Metafilter: Pulling your wangs for a while
Metafilter: the siren song sizzle of the sausages
Metafilter: a UFO cult in a half-assed 'news' wrapper.
Metafilter: A bucolic Rainbow Coalition lovefest on LSD-Viagra cocktails.
Metafilter: the orangutan's effulgent orange ass.
Metafilter: It isn't best of the web yet, but it's going to be. When it actually happens.)
Metafilter: Like Zoro.
Metafilter: don't let it sit next to you
Metafilter: "If you're too huggy-kissy with them, a male who has not been castrated can turn on you."
Metafilter: He is seen to display in the box.
Metafilter: Because bitching about FPPs is totally cool.
Metafilter: The Simpsons stopped being cool before we were born.
Metafilter: because striking an ironic pose bitching about people complaining about FPPs is totally the coolest.
Metafilter: Yes, filled with pot.
Metafilter: The darkest bulb upon the tree.
Metafilter: Doesn't suck. You do.
Metafilter: Want more? Check Google.
Metafilter: No one is paying you for your gratuitous opinions about other people.
Metafilter: hey, it was good enough for BoingBoing!
Metafilter: Beep! Beep! Zap! Beep! Zap! Beep! Zap! Beeep!! Zaaap!!
Metafilter: Do we have to explain the punchline?
Metafilter: it certainly doesn't bear that hallmark of instinctive behavior that mere humping does.
Metafilter: I contributed absolutely nothing to this post, I guess I will head over to fark now.
Metafilter: Attempt at droll humor in the form of a pithy jab fails miserably.
Metafilter: Apperantly it totaly sucks
Metafilter: I want to fuck your couch.
Metafilter: id hate to be one of those peeps
Metafilter: sacred cow gets punched, poke at the monkey, order buffalo wings.
Metafilter: The more I see, the more I realize how little I know
Metafilter: there is little point in future conversation.
Metafilter: But of course, I wasn't there, so I don't really know.
Metafilter: I'm dumb enough to make a stupid argument that I have no qualification to make.
Metafilter: it's not yer momma mind fuck ! it's YOURS !
Metafilter: I paid $5 to join a blazecock pileon
Metafilter: We're all going to die.
Metafilter: Written with the blood of children.
Metafilter: Just like what I thought a pub would be, only gayer
Metafilter: Sign me up for the dancing and looking pretty major
Metafilter: We assemble into large crowds of people on occasion.
Metafilter: Your favorite website sucks.
Metafilter: click my colon
Metafilter: Way too many links
Metafilter: More white swans for the white swan camp.
Metafilter: Meta-wasting your own time
Metafilter: The Movie?
Metafilter: you are a charming freak and not relevant.
Metafilter: pick a fucking side, you pansy.
Metafilter: a pilot that use many old and new honda vehicles
Metafilter: will attempt to revolutionise the way consumers gasp at attempts to revolutionise the way consumers use the Internet to buy watches.
Metafilter: intellectual honesty is for sissies.
Metafilter: stroll quietly with the liking of the headings by selecting the categories using the button-images located in top of page
Metafilter: Euphemistically defecatory
Metafilter: A 5-liter V12 dual-turboed oil burner.
Metafilter: Welcome our giant gestalt head overlords!
Metafilter: Think Finding Nemo. But with decapitated heads.
Metafilter: I knew that was coming.
Metafilter: like a shelled hemorrhage.
Metafilter: someone hook us up the bomb
Metafilter: the most muscular man California has put to death.
Metafilter: recursive russian doll, barbershop mirror effect attempts at snarky "edgy" attempts at meta smartass sarcastic humor. It's awesome.
Metafilter: Heh... lets not do this again, shall we?
Metafilter: funny in bulk.
Metafilter: Shit in your pants - for old times sake.
Metafilter: These aren't Japanese-designed super-potties.
Metafilter: like the sewers of Calcutta after an outbreak of dysentery.
