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04 May 2022

Stuff I did. (With music.) I had to run to a bank to deposit a cheque so I went out about 11:30 PM. On the way back to the house I passed a bar where 4 folks were out front having a smoke. Someone recognized me. (fuck)[More:] I am quite face blind and did not recognize them (a couple male and female) but after a moment I could make sense of it and realized I had worked with them doing security at a bar called South Detroit (a joke based on this song).

They weren't married then but are now. I had a cigar in my pocket so we hung out a bit and they bought me a couple of beers and a shot of CC. (It now belongs to Beam Suntory but it is still made just down the road from me.)

Things are different now with COVID but for decades our downtown on Friday and Saturday nights was filled with 10 to 20 thousand students from Detroit area taking advantage of the lower drinking age in Ontario. Pack 6 or 8 people into a motel room and hit all the bars on the downtown strip.

The couple were there the first night, a Friday, I was on and the place was packed. Security leader went off for a moment and left me out front. Some 'old' lady came up. I don't really know but she could have been mid 80s or a rough looking late 50s. Hard to pin down. She got in my face and pointed over my shoulder and started screaming about how she owned the building and the folks running it were ripping her off.

I just keep making nice agreeable noises and she just keeps screaming. Mental illness or drugs? I don't know. I just want her to protect herself and move on. Nope.

Old man across the street (street closed to traffic and is pedestrian only at that time of night) stops and yells at her 'bitch' 'whore' type stuff over the heads of the younger party people. Yeah great. He comes over and they start yelling at each other. Neither seem really likely to come to violence so I am happy they are yelling at each other rather than me.

And here comes 30ish yelling guy and he gets into it. Really? After a couple minutes I spot 3 cops coming down the street on bikes and I try to break my little group up. 'It's the cops get out of here!'

No they did not listen and heed. The cops were good and patient but the whole thing took close to an hour to sort out. That same time a guy doing security a block down the road was gut shot by a guy he refused entry to on grounds of impairment.

I made sure my wife did not find out about that.

So an odd night tonight. What you all up to?
I prefer this video of that song because . . . well I won't say why, that way nobody can argue with me.

I too work in a place that attracts yelling people. There were some yesterday. Even when I agree with the politics I get so tired of the yelling.

On the bright side, I have a brand-new little nephew, born just yesterday.
posted by JanetLand 04 May | 08:08
WooHoo! New nephew!
posted by arse_hat 04 May | 10:47
Our weather is in its very brief agreeable stage. Not sweltering and not cold. I and kitties are enjoying spending time out in the kitty kompound on the evenings that I'm home.

They flushed a snake on Monday, and were careful to stay (hopefully) far enough away while harassing it. I broke up their game and ushered it away.

I seem to have better luck at being a bouncer/security.....heh.
posted by mightshould 04 May | 18:58
I finally managed to find someone to finish off my kitchen (my first builder went awol, leaving me with a half-finished wreck). It took ages to find someone reliable, but this guy is a proper old-school geezer who's been in the trade for 40 years. He's not cutting corners, and it's all starting to come together. Two more weeks and it'll be done.

In other news, a dog bit me today - twice! It was with a couple of other dogs and two women, and it ran past me then ran back and bit me on my calf, shaking his head from side to side. I screamed at the owner "he's biting me!" and she said "Oh. He's never done that before". I told her to get him on the lead, but he ran off, and then ran back and bit me on the other calf. Luckily I had on my hiking pants and they are thick and he didn't break the skin, but it hurts like a mofo and I'll have some lovely bruises.

The dog still wasn't on the lead when they walked off with him.

I reported it to the forest constables but without any details of the owner, there's not much they can do.

On Sunday I'm going to a 60th birthday party. My friend has rented a cinema, he's showing a film that will be a surprise, and the dress code is that you have to wear a hat from a movie. I have one from a fairly obscure (but favourite) film - the fedora (I know!) that Sam the Pickle Man (played by Peter Riegert) gave Izzy (Amy Irving) when he was wooing her, in Crossing Delancey.
posted by Senyar 05 May | 13:20
Hooray JanetLand's new nephew, hooray Senyar's nearly finished kitchen!

And arse_hat, this:
had to run to a bank to deposit a cheque so I went out about 11:30 PM
reminded me so hard of so many things I miss about living in Canada. I currently live in a fairly calm and law-abiding part of the Bay Area but I wouldn't even consider heading out in the middle of the night to deposit a cheque.

If I had to pick a movie hat it might be that black beret that the girl with the blue umbrella and pageboy haircut wears in Gregory's Girl. I'd bring the umbrella, too.
posted by tangerine 05 May | 14:38
mightshould, I have had many things come to visit me and the cats but never a snake.

Senyar: congrats on the kitchen but damn I hate shitty dog owners.

I could have deposited the cheque on my phone but I am trying hard to walk everywhere when I can. I just need to get some more activity in.

As for a movie hat.
≡ Click to see image ≡

This would work as a tuque and dark glasses is how I look a good part of the year.
posted by arse_hat 05 May | 14:58
I Think we could all use this, || This made my day. (tiktok video)