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Metafilter: it was much better before it went online, and before all the good posters left.
Metafilter: an in-depth analysis of how many "l33t hax0rs" claim to "0wn j00" and a brief discussion on the history of the expression "w00t"....
Metafilter: Where you go for one-liners. :)
Metafilter: explaining the difference between democracy and capitalism.
Metafilter: Your source for accidental porn.
Metafilter: Making Us All Grinches, One User at a Time!
Metafilter: not your father's illicit drug.
Metafilter: Not content in insulting everyone's political opinions, we move onto insulting their religious beliefs as well. Bravo, folks.
Metafilter: a discussion of the relative merits of Doric vs. Corinthian columns somehow morphs into a heated abortion debate...
Metafilter: Infantile like you read about.
Metafilter: politically rabid, sexually puritanical, hide in dark corner
Metafilter: I would like to spit on the person who wrote that copy.
Metafilter: Please re-read my very specific words again, then feel dumb.
Metafilter: Damn you, monkey!
Metafilter: you're wrong. no you're wrong!
Metafilter: more fun than watching paint peel off the wall
Metafilter: Boy HOWDY!
Metafilter: weblog as AA meeting.
Metafilter: where wishes can come true. :)
Metafilter: where hopes are dashed. :(
Metafilter: Project screaming blue.
Metafilter: the memepool it's okay to like.
Metafilter: Oh. Oh dear.
Metafilter: More-sensitive-than-thou
Metafilter: ?Our standards are so high, they're double!?
Metafilter: the community blog where you can't get a hug. Has it come to this, then?
Metafilter: Where denigration is the sport of kings!
Metafilter: You're wrong! No, you're wrong!
Metafilter: those willing to brave"?
Metafilter: lacking complex thought.
Metafilter: You have to talk about MetaFilter.
Metafilter: my anticorporation :)
Metafilter: the calendar!" Interested parties please call for appointments.
Metafilter: we're all as Other as the next guy.
Metafilter: Not Just About The Mouse
Metafilter: we're trying to have a society here.
Metafilter: if there's a nit to pick, some nitwit will pick it
Metafilter: Just flailing around out of control, my dead arms
Metafilter: Don't forget to duck.
Metafilter: Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battlestation!
Metafilter: Humorless Pseudo-Intellectuals It's OK To Hate
Metafilter: Collectively locating stupid people for quite some time now.
Metafilter: It's not random. It's complexity.
Metafilter: It's not random. It's lounge digeridoo with horses neighing
Metafilter: Hey Tiny Pea, What's The Deal?
Metafilter: You talk and you talk and say 'let me tell you something' and 'I just wanna say this'. Well, you're dead now, so shut up!
Metafilter: a genius idea that i plan on actually acting out.
Metafilter: "Don't forget to duck."
Metafilter: Where People Notice.
Metafilter: Don't forget to duck.
Metafilter: Less talking, more abortions.
Metafilter: bad tempered post followed by an apology and lack of caffeine offered as an excuse.
Metafilter: Professional Nonconformity
Metafilter: Nagivation should not come with disclaimers!
Metafilter: 20 cent ideas in a dollar world.
Metafilter: Come for the links, run screaming from the discussion.
Metafilter: You're wrong. No you're wrong.
Metafilter: Home of pre-teen nipple-sucking photos!
Metafilter: Religious tolerance? What's that? Only if you're islamic or something "exotic".
Metafilter: Indefinite war against a conceptual perjorative.
Metafilter: the most glorious of tushies.
Metafilter: WWF for bloggers. Paramania's runnin' wild in NYC!
Metafilter: lowbzilla emzilla
Metafilter: it's open season on everyone!
Metafilter: thinking about the children since 1999.
Metafilter: I think we're saying the same thing.
Metafilter: Don't Agree With Me? Troll.
Metafilter: We are pedantic about punctuation.
Metafilter: As Usenet as We Wanna Be"... So, you said something stupid in a previous thread, now you're gonna drag yourself (and everybody else) through it again in some lame attempt to save face, convince others, or both? Yeah. like either one of those things is gonna happen. Gimme a break. I'll say it, if nobody else will: a nice plate of pancakes would really hit the spot 'bout now.
Metafilter: Home of the Whopper. Over 3 billion served.
Metafilter: Putting the "wart" back in "swarthy"!
Metafilter: Just answer the question.
Metafilter: stuck in a temporal loop.
Metafilter: stuck in a temporal loop.
Metafilter: stuck in a comicstripbroom.
Metafilter: stuck in a temporal loop.
Metafilter: Enough with the broom already.
Metafilter: stuck in a temporal loop.
Metafilter: History Repeats Itself.
Metafilter: Twenty thousand served!
Metafilter: Educated Stupid.
Metafilter: What would Cicero link?
Metafilter: 24-7 whack.
Metafilter: Don't mention the war.
Metafilter: "Get Your War On (ELSEWHERE!)"
Metafilter: "Respond First, Read Links Later"
Metafilter: a.k.a. NewsFilter
Metafilter: Self-policing since 1999
Metafilter: much less death and ghosts and a lot more sex.
Metafilter: Sunday's always a good day to digress...
Metafilter: The junk 'n' stuff you find on the Web.
Metafilter: It is a hammer! It will drive you insane!
Metafilter: I just want to point out that threatening someone with a handgun is best done at a range of 8-15 feet.
Metafilter: having an asymmetrical cow.)
Metafilter: I can feel it shrivelling already.
Metafilter: Plus a dependency that causes those the furrow.
Metafilter: oceans of ass.
Metafilter: I cry *AS* I chop.
Metafilter: constant ridicule and heavy sarcasm
Metafilter: weblog as aggravation.
Metafilter: We don't Balkanize Maryland.
Metafilter: A Mormon can make you laugh on a regular basis.
Metafilter: turning dystopia into anarchic chaos!
Metafilter: Where we eulogize the dead while calling the living "scum".
Metafilter: I hate dryer lint!
Metafilter: Looking for a sweet, soothing tale to waft you toward dreamland? Look somewhere else
Metafilter: Pantload's Potty (TM)
Metafilter: most of the comments here, if not complete rubbish, at least misguided and uninformed.
Metafilter: We all hate each other.)
Metafilter: The Special Olympics of Internet Debate.
Metafilter: Everybody is a genius all the time.
Metafilter: the blunt tool of the dull
Metafilter: A glorious place to visit until you get closer and hear the shouts and rantings of the insane
Metafilter: The Telemovie is set to start pre-screening in February. Fascinating stuff!
Metafilter: What's your best idea for making money?
Metafilter: The Rhetoric Of Zealots Is Just A Click Away
Metafilter: You link it, you love it.
Metafilter: Hee hee! Hee hee! Ooh!
Metafilter: Architect baiting at its finest.
Metafilter: The usual trolling drool and catty comments.
Metafilter: videos of car alarms going off.
Metafilter: The Boob Bomb with the Boob Shrapnel
Metafilter: post-heroic and bored elites, intellectuals, and coffeehouse hacks, whose freedom and security are a given, but whose rarified tastes are apparently unshared and endangered. :-)
Metafilter: People are assholes, except for me.
Metafilter: Word To Your Challah.
