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14 November 2019

Hey y’all, I’m sitting in a Good Time Sportspub Eating & Drinking Plave in Randomville, Virginia, on a work trip. Something about the convivial atmosphere is making me think of you. How are you? Who’s still checking in here? How ya doon’?
Hi! Hope the work trip is a good one.

Odd that you should ask. I was just sitting here thinking about writing something about how much I miss what this place used to be and how I have all but removed myself from the Internet.

Much has been going here.
posted by arse_hat 15 November | 00:12
I'm fine. Been thinking today about how fortunate I am. I'm so relieved Brexit has been postponed and I'm steering clear of all the election nonsense. My constituency has a 25,000 Tory majority, so I know my vote isn't going to make a scrap of difference to the outcome. This is a relief for me, as I don't need to invest too much energy worrying about how much my vote will count. If I was in a marginal constituency, I'd be pounding on doors and leafletting like mad. I still shout "Oh, fuck off, Boris!" every time that twat appears on TV, and then I change the channel to a cooking show or something.

I've had no heating for the past couple of weeks, as something went wrong with the boiler. But I grew up in a house with no heating at all, in the Peak District of England, where we used to get frost on the inside of the windows. My hot water is working fine, I have a fan heater which I use sparingly, as it's really expensive to run, and I've been curling up on the sofa with a blanket and one of those grain bags that you heat in the microwave. So the situation is tolerable until next Tuesday, when I get a new boiler fitted. We're not below freezing yet, so although it's chilly, it's not too cold. Rudi doesn't care, his fur is lovely and thick.

I just had a few days holiday in Dorset, which was lovely. I got talking to someone one day who was incredulous that I'd go on holiday by myself. Well, if I've got no-one else to go with, what am I supposed to do - stay home? It was great exploring a new place, and I saw the Cerne Abbas Giant, who I've always wanted to see. (You're not allowed to walk on him any more though, because people were having picnics - or sex - on his willy!)

I have a ton of work to do in the garden. One of the upsides of living in the forest is being surrounded by trees. One of the downsides of living in the forest is being surrounded by trees in the autumn. I have so many leaves to clear up, and I also need to tidy up all the summer plants that are at the end of their season. So, all being well, there'll be a few days with no rain (ha! It's been Biblical in places in the UK recently) so I can get into the garden and do some work.

I had a fox visit me yesterday, so I hope he or she becomes a regular visitor. They are such beautiful animals, and it is we who have encroached on their territory, not the other way round.

So, life is good at the moment.
posted by Senyar 15 November | 07:28
OMG fox! That's so cute. I love them.

Also, the holiday sounds great. I love traveling by myself. It's very freeing and you can always do just what you want. people who knock it should try it!

I miss what is used to be too, arsey. A lot about the way things have gone is sad.
posted by Miko 17 November | 11:25
A holiday alone can be just fine. I like a holiday with my wife but when I was single I really preferred not to have to accommodate someone else when away.

That fox is very cute. He is not an issue with the cat?

Leaves! I want to know where places like Home Depot and such shoot the fall commercials showing people blowing and raking nice dry crumbly leaves. Every November I get sodden masses that weigh about 25 kilo a bushel. (mixing measurements there.)
posted by arse_hat 22 November | 00:34
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