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20 October 2019

No Brexit Much yelling[More:]so wow.
It's fucking devastating. They will force this through, this removal of my citizenship, taking away myriad rights we've fought so long to have, giving us employment protection, the right to travel, live, be educated and work in any other EU state, to be entitled to health care in all EU states. The UK will be so vulnerable to exploitation. We are no longer a power by ourselves, and haven't been since the end of WW1.

I am already stockpiling dried and canned food, as I don't have a freezer and so if there are food shortages I will be able to survive on rice, beans, pasta and tomato sauce. Luckily I'm not on any medication - trade blockades and shortages will cost lives.

Just imagine if this was, say, Kansas which decided that it would no longer be a member state of the union - its citizens needing visas to cross into Missouri (or any other state) even just to visit, unable to work in any other state without a visa, tariffs and taxes imposed on all goods coming in and leaving Kansas, needing to negotiate trade deals with every single market in the world, finding your cellphone doesn't work outside of Kansas any more, etc. etc.

Fuck Boris. Fuck the fucking Tories. Fuck them all.
posted by Senyar 20 October | 10:59
Over the last few years has the government been doing anything other than Brexit? I have to believe some other business is getting done but all I have seen and read has been Brexit all the time.
posted by arse_hat 20 October | 12:58
It's been business as usual, in terms of continuing with implementing austerity measures that have been ongoing since the Tories came to power - so cutting public services, NHS, benefits, etc. They've actually done nothing about Brexit. They've had over three years and are now at the 'doing your homework on the schoolbus' stage.
posted by Senyar 20 October | 14:00
The entire brexit debacle is incomprehensible. They don't care one whit about the citizens.

It's so much worse than the worrying about Y2K (remember that concern?) Now what's happening is pure evil intent and leaving regular folks to try and figure a way to survive the unknown, when part of the benefit of a functioning government is to protect and provide stability.
posted by mightshould 22 October | 08:22
I don't get why it's been pushed, as it seems such bad policy. You'll lose citizenship? that's appalling.
posted by theora55 22 October | 15:53
...when part of the benefit of a functioning government is to protect and provide stability.

Yes, well, you need to remember that a functioning government is exactly what modern conservatism (both in the UK and US) is dead-set against. Government is the great satan, and it must be defeated and rendered impotent and useless. So long as the UK remains in the EU, though, deconstruction of social safety nets and services cannot be fully carried-out due to various agreements and rules. Thus, Brexit. Once Brexit actually happens, the Tories will roll-out the guillotines and behead pretty much anything that doesn't profit the wealthy and connected. Killing itself off may well be the last "effective" thing government does.
posted by Thorzdad 23 October | 09:46
I don't get why it's been pushed, as it seems such bad policy. You'll lose citizenship? that's appalling.

It's because the Remain/Leave referendum swung in favour of Leave by a tiny majority. Even though people voted on the basis of blatant lies (e.g. we send 350 million a week to the EU, which is money that will instead be spent on the NHS. That was proven to be a lie during the Referendum campaign, yet there are people who still believe it. A huge number of people also voted because they thought it would 'stop Muslims coming to the UK' - remember this was when there were thousands of refugees from Syria seeking asylum in Europe. Again, utter nonsense. Asylum seekers have zero connection with the EU.

17,410,742 voted to leave the EU and 16,141,241 to Remain. About 72$ of the electorate voted, with 51.89% voting to leave the EU and 48.11% voting to stay.

A significant number of people who voted Leave died since June 2016 (as older voters tended to vote Leave), and there's a whole generation of people who've reached voting age since 2016 who had no say in what will happen in their future. Not one person born in 2000 has had any say in a decision which will impact on their entire lives.
posted by Senyar 23 October | 14:18
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