Metafilter: facilitating the propagation of the literacy-enhancing virtue of the Internet medium
Metafilter: There will be no funny.
Metafilter: everyone's personal soapbox!â„¢
Metafilter: poking fingers where others dare not go????
Metafilter: Where every 25th frame is reserved for our new mind-control overlords.
Metafilter: It's all about me
Metafilter: read/peruse/jerk off all over it.
Metafilter: Making discernments which look absurdly granular from outside the affinity.
Metafilter: Long time poster, first time reader.
Metafilter: feeding the hand that bit us
Metafilter: Fantastic news horribly posted.
Metafilter: A posse of cock-turkeys.
Metafilter: when Yahoo's Most Popular just isn't enough...
Metafilter: we don't have enough pictures of Truman Capote around here.
Metafilter: So NOT trolling
Metafilter: I'll take it over bisquick any day.
Metafilter: always test the temperature with a finger before inserting your penis.
Metafilter: The New Slashdot! :P
Metafilter: is a closed community and allows new members only rarely. members must pass through a bizzare, bloodthirsty hazing ritual.... All the members know each other and they generally share the same political and cultural mentality....It is rumored that they are all clones, with slight mutations and genetic variations on the DNA of the founder...some have webbed feet and toes...they all reside together in a giant apartment complex in Albania engaging in group sex and bizzare occult practices with the legendary pornography star Cicciolina" ....
Metafilter: As good as the day is long, as long as the day is good.
Metafilter: You are cordially invited to get the hell over yourselves.
Metafilter: its so blue you will lose your appetite.
Metafilter: the Cartoon, but they're filling up fast.
Metafilter: Did You Really Mean To Link Us To The Church Of Satan?
Metafilter: No dinner until you produce a hit.
Metafilter: I make sure I to eat healthy.
Metafilter: Much more incestuous and masturbatory than some random and unrelated list of sites from across the net.
Metafilter: Motivating you to quit surfing and get back to work.
Metafilter: loosens your childish grip on reality, and then there's ice cream!
Metafilter: paranoid fantasies, speculations, derisions, insults and Internet din.
Metafilter: too lazy to protest.
Metafilter: Quantity, not quality!
Metafilter: Gandhi Would Call us Filthy Hippies.
Metafilter: From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.
Metafilter: we (don't) have umbrellas.
Metafilter: Right On!
Metafilter: Cult of the Not So Nice
Metafilter: it goes where it goes.
Metafilter: Last week's Drudge Reportâ„¢
Metafilter: bring them here, and we will mock them.
Metafilter: it uses Flash, and ends in death.
Metafilter: Love it or leave it.” Lunatic.
Metafilter: Love it or leave it.
Metafilter: Do you use it at work? you said Irrelevant, I say Probably
Metafilter: Type A to Type Z. With more "E's" than Scrabble.
Metafilter: Noone parodies us better than we do. Noone.
Metafilter: Self-Parody is the sincerest form of flattery.
Metafilter: "It's official, we've become a punchline to jokes."
Metafilter: It's like a reverse Jesus!
Metafilter: FUCK THE FRENCH.
Metafilter: Steve_At_Linwood: thank you for being a voice of reason
Metafilter: FUCK the voice of reason.
Metafilter: end the taglines NOW!
Metafilter: Google's Network Status Page
Metafilter: Are we discussing animal rights or blow jobs?
Metafilter: Home of the Big-Ass FPPs.
Metafilter: dial 123 for the Talking Clock today.
Metafilter: French of Speech
Metafilter: self-obsessed nerds banding together.
Metafilter: Now with more Poo!
Metafilter: I am morally culpable for this.
Metafilter: The navel contemplates it's navel
Metafilter: We meet cute girls in crawlspaces
Metafilter: Creeped Out By The Jesus
Metafilter: Over and over again: software glitches.
Metafilter: one only needs to look here for explanation.
Metafilter: The virus that shows varying levels of virulence!
Metafilter: All Aboard the Poop Ship
Metafilter: More easily nauseated than you!
Metafilter: what is it about the internet that makes people talk as if they're characters in a Kafka novel?
Metafilter: writing a work of collaborative conspiracy-theory fiction
Metafilter: A lot of experience with fake vaginas.
Metafilter: All of us masturbate - those who deny it are probably the most compulsive." Or is that too long?
Metafilter: All of us masturbate
Metafilter: Holy ass-chafing fuck. You shitmittens are just unstoppable, aren't you?
Metafilter: It'll have you vibrating in your chair.
Metafilter: Tinfoil hats and pancake overlords dished up daily
Metafilter: Assuming it had wheels, it would be a bus.
Metafilter: pent up mind jelly
Metafilter: Perhaps you would like to see my cling-film?
Metafilter: Might as well look your sexiest when you're helping the lord.
Metafilter: Like Fark, only a little more sophisticated.
Metafilter: Older than matter itself!
Metafilter: What the hell is this?
Metafilter: a virtual reality composed by oppressive machine-intelligences?
Metafilter: A Place to Plug Elephant(s)
Metafilter: The Reader's Digest of MetaElitism
Metafilter: getting to know you. Getting to know all about you (and then some).
Metafilter: I know for a positive fact that my girlfriend's mother owns a handgun.
Metafilter: Spiro Agnew Gators in his Grave
Metafilter: am i being stupid?
Metafilter: we licked once the plates of a Vietnam cow.
Metafilter: That's different and you know it.
Metafilter: Dunno what else to say about that
Metafilter: horrific violence in 6 comments."
Metafilter: Do you ever tire of this horeshit?
Metafilter: Detesting Overachievers since 1999
Metafilter: Opinions are like assholes.
Metafilter: Maybe I'm being naive
Metafilter: some good shit worth making a pointless "me too" comment about.
Metafilter: We post, you whine.
Metafilter: mathowie. It's why you hate america.
Metafilter: WEARS CLOTHES SNUGLY. Reads at a COLLEGE level! Uses BALLPOINT pens!
Metafilter: a bit trite, but the kung fu makes up for it.
Metafilter: Much too intelligent for film.
Metafilter: We don't read it for the plot.
Metafilter: Head over to the House Rabbit Society for tips on how to rabbit-proof your house
Metafilter: a glorious banquet of folly and bile.
Metafilter: Narrowing appeal since 1999.
Metafilter: not perhaps as altruistic as it may seem.
Metafilter: stale-that-only-yesterday-was-fresh
Metafilter: growing metaphorical seleniferous nuts since 1999
Metafilter: Not much proverbial dick-sucking over here.
Metafilter: suppose you get a thousand members of the genus Homo on a thousand keyboards, they're gonna come up with some idiotic stuff.
Metafilter: I'm way more arrogant than all of you.
Metafilter: Stop taking it personally, it's generated from keywords.
Metafilter: What the fuck are you thinking posting this rubbish?
Metafilter: For people smarter than you
Metafilter: Where threads are pre-derailed, for your pleasure.
Metafilter: someone smarter than yourself will be around in an hour or two to help you if you just make yourself comfortable.
Metafilter: go limp and enjoy the ride
Metafilter: Take off your shoes and touch my bum.
Metafilter: I'm not reading this. This is bullshit.
