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12 August 2019

A good tradesman is work his weight in gold. [More:]

It 102F when I left the office this afternoon. When I got home I noticed it was 81F in the house. I called my friend who does AC work and thankfully he dropped by at the end of what must have been a very long day for him, at 8 pm. By then it was up to 87F in the house.

He quickly diagnosed and repaired a burned out fuse. He checked the coils and found they were clogged with dust, which probably drove the fuse to failure. He rinsed out the coil with my hose, put everything back together and went on his way.

I love my AC guy.
For all the talk about coding and branding and so on, people with mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC skills still keep us from dying of cold or heat or filth.
posted by arse_hat 13 August | 00:30
Yep, my guy Ray is a gem. He does everything, plumbing, carpentry, electricals, building.

But a few years ago when my upstairs neighbour had just bought the Neighbour From Hell's flat (with help from her wealthy dad, Pete), the guys who were refurbishing the place, a pair of brothers, fell out with each other and left the job. Pete asked me if I knew anyone who could finish the work and I hooked him up with Ray and his crew.

Pete was so happy at the quality of Ray's craftmanship that he's given him loads of work ever since, as Pete has lots of rental and business properties. But this means Ray is so hard to get hold of these days. He should be grateful to me!
posted by Senyar 16 August | 11:04
Yes! Finding a great handyperson to do all the difficult things is one of the most difficult parts of any home repair project. And the great ones get so busy.

Around here everyone is still making storm related repairs after 11 months. And even the unreliable repair people are too busy.
posted by mightshould 18 August | 10:23
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