How the FAQ, Guidelines and Policies Were Developed

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In November 2009, Metchat users engaged in a long discussion about the site's purpose, history, and direction. The discussion was mostly carried out in two threads:

As those threads were winding down, taz decided to become Advisor and Admin Emeritus and began developing a new admin/moderator team, who agreed to hold the post for at least one year.

That team began to develop guidelines by culling through the "introspection" threads for important community concerns and shared ideas. Those ideas, stripped of username data and clustered into topic areas formed the source material for the guidelines and policies.

Over the course of several months between January 2009 and May 2010, the guidelines were written, shared, discussed, and edited by the moderator team until all were in agreement. The version posted is current as of May 2010.

Notice that the guidelines were up and running was posted to MetaChat on 23 May 2010.

Source Material for Guidelines and Policies