Metafilter: Friggin' art pussies.
Metafilter: Art or Crap?
Metafilter: an oral sex scene in Ebert's colonoscopy?
Metafilter: might make a good FPP; indeed, it was good enough for memepool
Metafilter: All Bush hate all the time.
Metafilter: It isn't the same as real life, but it's better than going it alone.
Metafilter: Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses.
Metafilter: usually there is a lot of groping going on.
Metafilter: Impotent, filthy-mouthed, illiterate flag-wavers.
Metafilter: The Department of Mean People with opinions on everything.
Metafilter: helping to make the internet shit.
Metafilter: sheer screaming indignity.
Metafilter: Winer is the guy who posts inflamatory comments in lots of threads, and Pilgrim is the guy who tracks down the one contradictory comment from a year ago, and posts a link to it, saying "Oh yeah?"
Metafilter: everything piles up on the left side.
Metafilter: A much better way to waste time online."
Metafilter: Behind the Site", on
Metafilter: Why ya'll have to be asses about it?
Metafilter: No, you don't need to finger my bunghole.
Metafilter: Are you just bloviating again?
Metafilter: Handbags at 100,000 paces.
Metafilter: No doubt someone's going to start complaining
Metafilter: Get your ejaculation soup here!
Metafilter: I'm sure that's probably true
Metafilter: You're morally deficient! No you're morally deficient!
Metafilter: Insufferable.
Metafilter: Smugger Than Fuck.
Metafilter: motivated to act contrary to your wishes.
Metafilter: Sheesh! Kids these days!
Metafilter: a kitten on a pike
Metafilter: The glass is always half-empty.
Metafilter: I have no dick, but if I did, it would be on the table now
Metafilter: You think it's freaky but it's not.
Metafilter: for every laugh there are five blushes, ten shudders & a vomit.
Metafilter: That's a lot of effort to see some raccoon-eyed chick sitting naked and huffing butts.
Metafilter: it's more addictive then smoking."
Metafilter: momentary scrotal tightening
Metafilter: The Movie project.
Metafilter: We suck at dating
Metafilter: unending threads eclipse daylight
Metafilter: Hell is other people.
Metafilter: With enough monkeys, anything is possible.
Metafilter: I just tea-bagged a hairy latino!
Metafilter: Actually very light-hearted.
Metafilter: down to the bottom on little ass-carts.
Metafilter: The packaging clearly says "Super Sticky"
Metafilter: several daily sessions of love-making.
Metafilter: Go around the testicles.
Metafilter: Why are fundamentalist freaks trying to destroy the dream?
Metafilter: When did you stop beating your wife?
Metafilter: When did Mark Knopfler stop beating Ted Koppel?
Metafilter: sowers of discord and schism.
Metafilter: Ultimately useless, but fun.
Metafilter: Your idea of humility isn't reasonable and I'll never buy it.
Metafilter: Hefty Pellets At Tremendous Velocity
Metafilter: Fuck 'em, Fuck 'em all.
Metafilter: Burying hatchets since 1999.
Metafilter: No gunk. No junk. Just juice.
Metafilter: Bush Is Wrong! No Bush Is Wrong!"
Metafilter: God took the bait
Metafilter: Have the laws of the pit been o'erthrown?
Metafilter: Less worst
Metafilter: More wurst
Metafilter: brat wurst
Metafilter: Weapons of Mass Wurst
Metafilter: The last link is the best!
Metafilter: a hip, edgy advertainment a day.
Metafilter: We can dream, though.
Metafilter: Showing the shit as it flushes away, since 1999.
Metafilter: "when in doubt, bring up the question of sandwiches again and again"
Metafilter: Plus a dependency that causes those the furrow.
Metafilter: Mushroom mushroom
Metafilter: Ideological Backhanded Slaps
Metafilter: We can even turn a hurricane warning political.
Metafilter: More than just a beverage.
Metafilter: it's all about the pants.
Metafilter: My therapist would be proud.
Metafilter: My therapist would run screaming.
Metafilter: "you should have taken the blue pill."
Metafilter: There's always a bigger dork than you.
Metafilter: Your favorite pop idol sucks
Metafilter: Combining commodity fetishism and Mac partisanship since 1999.
Metafilter: Bother bother bother.
Metafilter: more liberal than california
Metafilter: we're not suppressive, we're expressive
Metafilter: killing the web, one site at a time.
Metafilter: Where even blatantly bombastic exaggerations need to be quibbled with.
Metafilter: Don't discuss it like it's important
Metafilter: tiny, pointed noise.
Metafilter: like barf on top of puke : >
Metafilter: Fluffy, curly, mullety.
Metafilter: Changing your mind will come back to haunt you.
Metafilter: "I see your interior features and they are on the whole pleasing."
Metafilter: I went to high school with Fedtf Abvelfousrse!
Metafilter: Am I højt or not?
Metafilter: I swear I saw the buttock thing move.
Metafilter: Cultivating the Reptilian Brain Response since 1999
Metafilter: feral sheep
Metafilter: fewer O'Reilly viewers per capita than anywhere else in America
Metafilter: Living happily in its natural surroundings then *pow* its meat.
Metafilter: Lots of pretty flashes and bang-bangs
Metafilter: good fun as long, fuck it.
Metafilter: What, AGAIN?
Metafilter: a vagina by proxy
Metafilter: You pathetic bunch of whiney little petty bitches.
Metafilter: What we have here is a failure to communicate.
Metafilter: Nothing but a PENCIL NECK GEEK.
Metafilter: shitty than its ever been
Metafilter: nothing but conspiracy and bitchy posts
Metafilter: crashing sites since 1999. (At least as of 11:00 p.m. EST)
Metafilter: To the treasures!
Metafilter: putting a landlord hat on the landlord.
Metafilter: fuck you you fucking fucked fucker
Metafilter: Tsk, tsk, Humanity
Metafilter: bemoaning the decline of civilization since the advent of civilization.
Metafilter: The world's biggest juice boner.
Metafilter: This is a very good day for my body.
Metafilter: not anti-fuck, by any stretch of the imagination.
Metafilter: not just a hot meal and blowjob.
Metafilter: fuck fuck shit-fuck shit
Metafilter: Math lessons for the LAZY-fied
Metafilter: the best snark on snark action you've ever SEEN!
Metafilter: The gerbils have left the boardroom.
Metafilter: Passing the ignance.
Metafilter: here's your medal
Metafilter: where is the enlightenment?
Metafilter: The New Twelve Angry Men
Metafilter: More at Google News.
Metafilter: about 3/8" away from Fark
Metafilter: BOO!
Metafilter: Enlightenment-0-maticâ„¢, as I'm sure you're aware.
Metafilter: Up to your ass in lesbians
Metafilter: It's not Cheney's blowjob.
Metafilter: Like being back at school.
Metafilter: Blow jobs are RAD, murders are BOGUS
Metafilter: internment camp for depraved leftist Americans.
Metafilter: But if you were to clone humans who are basically brainless, I can see nothing fundamentally wrong with eating them.
Metafilter: Shit piss fuck cunt, asshole: Cock sucker, mother! Fucker ass hole?
Metafilter: That old cocksucker.
