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Metafilter: your Cheerios are everywhere ???
Metafilter: like Usenet, without the idiots."
Metafilter: Vacuum all your undies?
Metafilter: some people like being whipped with barbed wire
Metafilter: I Don't Mean To Be Flip
Metafilter: I like passing unfair judgments on people
Metafilter: Your Guidebook to Life
Metafilter: Home of the MetaPeople.
Metafilter: right up there with Queer Eye for hygiene tips.
Metafilter: "I'm 4-F!" "No, I'm 4-F!"
Metafilter: Grow claws. We'll help you.
Metafilter: Googling our pants off.
Metafilter: You'll need to bring your own feather
Metafilter: scarf that shit up
Metafilter: stretch your stomach in preparation
Metafilter: a Psychiatric Case Study of the Interweb</u>
Metafilter: The Ghost-to-Ghost Hookup.
Metafilter: Poo of the eye!
Metafilter: Identifying French cartoons about alien hornets since 2003.
Metafilter: Willingness to be inconvenienced
Metafilter: where all the high-octane raptors are buried.
Metafilter: I'm very confused as to what has transpired here.
Metafilter: being swarmed with morons at 30,000 feet.
Metafilter: okay, awkward.
Metafilter: Snoods are not an option.
Metafilter: Because You Can't Find Without Us.
Metafilter: [Warning: Ass Crack]
Metafilter: that creepy shoulder freckle that basically grows a pube
Metafilter: Elitist, Marxist windbags that everyone else wishes they could be.
Metafilter: Because I'm a great big geek.
Metafilter: the usenet you dreamt of.
Metafilter: Sort of like a firm, fishy flan.)
Metafilter: We're afraid of moths.</strong>
Metafilter: Stupid preview vs. post character entry eating fuck-all.
Metafilter: all directions are south.
Metafilter: cheaper than a private eye.
Metafilter: a group of trannies who are in and out at all hours of night
Metafilter: Not your friends, not a cure-all, not perfect.
Metafilter: my only friend.
Metafilter: Spider Jerusalem is missing his bowel disruptor.
Metafilter: don't fuck with the swirlie
Metafilter: the best place to publicly make a fool of yourself
Metafilter: Wiping the internet from back to front.
Metafilter: Your only resource is a good cockpunch
Metafilter: if you believe yourself right and are unwilling to call them wrong then you are a coward.
Metafilter: I never knew I wanted to know that.
Metafilter: Haughey, Haughey, lama sabachthani?
Metafilter: Costs more than scientology and it's less amusing.
Metafilter: I found it easier and more productive to kill people, steal their money, and hide until the heat came off.
Metafilter: Better than humans.
Metafilter: I don't want to be typecast, and I don't want to be insulted. People whom I respect here have said they hate each and every Bush voter. Gulp. I'd have preferred to answer anonymously. But what the heck.
Metafilter: Crises of Nomenclature
Metafilter: Buzzword Markov chains.
Metafilter: If you have an accommodating female and an adventuresome male, anything is possible.
Metafilter: Just one more hit of the crack pipe.
Metafilter: Now whole sections are filled with mystical dragons and shit.
Metafilter: Wrap it in bacon! Hehehe.
Metafilter: Getting people riled up into a pedantic frenzy.
Metafilter: The dead are rising.
Metafilter: who knows when a giant horde will come shambling after you
Metafilter: I fried my feel-o-meter!
Metafilter: Thoroughly Depressing Me About My Chances to Ever Find Love
Metafilter: Holy fuck that sucks.
Metafilter: What should I do in Las Vegas? (December 2003)
Metafilter: Blinking Marvellous
Metafilter: This alarm clock... it vibrates!
Metafilter: Would definitely pay for this place. It's been a usual daily link of mine for years. Even more so now with askme. I come to the green more than the blue these days.
Metafilter: answering the questions I was afraid to ask when I was 8.
Metafilter: blah blah blah in-joke, but with limited success so far.
Metafilter: duh duh-duh duh duh duh duh duh-duh duh. And repeats.
Metafilter: do I really need glasses?
Metafilter: adventurous and selfish and easily distracted
Metafilter: time to sort out the bat clitoris question for once and for all.
Metafilter: good for you, but not delicious
Metafilter: I had no idea people farted this much!
Metafilter: Disciples of the Green Rectangle
Metafilter: Passionate about fonts.
Metafilter: There's always another stiff on the pile."
Metafilter: Because the person I peed on had just happened to throw up all over the carpet.
Metafilter: </b> no fish in the sink.
Metafilter: a mature, well-known algorithm.
Metafilter: Dumb enough to buy mint chewing gum instead of hash.
Metafilter: </b> Nobody should have to feel like Mrs. Roper.
Metafilter: I'm cocky and I know it.
Metafilter: sincerely discussing a subject that leads to certain social death.
Metafilter: purely hypothetical
Metafilter: Spray fake pantyhose on my face.
Metafilter: My Body Is A Germ-Fighting Ninja
Metafilter: What Can't I Find on the Internet(s)?
Metafilter: ass buttons get pressed on a regular basis
Metafilter: Consider that you are mixing up being smart with being 'geeky'.
Metafilter: a thousand tiny hands massaging your crotch.
Metafilter: You can only watch daytime TV on narcotics for so long.