Metafilter: the lowly and bedraggled donkey
Metafilter: It will retroactively destroyed your entire childhood
Metafilter: All Your Tagline Are Belonged To Us
Metafilter: wait 75 minutes to bring out the big monkey
Metafilter: a depraved pagan ritual that involves doing horrible things to Christians
Metafilter: Don't give up the day job.
Metafilter: Today we have penis cozies.
Metafilter: where crooks park ass in
Metafilter: the other other.... Oh, never mind.
Metafilter: It is not big enough to be as impressive as I might want, and is rather short on knobs, but I can talk fast enough to make up the difference.
Metafilter: For when you really want to karao-- ah, nevermind...
Metafilter: I'm not involved in the circle jerk and I don't give a flying fuck.
Metafilter: Where's the leap?
Metafilter: Perhaps a generation or two of kooks has to die off and we can come back to greatness.
Metafilter: Of course, all bets are off if elephants could jump.
Metafilter: anyone you don't agree with who is clever and tenacious enough to take on your bullshit.
Metafilter: fair and balanced
Metafilter: manufactured controversy
Metafilter: Shamelessly egotistical Buddhists.
Metafilter: stop posting stupid comments and get on to a new link...asshole
Metafilter: "the vinceable idiots die off early"
Metafilter: Trollish-Americans
Metafilter: We are here on Earth to hedonistically pleasure ourselves
Metafilter: like being flattened front-to-back, like a radioactive pancake whizzing past vertically.
Metafilter: Traveling through a turducken at the speed of light.
Metafilter: No, wait, it is the right thread. I think.
Metafilter: Now with more death porn and 10% fewer imbeciles!
Metafilter: wtf, geeks?
Metafilter: Sweet pogoing Christ wearing titty tassles on a trampoline (loquacious indeed!)
Metafilter: Blogging left the building ages ago.
Metafilter: Art and poetry on the fly ripped right out of the crumbling asphalt because there isn't anything else to work with. Food bearing gardens. Wise old grandmas dispensing wisdom like fountains to all comers. The crazy, dirty homeless guy down by the liqour store spouting philosophy to beat Derrida and Camus. All pulsating together in an intricate dance so refined and sultry it'd make you weep to even know it existed.
Metafilter: no idea is too stupid
Metafilter: It is a moebius strip up in this place.
Metafilter: Manifestos of Forbidden Truths.
Metafilter: Insane, evil, perverse beyond all measure
Metafilter: eating the day-old crusty rice at the bottom of the pan after eating a $500 meal at benihana and fucking devon aoki.
Metafilter: Who did you think wrote the Florida Constitution?
Metafilter: It's not Shakespere, or even Duckman.
Metafilter: the new Reader's Digest?
Metafilter: 26434 members and your FPP better be germane to all of us, look at me, I can whine and complain.
Metafilter: Spare me your knownothing assumptions and ability to google you cold cuntful of piss.
Metafilter: The Voltron of Stupid
Metafilter: Inferring the inconsequential
Metafilter: You can't prove me wrong, so stop telling me you can prove I'm wrong
Metafilter: taking a dump on the floor.
Metafilter: Read more. Or some of it.
Metafilter: We're All Going To Hell, Now
Metafilter: I have become Slashdot, destroyer of sites
Metafilter: a katamari-like clump of douchebaggery that flies into the sun.
Metafilter: common scolds?
Metafilter: it's nothing more than a pose.
Metafilter: It strikes me as pretentious and insidery, but maybe that's just me.")
Metafilter: Our turds arrive green and sentient.
Metafilter: It's just the Internet, for God's sake. It's nothing important.
Metafilter: It's just the Internet, for God's sake.
Metafilter: The grotesque result of Veronica breeding with Moose.
Metafilter: "WE'RE ALL ONE OR NONE!"
Metafilter: Doesn't help matters very much.
Metafilter: Dynamically vacuous.