Metafilter: Try being original next time.
Metafilter: I fit snarkiness in a tagline.
Metafilter: Give your opinion. Get stuffed.
Metafilter: A lot of you are jerks
Metafilter: I hear it vibrates and dispenses pancakes.
Metafilter: always look under the cheese!
Metafilter: Someone should invent a burger condom.
Metafilter: Pesky Krill.
Metafilter: Conclusions first, reasons later.
Metafilter: a cookie basket taped to a hooker.
Metafilter: Done it.
Metafilter: Hey!
Metafilter: We're worth 15 Points.
Metafilter: We're in business to make money.
Metafilter: Your in the business of being fucked by us now.
Metafilter: magnificent navelgazing bastards.
Metafilter: Shining the light on this crap
Metafilter: a classic ethical dilemma that goes back farther than Arjuna's position at the opening of the Bhagavad Gita.
Metafilter: That funky monkey
Metafilter: Penii "R" Us
Metafilter: a quantum shift in the anomaly paradigm.
Metafilter: Please a litte less drama.
Metafilter: This is only one step beyond rambling and babbling.
Metafilter: just some asshole
Metafilter: Geniasses in parade
Metafilter: The Tectonic Upthrust of Islamic-Judaic goodwill.
Metafilter: whisky tango foxtrot?
Metafilter: where membership isn't
Metafilter: Now that you've climbed up there, it’s a lot higher than it looks, isn't it? Dumbass.
Metafilter: Because Pepsi makes you fat.
Metafilter: Or is it?
Metafilter: Defenders of the Boob
Metafilter: Turning typos into memes  ;)
Metafilter: there is some weird shit around us, for sure
Metafilter: There is no strange thing
Metafilter: You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
Metafilter: my tastes are more eclectic than yours!
Metafilter: WHY did that?
Metafilter: yes. Oh well, I'm used to it. Fire away.
Metafilter: multi-diminisional subjectibility.
Metafilter: We Could Sure Use A... Something in Our Mouths.
Metafilter: It's already been posted on Slashdot.
Metafilter: if only they knew of the strange penis-weightlifting display.
Metafilter: a pack of wolves who will descend up on you and rip you to shreads.
Metafilter: push it out and excrete!
Metafilter: Betting your mushroom research on better spores.
Metafilter: blah blah blah, I don't care.
Metafilter: a tiny bit overwrought.
Metafilter: a bit wordy. And really, really, really, really, really long.
Metafilter: Fuck it Dude, let's go bowling.
Metafilter: You're all so iconoclastic.
Metafilter: PressReleaseFilter
Metafilter: The Sad Demise of Genital Manipulation
Metafilter: interesting ... but not at all persuasive.
Metafilter: slogan setup?
Metafilter: Fark in a jar.
Metafilter: We're allowed opinions without the constraints of reality!
Metafilter: tastes discussing.
Metafilter: "It's not a cult - it's a collective"
Metafilter: Could have used some more zombies
Metafilter: Have a little fucking compassion you shitheads.
Metafilter: Go fling your poop.
Metafilter: Backed by googling and backed up by Google.
Metafilter: the specter sphincter of total annihilation.
Metafilter: There are an awful lot of ordinary people with truly shocking opinions.
Metafilter: as wrong as wendell
Metafilter: jumped the snark.
Metafilter: kids are asses.
Metafilter: purely out of desperation and a need for acceptance.
Metafilter: Log Onto it, And You Have Entered the Liberal-European-UN-Pacificist-Coward Triangle.
Metafilter: Involuntary micturation.
Metafilter: We'd rather watch
Metafilter: Crack one off for the Lord.
Metafilter: a Classless Firstclass.
Metafilter: I can ssh minx from snark.
Metafilter: Acute Time Compression
Metafilter: Tastes like headaches coated with bug blood.
Metafilter: It's Not Necessary to Spit Out Every Thought That Enters Your Mindâ„¢
Metafilter: all we're asking is that people please try to refrain from tying kids to cars.
Metafilter: focusing on your various genitalia.
Metafilter: The truth that we don't want you to know.
Metafilter: me en my frends go to the homo places and kill before they over croud the welfair rols.
Metafilter: Weblog as Conversation.
Metafilter: I played with it for a quite a while and didn't see any NSFW pictures)
Metafilter: Snarky!
Metafilter: He's totally not doing it right.
Metafilter: Get the ambulance, my stomach fell out.
Metafilter: catching the rising winds of xenophobic hatred
Metafilter: a great place to escape, and take naps, and shoot animals from.
Metafilter: Mr. Fusion ate my baby!
Metafilter: ................
Metafilter: You don't have to be right, as long as you're proper.
Metafilter: they smell blood and are eager for a scalping.
Metafilter: the frenulum was ripped and some of the tears continued slightly along the prepuce.
Metafilter: you shouldn't stay for breakfast.
Metafilter: Kissishly Liberal
Metafilter: muggers and monkeys are rampant
Metafilter: 27 meg download - some swearing
Metafilter: lined up in neat little turtle-esque rows.
Metafilter: sacrificing the rest of your body.
Metafilter: obviously fake.
Metafilter: sitting in a closet is not gay if a hurricane is coming your way.
Metafilter: Not Chihuahuas or china collections.
Metafilter: The Onion just isn't funny.
Metafilter: Been here so long, I've got to callin' it home. (had to do it)
Metafilter: Have a sense of irony and 20 minutes handy before clicking.
Metafilter: because I hate your <whatever> and I just can't keep my pompous fucking mouth shut.</whatever>
Metafilter: lots of dumb people outsmarting the experts.
Metafilter: the crowd PLUS a filter.
Metafilter: "my knuckles looked like hamburger".
Metafilter: beer-swilling, ass-kicking hick-filter
Metafilter: chicken soup for the soul.
Metafilter: a favourite thriller of "alternative health" adherents
Metafilter: You are all sons of bitches.
Metafilter: Long, but worth it.
Metafilter: See? Its my motto.
Metafilter: jonmc likes better music than you (and the best of the web, if there's still room)
Metafilter: Wow, we suck the joy out of everything here!
Metafilter: Spraying a loose rhetorical mush.
Metafilter: Deliberately Obtuse since 2004.
Metafilter: like the nypost of the 30's
Metafilter: Writing to your audience
Metafilter: Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.
Metafilter: Whooshing over your head like shit through a goose.
Metafilter: Remember when they whipped poor Jesus?
Metafilter: On preview, you're right and I'm wrong.
Metafilter: There may be axes in our heads.
Metafilter: inflammatory and mocking since the turn of the century
Metafilter: Be Good to Tools.
Metafilter: completely un-ironic use of the word "pinkko".
Metafilter: That isn't a silencer
Metafilter: surgery as conducted by Theodoric of York, Medieval Barber
Metafilter: We've seen the movies, read the books, bought the magazines, listened to the records (AD Infinitum), debated the lists, and revisited the lists, and the records, and the magazines, and the books, and movies and someday we hope you'll withdrawal your heads from your arses so you can see that the sun does indeed set these days.
Metafilter: "we're prone to chronically over-rate the opinions of others" (Schopenhauer)
Metafilter: You got my joke. That's cool. L8R!
