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Most of your questions will probably be answered by the the MediaWiki documentation which you will find here with the most useful page being here. I've provided a quick start guide just to get you started as quickly as possible.

Quick Start Guide

How do I login?

You need to be a member of Metachat. Simply use the same name and password that you use to login to the Metachat site.

How do I edit an existing page?

  • Click the "edit" link to the right of the section heading (prefered method) or click the "edit" tab at the top of the page
  • Edit the text
  • It's recommended you click the "Show preview" button to check it's OK
  • If you're only making a small change (such as correcting spelling or layout) then tick the "This a minor edit" tick box
  • Click "Save page"

How do I add formatting?


''Italicised text''

Result: Italicised text


'''Bold text'''

Result: Bold text

Bullet Points

 *Bullet one
 *Bullet two
 **Sub bullet
 *Bullet three


  • Bullet one
  • Bullet two
    • Sub bullet
  • Bullet three

Numbered Points

 #Item one
 #Item two
 ##Sub Item
 #Item three


  1. Item one
  2. Item two
    1. Sub Item
  3. Item three

How do I add a link?

A simple link is like so:

[[My Document]]

Result: My Document

You may want the link label to be different from the link destination in which case it's like so:

For more information on my document, [[My Document|click here]]

Result: For more information on my document, click here

It should be noted that links are case sensitive so My Document is a different destination from my document

For more information on adding links, click here

I want to add a page

Simply edit a page and add a link. For example if you want to add your new page add it's name in double square brackets like so:

[[My Document]]

Save the page and you'll be taken to the newly modified page. Click on your new link and you'll be presented with an editing page where you can type the contents of the new page.

Note: All uncreated pages have red links - click on them to create the page

Keyboard Shortcuts

Edit Alt + E
Search Alt + F
History Alt + H
Preview Alt + P
Save Alt + S

IE may require you to press Enter after using these shortcuts

Cheat Sheet

Help:Cheat Sheet