Metafilter: troops of apes, with pecking orders
Metafilter: Please disenthrall yourself before entering...
Metafilter: an anal probe for Andrew.
Metafilter: If a post does not support my worldview it sucks
Metafilter: xxx" taglines from this group of comments.
Metafilter: Pretty much unchanged from Ancient Atlantean flatulence.
Metafilter: It's just a way for them to generate a high-traffic content site without having to spend money generating the content.
Metafilter: a kinky fetish for tampons and hookers.
Metafilter: I'm surrounded by Assholes!
Metafilter: Don't hate the player, hate the game.
Metafilter: way smarter than your average Mensa meeting.
Metafilter: like axe murdering a... woah, man, are those fritos?
Metafilter: It had literally blown his mind.
Metafilter: right wing free love
Metafilter: I will simply destroy your package.
Metafilter: never realized that such a bullshit story could get so many liberals into a circle jerk.
Metafilter: self-obsessed, smarmy, an order of magnitude less intelligent and amusing than they believe themselves to be, but not wholly unentertaining </obligatory>
Metafilter: Big balls are the shotgun
Metafilter: So Totally Better Than jonmc's High School
Metafilter: fuck you, you elitist asshole
Metafilter: They also have a massive social welfare system setup in addition to their terrorist organization.
Metafilter: No good deed goes unpunished.
Metafilter: Not a real theological debate.
Metafilter: I will self link just to ensure that the account is deleted.
Metafilter: Theres just no way of pleasing it sometimes.
Metafilter: Buddy, this is the internet. We're all here to argue.
Metafilter: there is no cultural bias this time?)
Metafilter: still too "Christian" for you.
Metafilter: Let us help you exceed your bandwith!"
Metafilter: a batshit orgy of self-Godwinisation
Metafilter: That commie datafuck.
Metafilter: chrisofascist idea of theocracy
Metafilter: If the shoes don't fit, you don't have to wear it.
Metafilter: all-too-virulent
Metafilter: "Suck it" is the new "I for one welcome our new yadda yadda overlords..."
Metafilter: everyone will be hated for fifteen minutes.
Metafilter: Lose control of your bowels and shit yourself.
Metafilter: beejers without a little quid pro quo
Metafilter: just an unsatisfying fumble in the dark.
Metafilter: Blowjobs are not 'hard core'
Metafilter: our children will be brought up as morons, that will learn nothing but hate and will never have them home with us, which they would be better off.
Metafilter: A set of boilerplate phrases stuck together in standard order.
Metafilter: Same Fark links, slightly smarter commentary
Metafilter: This Post Sucks" check.
Metafilter: hotter and more pre-pubescent
Metafilter: We report; you deride.
Metafilter: suck it, dictionaries.
Metafilter: You hases no company to measure!
Metafilter: Instead of sai and katana we have pedantry and snark.
Metafilter: This is so dumb I can't breathe
Metafilter: a waste of materials that could be used on something else
Metafilter: Turns the hajji into pink mist.
Metafilter: it's not racism, it's class warfare
Metafilter: I am better than your kids.
Metafilter: psuedo-philosophical statements about fucking.
Metafilter: bla bla bla
Metafilter: Home of the Lynching Parties.
Metafilter: Navel-to-anus.
Metafilter: Maybe the bitch was asking for it.
Metafilter: natural reaction degeneracy and perversion sick shit force of law wife and girlfriend most people always regard sick waffle waffle blah.
Metafilter: Communist Gangster Computer God.
Metafilter: you just go numb and stop paying attention after a while.
Metafilter: One of its primary effects is considered to be the vomiting that accompanies the experience.
Metafilter: blah blah post
Metafilter: BoingBoing is one of the most imaginative, provocative, and consistently interesting blogs out there
Metafilter: I'm not the motherfucking messiah
Metafilter: It is not Fark.