Metafilter: flying like a moth to Michael Moore's flame.
Metafilter: where you post something about chocolate dipped pork, and someone gives you the etymology of "Ukraine" before anyone can say "ewwwww."
Metafilter: dance furiously in the disco place
Metafilter: now with brown marshmallows.
Metafilter: I am a blue morphic deer.
Metafilter: 15 fucking seconds on Google
Metafilter: I thought I'd made a nuanced post...
Metafilter: Oh fucking quit it with the goddamned _______________ posts
Metafilter: Frustrated with the apparent ignorance that seems to pervade the US
Metafilter: My Natural Diaster Can Beat Up Your Natural Disaster
Metafilter: straw men battling stone turds.
Metafilter: More common than ugly squirrels fetuses.
Metafilter: If you like nuclear and bombs and hate
Metafilter: Self-affirming collective suppression of the invididual opinion
Metafilter: If its mainstream, then its CRAP!
Metafilter: My browser can beat up your browser.
Metafilter: Your Favorite Webcomic Sucks.
Metafilter: there is a big difference between thinking and reporting
Metafilter: keeping as many liberal and pacifist a-holes inside, so they do the least amount of damage possible in the real world
Metafilter: Meta [white
Metafilter: Let's reinforce stereotypes with pseudo-scientific surveys!
Metafilter: Very effective against nude attackers.
Metafilter: A paean to the joy of improvisation, the can-do ethos of porn and a nod to its sheer ubiquity.
Metafilter: Still smelling like cat pee
Metafilter: النجاح الحقيقي هو أن تصبح أفضل إنسان تستطيع أن تكون عليه â„¢
Metafilter: don't let's start
Metafilter: street cred with the Jeez-meister.
Metafilter: too cool to care.
Metafilter: living in the future since 1969
Metafilter: Your snack food nether region.
Metafilter: blah blah etc" I've seen yet...
Metafilter: Keep your pathetic, propoganda-soaked cranium above the effluent.
Metafilter: Pleasure and distress, fear and courage, desire and aversion, where have these affections and experiences their seat?
Metafilter: An Explosion of Useless Crap!
Metafilter: Go fuck yourself, darling
Metafilter: Spoon fed since 1999.
Metafilter: kinesthetic intelligensia - of teh keyboard
Metafilter: the special forces of snark
Metafilter: In Which Evil Itself Is Emerges
Metafilter: the first I've ever been called both a "neo-con" and "vaguely socialistic."
Metafilter: one big parade of sad clowns.
Metafilter: I Know it's Partisan Crap
Metafilter: Keep those motherfuckers away from me.
Metafilter: This thread reads like a pissing contest.
Metafilter: we beep or mute most fucks, and I've only seen two cunts get through.
Metafilter: There IS crying.
Metafilter: Winning sales for Matt Drudge everyday
Metafilter: Is it actually worth responding to, or would that just be seen as encouragement?
Metafilter: We report, you decide!
Metafilter: Saving you a trip to CNN
Metafilter: bringing people together so they can more easily make bizarre generalizations.
Metafilter: your an ignorant person whom has no concept of intelligence and it's intention.
Metafilter: down where your nuts hang
Metafilter: it's just like riding a wire fence.
Metafilter: How easily the lingua franca of bushco bullshit infiltrates our lexicon.
Metafilter: I don't like you and I'm going home.
Metafilter: My cat's breath smells like cat food. Now I must be going.
Metafilter: This date is bad because I have no imagination of my own.
Metafilter: you dirty little whore.
Metafilter: fine: I can read it...or not.
Metafilter: Leave my shit the fuck alone!
Metafilter: please don't insult our inteligence
Metafilter: I am just reaching out
Metafilter: I hope that you carry a spare pair of underpants in case you see The Family Circus.
Metafilter: Sorry, I have nothing constructive to add.
Metafilter: My work here is done. amen.
Metafilter: Proof 4 year olds shouldn't be allowed to vote.
Metafilter: see anything formillier in each post???
Metafilter: some mistakes you walk away from...others you don't.
Metafilter: Proof 4 year olds shouldn't be allowed to vote."). A snark once in a while one thing, making a career of it is another.
Metafilter: It hates all of you
Metafilter: Seriouser than Cancer.
Metafilter: Your Opinions Are Wrong
Metafilter: they're just stupid and it doesn't extrapolate to other people.
Metafilter: your Rasputin news network.
Metafilter: get into a froth
Metafilter: sounds like pretentious twaddle?
Metafilter: Always think of something interesting to say. Otherwise, spend all morning searching the archives for a duplicate post, or at least be the first to reply.
Metafilter: You'd be better off with pepper spray.
Metafilter: contributing to the inevitable annihilation all along.
Metafilter: These are not tears. I am vomiting from my eyes.
Metafilter: Home of the Handbangers Ball
Metafilter: 1. Me: 0. Let's move on.
Metafilter: it IS the NYT.
Metafilter: We have swift boats.
Metafilter: Entertaining ourselves via terrorism.
Metafilter: No Use For Linnwood Styled Logic Here.
Metafilter: Fierce Boobies
Metafilter: midwestern gentility meets endless Talmudic pilpul
Metafilter: We shit because we care.
Metafilter: The gooiest mass of buttery substance to ever go down my throat.
Metafilter: 50 tons of mustard gas and a turkey farm.
Metafilter: exercises in logical masturbation
Metafilter: Grasping at Straws
Metafilter: Shoot the messenger.
Metafilter: This isn't the place for your opinion.
Metafilter: If you'd prefer to not know anything, stop reading now
Metafilter: It doesn't suck, that bad.
Metafilter: You insolent fucknozzle!@
Metafilter: This car should be classified as a warcrime.
Metafilter: shitty greedy people (except aacheson, whom we all love)
Metafilter: trust no one.
Metafilter: Fucking Mother Theresa.
Metafilter: "Great. Now people have to bend over and pick all this shit up. Why couldn't she just direct deposit the money into our checking accounts anyway? Fucking bitch."
Metafilter: Pikes for everyone!
Metafilter: what is going on with that steering wheel?
Metafilter: We don't need to feel your pain, we have enough of our own already, but thanks!
Metafilter: like getting dick-whipped with America's Wang.
Metafilter: The whore fuck is the purest fuck of all.
Metafilter: Ad hominem guaranteed or triple your posts back!
Metafilter: It's all about the bling and the booty dancers
Metafilter: stoned slackers vs besotted fucktards
Metafilter: please stop saying "ass-rape"
Metafilter: I'll Push Your Buttons, You Push My Buttons and A'Warrin' We Will Go
Metafilter: Sorry, the baby jeebus told me this is wrong. You must stay blind. Have a nice day.
Metafilter: There are just a lot of stubborn people.
Metafilter: LINKS! I must have LINKS!
Metafilter: we should all spend more time thinking about elephants.
Metafilter: Logically Evil!
Metafilter: One stoning is too many.
Metafilter: my buttons are, er, kind of tender right now
Metafilter: Because every thread dissolves into a discussion of itself.
Metafilter: uphill both ways.
Metafilter: pansies and fellow travelers of Islamofascists
Metafilter: mentioning Godwin is the new Godwin.