Metafilter: Purchased in Virginia
Metafilter: It Makes Me A Little Bit Smarter Everyday.
Metafilter: a locus of insanity.
Metafilter: no probability left unscrewed.
Metafilter: Forgive the randomness of my inquiry.
Metafilter: I have an irrational fear of someone throwing something at my groin.
Metafilter: as a journalist I was taken into Slartibartfast more than once
Metafilter: You've never had intercourse? Definitely give it a try.
Metafilter: Freaking indignant. But politely.
Metafilter: lubricant options include cooking oil, candle wax and Astroglide.
Metafilter: to check the web to find out if I should grab my postal carrier's ass for a job well done.
Metafilter: (price is not a concern)
Metafilter: The plural of anecdote is not data.
Metafilter: What's with International Caps Lock Day?" It's a holiday for those brain-dead imbeciles, on the outside chance one of them ever gets a job.
Metafilter: a holiday for those brain-dead imbeciles, on the outside chance one of them ever gets a job.
Metafilter: I finally settled on sending a link to my daughter to see if she got it.
Metafilter: So, so very sorry
Metafilter: If I should have made this perfectly clear, it entirely would have been not my fault.
Metafilter: "Sounds like fun! You definitely need to explore this further and act out your fantasies. Fetishes can be normal!"
Metafilter: letting you know your wife is a bitch, but in a *helpful* way
Metafilter: Almost any of jzb's band names.
Metafilter: Is holding a hand grenade with the pin half-pulled, and it can't let go.
Metafilter: I come to that opinion largely unencumbered by facts or research.
Metafilter: "'hard but better' "!
Metafilter: the promise of the web, fulfilled on a very small scale. :)
Metafilter: At last, business is entered by heavy artillery.
Metafilter: I hope we can chat again under more amiable terms.
Metafilter: You're just a mouth saying words.
Metafilter: Your country sucks.
Metafilter: I make exception for random strangers on the internet.
Metafilter: hillbilly meditation
Metafilter: an orgy of dismissal
Metafilter: still there are comments that I just do not understand
Metafilter: but you're probably getting pretty bored at this point so I'll just continue.
Metafilter: What's your favorite color?
Metafilter: Costly, but huge and worth it).
Metafilter: Christ Jesus almighty on a hotdog bun.
Metafilter: How do you answer the dreaded question "Do these jeans make me look fat?"
Metafilter: Please stop being interesting!
Metafilter: a dab or two of vaseline on the old... nah, nevermind
Metafilter: What collaborative filtering should have been, but isn't.
Metafilter: the most interesting buttword I have seen to date.
Metafilter: Big Enough for a Giant Anteater!
Metafilter: every cock's as unique as a snowflake
Metafilter: Repeatedly sucking water into the duck, shaking the duck and expelling the water, shit-like, into the sink.
Metafilter: inject yourself with a high dose of intravenous benzodiazepines.
Metafilter: "Come ON!!!"
Metafilter: hit yourself in the crotch for me
Metafilter: the moon is about 250000/93000000 the diameter of the sun.
Metafilter: sadlonelypeoplewithtimeontheirhands
Metafilter: where advice is cheerfully given to spies in training.
Metafilter: It's about Math, Sex, and War.
Metafilter: You're oh so very wrong. (No, you're oh so very wrong!)
Metafilter: why can't I type right?
Metafilter: Feeling Less Alone
Metafilter: I had no idea it was a physical thing.
Metafilter: they all played until they collapsed because it was wired into their brains' pleasure centers.
Metafilter: "Something all over my whatever!"
Metafilter: ringing a bell made of agony.
Metafilter: warms your balls.
Metafilter: I & hearts ; y'all.
Metafilter: they kicked someone's butt, I dunno who but it involved pirates so it was awesome.
Metafilter: Your blowjobs may vary.
Metafilter: Protecting Paragon.
Metafilter: Savoring the drama.
Metafilter: This is the most weirdly touching thread.
Metafilter: gravity tends to leak out of our brane
Metafilter: lymph node of the internet's immune system.
Metafilter: Smell of face powder completion!
Metafilter: it's the only way to be sure.
Metafilter: to soy beans as Apache were to buffaloes: Every part is used, nothing goes to waste.
Metafilter: Because paulsc knows everything.
Metafilter: When You Can't Afford a Real Focus Group.
Metafilter: your favorite NICU sucks.
Metafilter: because paulsc really does know everything.
Metafilter: We've got answers even if you don't know what the question is.
Metafilter: I also think they would understand that I wasn't calling him a Nazi personally.
Metafilter: Fantastic buns are NOT optional.
Metafilter: A sticky little butt spatula thing that you make an anusprint on.
Metafilter: You guys don't know him, that's the point of metafilter.
Metafilter: Sausages from Heaven
Metafilter: Woz Wuz Here
Metafilter: stimulates your poor colon to pump and squeeze like an earthworm on crank
Metafilter: "Should I talk to my friend before dating his ex?" the answer might have been different.
Metafilter: where things are only understood in terms of black or white.
Metafilter: consuming random substances because they "heard it was good for them".
Metafilter: I'm white, and I'm offended.
Metafilter: 500 ways to evict a stubborn tenant?
Metafilter: Explicit but tastefully done, with illustrations.)