Metafilter: Hey, this isn't
Metafilter: Howl honk screech yowza I QUIT!
Metafilter: Cause of the civil war.
Metafilter: a haiku about whining.
Metafilter: all they're capable of is cocking their heads and shitting on the rug.
Metafilter: God some of you are so gratuitously pissy.
Metafilter: I'm not Australian, so I don't really know that much about American government.
Metafilter: There may be a meme here
Metafilter: zimzim urallala zimzim urallala zimzim zanzibar zimzalla zam
Metafilter: Maniacal wielding of a large bladed weapon.
Metafilter: A family of motorized pigs
Metafilter: just like elves, gremlins, and Eskimos.
Metafilter: fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap
Metafilter: teh trifecta of awesomeness
Metafilter: I have eaten many and lived, and sometimes lived happily.
Metafilter: It's more fun to think it's a penis.
Metafilter: I assure you I am not in need of a lesson in Black wang pigmentation.
Metafilter: I wish I could quit you!
Metafilter: Fucking Icelandic amateurs.
Metafilter: if you don't agree with me, you're agreeing with the terrorists.
Metafilter: a blight on honest discourse
Metafilter: spewing gouts of flaming death in its wake
Metafilter: A new way to brag about having stuff that other people don't (yet).
Metafilter: Do not look into thread with remaining good eye.
Metafilter: I . . . couldn't get past the pathetic narcisism it takes to be truly addicted.
Metafilter: Earth bad. Kill now. Jesus come.
Metafilter: Less yowling, more Architecture in Helsinki, please.
Metafilter: Do you have anything but your knee-jerk mock outrage?
Metafilter: Rurality Salad, with.....retchup..
Metafilter: "It gives me an orthogonal"
Metafilter: drowning in fanboy jizz.
Metafilter: humorless, puritanical Canadian leftists beware.
Metafilter: We're the Darth Vader to the Republicans' Emperor Palpatine.
Metafilter: dried ejaculate caked in her hair must be a fabulous treat!
Metafilter: it. Mea culpa.
Metafilter: cocksucking multilating barbarians
Metafilter: No lips-on-the-penis, but a lovely brunch afterwards.
Metafilter: They all talked jive. It was hard for me to understand
Metafilter: the pectoral power to pulverize poofters
Metafilter: the best of not on the web.
Metafilter: just common-whores
Metafilter: the gaze, the voice, excrement, etc.
Metafilter: Since You're An Asshole (And Rather Dim) I'll Be Leaving The Thread Now
Metafilter: Your 50,000-watt INTENSIVE CARE UNIT!!!
Metafilter: A giant echo chamber where discourse goes out the window and rants prevail.
Metafilter: link to pictures of male soldiers carrying guns inspires comments about how the soldiers are sexual objects. Hottttt cocks and guns! LOL hurf durf chauvinism! Insert clever drooling emoticon here.
Metafilter: Jump on the WTF Train here.
Metafilter: WANKING
Metafilter: persia is a CIA agent.
Metafilter: quips and boring-ass arguments from an AOL message board ten years ago
Metafilter: Monkeys with condoms.
Metafilter: People who happen to not be working during the day
Metafilter: Stone the backbiters!
Metafilter: your favorite anything sucks.
Metafilter: vanity and chasing after wind.
Metafilter: Bloody Virgins For Breakfast.
Metafilter: completely without merit
Metafilter: shrivel and die.
Metafilter: just vent a post full of bile
Metafilter: Kind of par for the course.
Metafilter: Conversation for its own sake.
Metafilter: one holy shit after another.
Metafilter: insecure in your manhood
Metafilter: A squibidy entity that flaorgs and horimets and that also vosroofgtrifu.
Metafilter: I'm thinking of the aristotelian or spinozistic concept of the universe
Metafilter: Jail........ you will get sick.
Metafilter: Finding flow in everyday life
Metafilter: Bump-bump-bump-bump-bump-BAMP-bemp