Metafilter: A bunch of us Yoopers around, apparently
Metafilter: cultural scab-picking.
Metafilter: like a cheap whore punched in the stomach by a fat man with sores on his face
Metafilter: OMG, THIS THREAD ROXORS!!!!!!
Metafilter: you appear to have forgotten that stupid in-jokes are "the new wit".
Metafilter: Two wrongs make a Right.
Metafilter: shovel, revolver, aspartame
Metafilter: the Anti-Nob
Metafilter: I am fully prepared to rant about this.
Metafilter: Your RDA of drummer jokes and faith-based cockfaces?
Metafilter: The worst dyspeptic can drink it with impunity.
Metafilter: Don't be a criminal, and you won't have any problems.
Metafilter: It doesn't work in any of my fucking browsers. Oh wait, it needs flash.
Metafilter: Drop $50 on a rubber vagina and give the rest to charity or something.
Metafilter: Plumbing the depths of pathetic net conspiracy theories with great gusto.
Metafilter: You're wrong! No, YOU'RE wrong!)
Metafilter: We're All Fucked.
Metafilter: I prefer to hate with an enduring passion each and every person who cast a vote for Bush
Metafilter: not simply a contract wherein two people can legally give each other orgasms.
Metafilter: Let us make it even more sectacular
Metafilter: slips out on the trail of slime that follows it wherever it goes.
Metafilter: a raving moonbat, an insane lunatic white-supremacist frothing-at-the-mouth speaking-in-tongues lizard of a human being with a flat, disaffected gaze like that of a congenitally brain-defective pig on meth.
Metafilter: Further polarizing the polity
Metafilter: there is no real punchline.
Metafilter: where the underinformed disagree about things they don't understand.
Metafilter: If you squint real hard, you can pretend you're reading penthouse letters
Metafilter: for no sexual orgasm.
Metafilter: Last years meme. Today.
Metafilter: I am fairly confident this is complete bullshit.
Metafilter: Are you a plant?
Metafilter: This is Getting Tiresome
Metafilter: It's important that you live the next 24 hours as a black woman.
Metafilter: Done taking anyone seriously ever again.
Metafilter: Real-Time Biological Natural Gas Generation
Metafilter: Even goatse doesn't bother me.
Metafilter: This site would be a great idea if the discussions involved fewer twelve-year-olds.
Metafilter: a wonderful experience and worth the miniscule intellectual effort.
Metafilter: For Shear Fun...)
Metafilter: you're never going to be as clean as you were 5 minutes ago
Metafilter: No, you're wrong!
Metafilter: The secret is Low standards
Metafilter: What about the fingerprints?
Metafilter: God likes panda poop.
Metafilter: It would be cooler if it didn't suck so bad.
Metafilter: Shooting people from a clock tower since 1999.
Metafilter: The Internet fucks up everything.
Metafilter: Fuck My God? Fuck your God!
Metafilter: Just to let everyone know
Metafilter: faced with a cruddy culture
Metafilter: No.
Metafilter: worse sex than the fundies
Metafilter: To create more amusement, we suggest that goat be manipulated by persons wearing burlesque costumes.
Metafilter: Laziness and rudeness combined.
Metafilter: Get your fuck trophy the hell off my lawn!
Metafilter: ideal speculation
Metafilter: holy group necro-bestia-pedo-coprophilic matrimony
Metafilter: we live in the bright, vivid light of our incandescent dirty dreams.
Metafilter: It's not all sexy goth librarians.
Metafilter: This is so completely stupid.
Metafilter: Please join us in our unqualified hatred.
Metafilter: until I IMDB'd "Zbigniew Brzezinski"...
Metafilter: bigger than the Mafia
Metafilter: the scarlet whore of babylon.
Metafilter: Idiot? Sad? HERO!
Metafilter: So what's with all the acrimony?
Metafilter: pushing a button under the scrotum
Metafilter: beyond obvious--not the other way round.
Metafilter: We are all become Seth.
Metafilter: No Geocities sites.
Metafilter: This is not funny
Metafilter: cocksuckers.
Metafilter: You can ream me at the meetup.
Metafilter: lots of intentional blankness
Metafilter: where we think only smart people should have rights (and of course we're the smart people, right?), and when you show us a story about beaten-around old people we criticize the writing style. "It's all about community!"
Metafilter: Where we link to random crap, and then whine about it
Metafilter: Just type something in to see how it works.
Metafilter: Call out the constable.
Metafilter: That'll do, pig. That'll do.
Metafilter: I am offended, therefore I am.
Metafilter: Unfocused loathing.
Metafilter: blessed are the pine-smelling
Metafilter: It's insane, this site's taint.
Metafilter: pro marijuana and pro torture
Metafilter: naive and facile
Metafilter: Now available in cream.
Metafilter: From Drudge to the Front Page in Two Clicks.
Metafilter: Das ist der Klang des Biests.
Metafilter: It's the reason I'm such a bitter and maladjusted adult.
Metafilter: It's not about Iraq. Or is it?
Metafilter: I hope I catch you doing this. It would be worth you doing this, just so I could catch you doing this.
Metafilter: lecturing on how you should feel.
Metafilter: Like regifting but with more fruitcakes
Metafilter: Steve likes that.
Metafilter: I do not WANT to be exposed to regis.
Metafilter: Maybe it’s something that would be stuck in my toilet...
Metafilter: The antepenultimate experience!
Metafilter: Go peddle your dangerous heresy somewhere else.
Metafilter: this kind of thing tends to veer from the Extraordinarily Vague to the Blindingly Obvious.
Metafilter: Quakes and Tsunamis and Leftist Babble
Metafilter: Going on television tomorrow night, strangling a puppy with its bare hands, and visibly obtaining orgasm as a result of doing so.
Metafilter: clutter the likes of which only blowing up universes can purge
Metafilter: Could beat cancer (or Superman) with enough prep time.
Metafilter: Lots of stuffy and offensive people everywhere)
Metafilter: Don't tell.
Metafilter: I liked you before you sold out.
Metafilter: troll by comment 5 or your money back.
Metafilter: A bunch of asses, but no trolls.
Metafilter: Kiss My Magnificent Celtic Ass.
Metafilter: you wouldn't want to read it aloud to your mom, your boss, and a judge.
Metafilter: Let's hear it for the perineum.
Metafilter: You deserve no naked.
Metafilter: Infinite loop
Metafilter: Infinite poop.
Metafilter: Intimidating our foes into expecting the worst.
Metafilter: OOhh look, something shiny!!
Metafilter: and it IS Friday.
Metafilter: Boobies and Gorillas!! What could go wrong?
Metafilter: Last weeks news, this week.
Metafilter: some random guy's ass at the bar
Metafilter: How can this shit possibly matter one iota to anyone?
Metafilter: Like Fark, only not so highbrow.
Metafilter: I Laughed, I Cried, I Fudged My Undies
Metafilter: An Incubator For Terror
Metafilter: politics ruins everything, and conversations are always shit when politics is even remotely a subject.
Metafilter: politics ruins everything
Metafilter: Enlarged, Glowing Belly.
Metafilter: we have our priorities in order, and some of us even know how to follow-up with supplementary links!
Metafilter: An abundance of arguable alliterations, asshat
Metafilter: Quoting from the Motherfucking Link
Metafilter: There ain't much more stupid to go...
Metafilter: gayness mostly comes from there.
Metafilter: It's a Crack Baby...Fool!
Metafilter: Like an abortion plastered all over the internet
Metafilter: I've yet to see or hear an argument that compels me to think differently.
Metafilter: heavy emphasis on sin
Metafilter: That sweet bloody apron whence comes the salami.
Metafilter: should stick something in it and see what happens
Metafilter: Learn to make fun of Christians. Have seen folks meditating with their hands like that.
Metafilter: An open letter to the administration criticizing their actions.
Metafilter: It's About Mormons and Lesbians
Metafilter: A group of kids on E fiercely petting their live puppy
Metafilter: A Natural Solution for a Tighter Vagina
Metafilter: More lost in space than Leonard Nimoy in the depths of a valium binge
Metafilter: poop-slinging fest
Metafilter: This is all covered in Knuth, and we don't have time to go over it again.
Metafilter: Shame on you all
Metafilter: Myers-Briggs tests on candidates
Metafilter: Porcupines, Trolls and Other Online Vermin.
Metafilter: Come for the wings, stay for the racist rants.
Metafilter: good to stick a noodle in that!
Metafilter: Teating the blade, dude, teating the blade.
Metafilter: These are indeed cool goats.
Metafilter: Blibberty flabberty liberal handouts bubberly flubberly commie welfare liberal liberal tupperware!
Metafilter: Decadent " Detached From Reality.
Metafilter: be free of the karmic burden of American criminality.
Metafilter: snobs " the uber-snobs who snub them
Metafilter: My god. The randroids are at it again.
Metafilter: the so-so of the web
Metafilter: Fuck it, here's some puppies.
Metafilter: Just like Daily Kos
Metafilter: a thread about a thread about a thread
Metafilter: shoot 'em all and let God sort it out.
Metafilter: like, but with ponies.
Metafilter: This shit is great. I want some cock.
Metafilter: frequent small chunks. Mmmm... chunks.
Metafilter: it haunts your dreams.
Metafilter: Now there is a giant foot coming out of my navel.
Metafilter: get the nails and some lumber. The sins of the world aren't going to redeem themselves, you know...
Metafilter: Enjoy a perspective on things condemned to the dustbin of history.
Metafilter: You might not want to reveal your lack of intelligence while attempting to demonstrate you know what you're talking about.
Metafilter: taking my gaggle of fags to the straight parts of town...
Metafilter: Today is Get Hysterical Day
Metafilter: Online video game bullies.
Metafilter: Google's viral marketing playground.
Metafilter: Google's viral marketing playground.
Metafilter: the best worst of the web
Metafilter: why don't you go choke on George Bush's dick?
Metafilter: Pfffrt! Pfffrrrrt! Pfffrrrrrrt!
Metafilter: Hitting Reload Like a Meth-Addicted Rat.
Metafilter: You need to see new nipples. I will turn my back so Kendra can show you her nipples.
Metafilter: You I need to see new nipples. I will turn my Will you turn your back so Kendra can show you me her nipples?
Metafilter: Giving him many nipple twists.
Metafilter: they don’t do this in England.
Metafilter: Tiny people who've got no place else to go
Metafilter: Stupid pet tricks for humans.
Metafilter: Jizz-relocating plumbing apparatus.
Metafilter: Free Bacon every Wednesday for Whorelords!
Metafilter: Petty Snipes is my great-great-grandpappy, and I'm offended that you're offended dios.
Metafilter: Davejay
Metafilter: it's like we're all back in 9th grade again
Metafilter: we care who dances in car ads.
Metafilter: free publicity for Kottke
Metafilter: they come for the snark, but they stay for the dogma.
Metafilter: could you guys not derail pls?
Metafilter: [ bringing the craploads since 1999
Metafilter: Answering the phone to find out who is calling.
Metafilter: Testicle Stretch with the Possibility of a Crushed Face.
Metafilter: the mask that unmasks.
Metafilter: Michael Gorman can suck my blog!
Metafilter: there goes turning my paper in on time
Metafilter: Don't be a pie biter.
Metafilter: Women who trick men
Metafilter: Induce cognitive dissonance.
Metafilter: Metafilter!
Metafilter: Eat it and eat it hard.
Metafilter: Where Zombie Pauline Kael eats it hard.
Metafilter: Like the Homeless, Talking to Stumps
Metafilter: With all due respect, you're insane.
Metafilter: Please don't do these things here
Metafilter: a link bonanza
Metafilter: never dance a quarille unless you know the steps.
Metafilter: Everything's a competition.
Metafilter: run with the power, ruuuuun with the power, run...! [splat
Metafilter: A Latvian hootenanny.
Metafilter: Tripping Over Jesse Helms at Armageddon
Metafilter: Stuff it Metafilter, that is nothing but a derail. Stay on task and we might actually have a debate.
Metafilter: Find a post. Rock it, with a solemn expression.
Metafilter: The Dork Side of the Force
Metafilter: an opportunistic...oh, never mind.
Metafilter: Fuck you you intolerant bastard.
Metafilter: Plugging Up Your God-Hole
Metafilter: We had things under control!
Metafilter: A celebration of international, cheap attention-whoring.
Metafilter: Kenya Believe It!
Metafilter: Suck squeeze bang blow
Metafilter: go to google news
Metafilter: slower than Metafilter at lunchtime.
Metafilter: They have anonymous sex, gay bathhouses and gay mardi-gras.
Metafilter: Self-validation by minutiae
Metafilter: Seriously good for you. Science says so.
Metafilter: Let's continue our study of the greatest boners of all time.
Metafilter: One big ubervagina rendering it all very boring.
Metafilter: No matter what you go through, you have self-confidence and you believe in yourself, and everything's fine.
Metafilter: Wow, you're so cool. Can we hang out with you.
Metafilter: I figure it's about the best thing on earth.
Metafilter: Banging your soft penis with the hammer of truth.
Metafilter: ostentatiously featureful!
Metafilter: This statement cannot be made any less hot.
Metafilter: too deep for hip-boots.
Metafilter: Poking holes in other people's nerdery.
Metafilter: No Fat Chicks Jokes
Metafilter: I am not good at the internet... great post."
Metafilter: What a great service. Let's see how fast we can break it.
Metafilter: rising temperatures, rising decibles. the personal, the political.
Metafilter: Now you know why koalas aren't important
Metafilter: are you just upset that it came out of my mouth?
Metafilter: Gently hugging the shaft
Metafilter: Created by Cosmic Cat Farts
Metafilter: You're a freaking idiot.
Metafilter: No amount of reasoning, no matter how solid, can protect you from pitchforks.
Metafilter: this book, the letters don't glow?
Metafilter: not for resuscitation.
Metafilter: If you read Fark, Kottke, and Yahoo News, you've read 80% of what gets posted here lately.
Metafilter: because they are both retarded
Metafilter: We are all children in the arms of Chivas.
Metafilter: It's not your job.
Metafilter: tell it to your cheeseburger.
Metafilter: beat the dead horse)
Metafilter: Shakes Fist, and Shorts Tropicana.
Metafilter: We've got a big bottom to scrape.
Metafilter: I pissed in the sink for a week.
Metafilter: it came up, hit my ass, then went back down the toilet.
Metafilter: I was fat and smelly and kids made fun of ME! And I ain't no Injun!
Metafilter: the worst of the web
Metafilter: Argumentum AD verecundium, dammit.
Metafilter: Most everything between France and Portland is a gigantic blur.
Metafilter: like freebasing rasins and exlax
Metafilter: That should be sufficient punishment.
Metafilter: Borrowed Bubblegum
Metafilter: your source for kitschy, awful music.
Metafilter: thanks for both the hearty approval and mocking scorn
Metafilter: I might need an intervention.
Metafilter: Rare like rainbows
Metafilter: an extended chain of stupidity .... no wait....
Metafilter: Some said wtf, others said dude!
Metafilter: spewing earth-jizz all over the solar system.
Metafilter: Can you gay that up a bit?
Metafilter: This isn't high school.
Metafilter: I thought that was going to suck, but it was actually kind of funny.
Metafilter: FUCK YEAH!
Metafilter: employed by early hominid tool makers
Metafilter: Christ, can't you save your outrage?!
Metafilter: off, by and for
Metafilter: a localised (focal), unintended, simultaneous activity of agonists and antagonists.
Metafilter: Strap-on Extrapolation
Metafilter: Your new source for weeners links.
Metafilter: Anyway, who doesn't want to see Danza dick?
Metafilter: not being all gung-ho about the anal or whatever.
Metafilter: masturbating with no hands
Metafilter: The more I read this thread, the more I clutch my crotch.
Metafilter: Hypocrisy when it suits us.
Metafilter: Sooner or later, out pops the cloven hoof.
Metafilter: Everything is Retarded.
Metafilter: these guys could fuck up a fifteen ton iron ball.
Metafilter: (slack-jaw/vacant-stare)
Metafilter: As you can imagine, technique is everything
Metafilter: shut up i hack you
Metafilter: I LOL'd and read it to my girlfriend in the shower
Metafilter: clear, human-looking, content
Metafilter: I want you to wreck it.
Metafilter: A very liberal, even radically so, quantity of hot splooey.
Metafilter: We post things.
Metafilter: Purges the taint of the day
Metafilter: The monstrous evil is unfathomable.
Metafilter: Not until you make me a sandwich too.
Metafilter: We Can't Stop With The Taglines oh god please help us
Metafilter: Your face I don't mind pressing a little.
Metafilter: an almost metaphysically-grounded group of online self-prescribed critics and curious progressives.
Metafilter: Do as you like. Join us, or spend the rest of your life wondering about what could have happened if you had the courage to do it.
Metafilter: What do you got to lose? I mean, you can just leave the orgy metafilter if you don’t like it.
Metafilter: jonmc has isolated the human condition.
Metafilter: no one is going to leave the orgy.
Metafilter: (everything from) Dongcheng to "douching." !
Metafilter: We can all come together over asses
Metafilter: You don't need a time machine to masturbate.
Metafilter: a convenient excuse for the languishing of lust?
Metafilter: By the way, alll your ancestors were alcoholics that cheated on their wives.  : >
Metafilter: It's easy to snipe from the safety of your computer room
Metafilter: Some of you are idiots). Just had to preemptive get that out of the way.
Metafilter: It's when the left- and right-wingers became such goddamn pussies.
Metafilter: Anal is huge
Metafilter: Yes. We're getting all Florida on our own arses.
Metafilter: Land of the Rising Pun
Metafilter: What you just saw on BoingBoing, only with smartass remarks attached
Metafilter: Taking the Piss Through Ironic Foucaultian Subtextual Analysis Slash Performance Art.
Metafilter: If you were the Baltic Sea and I were a cup
Metafilter: Club the little whelps like seals.
Metafilter: The perfect antidote to maudlin sentimental posturing.
Metafilter: MANPILE!
Metafilter: Swallow it like it was chocolate covered awesome.
Metafilter: Do the math, fuck face.
Metafilter: An Unsolicited Finger Up The Anus.
Metafilter: Slum Lords of the Internet
Metafilter: It's all a load of rubbish, isn't it?
Metafilter: I hit myself in the nuts.
Metafilter: Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.
Metafilter: already predisposed to the supervigilant (some might say paranoid) detection of theofascism
Metafilter: Don’t expect to see a Tim Burton movie if you’re a Goth.
Metafilter: I am extraordinarily pretty.
Metafilter: You people are talking about truth
Metafilter: Would you rather be Paul Krugman or David Lee Roth?
Metafilter: For the war but against the troops.
Metafilter: A light strike on the blasting cap.
Metafilter: anti-corporatism is so 2003.
Metafilter: I feel icky, sticky and blue
Metafilter: hidden in a secret passage under the Temple Mount
Metafilter: End of bloody discussion
Metafilter: No, I'm not a Jew, nor are you me while having sex.
Metafilter: I'm lucky if I can snort coke off a hooker's ass even once a month.
Metafilter: The Terror Chicken
Metafilter: Making new shit as we see fit and loving it.
Metafilter: It's like letting the pool guy caress your inner thigh.
Metafilter: Showing us all what smart little boys they are.
Metafilter: Your favorite Slashdot's recap site
Metafilter: Clean Urine Online.
Metafilter: You are the weakest link, OY VEY!
Metafilter: Ignorance is God’s gift to Kansas
Metafilter: a result of a billion years of wind and erosion
Metafilter: heyy gurl ur hott do u got other pics holla at me sumtime
Metafilter: medicated cream for the itch.
Metafilter: Why do dogs lick their dick?
Metafilter: take a single sentence and balloon it into its own little world
Metafilter: Never talk to feds without presence of legal counsel.
Metafilter: Yelling and assy tones
Metafilter: NOOOOOOO!
Metafilter: Like dry-humping a supermodel while completely anesthetized inside a wet suit. Since 1999.
Metafilter: I'm trying to be polite, but it appears that my intentions are being misconscrewed [sic
Metafilter: Feed them marshmallows all day, they'll throw up and then come back for more.
Metafilter: Couldn't we...
Metafilter: this post cost me $5
Metafilter: typically humorless
Metafilter: like an ice cream headache in my soul.
Metafilter: our own damned loins
Metafilter: What the fuck is wrong with clgregor?
Metafilter: Made of tickles and rainbows.
Metafilter: Alternatively!
Metafilter: You'd rather be working maybe?
Metafilter: a spear wound is survivable.
Metafilter: The world's authority in blackness.
Metafilter: What is the sound of one post sucking?
Metafilter: Love in a time of crunk
Metafilter: Best of the Slashdot?
Metafilter: Jesus Fuck.
Metafilter: Not quite as bad as Stalinist tyranny.
Metafilter: Whatever your issue is, I'll stick to the big stuff
Metafilter: Cravin Moorehead
Metafilter: Flinging Poo
Metafilter: Would you have preferred a nice, simple "go to hell"?
Metafilter: you can RPG it.
Metafilter: And the walls come tumbling down?