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27 April 2019

Caturday 3-point update [More:]
1. The 25C temperatures we enjoyed over the Easter weekend have been replaced by gale force winds and 7C. I blame myself - I bought a garden parasol and as a result I've jinxed the weather.

2. I'm going to see Sweet Charity today - it's my favourite musical. I love the music and the story resonates with me - the young woman from the wrong side of the tracks who's trying to make a better life for herself. It's an early birthday treat from a good friend. We're going to the matinee, so we'll have plenty of time for an early dinner afterwards.

3. I'm getting over an infection, for which I'm taking both anti- and pro-biotics. This is the first time I've needed to see a doctor for almost two years. I consider myself lucky to be in relatively good health, but tbh, I could have all sorts of things wrong with me and never know. The UK healthcare system is reactive, rather than proactive, with very little screening (I get a mammogram every 3 years, that's all) and no budget in the NHS to enable GPs to provide annual check-ups for patients. But at least I'm not on a cocktail of drugs to manage my health. I could stand to lose weight, but I walk a lot and usually get my 10,000 steps in every day.
1. New cat has come around. A blue gray cat with a clipped ear so it's part of the TNR program here. The weird thing is it is very domesticated. Clearly it was raised with humans. The folks in the house across the alley want to take it in so I hope to get it to them in the next few days.

It came up to me for scratchins and Ginger came and slammed his butt against my leg. 'I need attention too! Don't forget about me!'

2. I wake up each morning and hope for a species ending event. Lets let the other animals have a chance.

3. The tax people, to borrow from Beavis and Butt-Head, suck, blow, bite, chew, spew, and hurl!
posted by arse_hat 27 April | 16:33
OH OH OH! Can I add a fourth? Well I will anyway.

I quit Facebook last year. I kept my account open just so no one could take it and use it to pretend to be me for fraud but I deleted everything from the 12 years or whatever.

I went back today to see if there were any messages in the past year and there were over a hundred. All of them invites to stuff. Not one person has noticed I deleted my presence.

I left because the site is a threat to the public good and a danger to personal safety but I was worried I would lose personal connection to people.

I know I made the right call to quit because clearly it was just a time waster.
posted by arse_hat 27 April | 17:34
1. Sweet Charity was fantastic. I've always loved that show (and the movie, which I saw first). The theatre is tiny, so sets were very creative. The cast were great The actor playing Charity - Anne-Marie Duff - isn't the best singer, and she's certainly not a dancer, but she captured Charity's vulnerability and outer bravado perfectly. Dadddy (in "The Rhythm of Life") was played by Adrian Lester and his voice made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The company was diverse, and included a very zaftig woman and a trans woman, and because it's a small theatre, they all played multiple roles. Our seats were right up in the circle, but we still had a great view. It was brilliant.

2. I was sneezing yesterday and thought it was all the dust stirred up by Storm Hannah (it was really windy yesterday). But today I woke up with a razor-blade throat. As I'm on antibiotics, I can't take my usual high-strength zinc to knock it out (the label on the antibiotics specifically says don't take them with any zinc preparations). But I finish the antibiotics today, so I can start on the zinc later. This is, of course, scientific proof that colds are caused by a virus rather than bacteria, as otherwise the antibiotics would have prevented it.

3. Rudi is the best boy. He likes to spend a lot of time outside, and his favourite vantage point is on shed roofs. When he's indoors, his favourite sleeping spot is on my bed, as long as I'm not in it. He'll curl up with me for a while, but the first time my foot touches him, he's off. I'm glad I got a cat who is so different from Bailey and Lucy. He is his own man, and has strong opinions about what he does and does not like.
posted by Senyar 28 April | 02:55
Yea Rudi. Ginger used to be a roof cat but he now looks like one of those guys who live at the weight lifting beach in Venice CA. I'm sure he is strong enough to launch himself up to a roof but I am afraid he might break something jumping down. I think he is too as he no longer haunts roofs.
posted by arse_hat 28 April | 16:13
Senyar, I hope you feel better soon.

arse_hat, I always love hearing about the kitties. I agree about taxes!

1. Still trying to coordinate moving and packing my mom. The new move date is 5/11, and I am so lucky to have a partner that is willing to drive a 15' truck 4 hours to move my mom, *again* (this is the third or fourth time?). This is full of frustration and anxiety.

2. We went to New York! Saw Hadestown, Coney Island, Central Park (from carriage). It was fun - I was very glad to be home, though, there were a lot of people.

3. We're going on a trip out west soon - Albuquerque, Santa Fe (Tinkertown, MeowWolf), Yellowstone.. I'm excited! Lots of driving, but there is so much to see out there!
posted by needlegrrl 29 April | 07:51
1. What seemed like massive allergy attack for the last three week; I've now come down with the Cursed Crud. Added to the uncontrolled coughing is copious green snot-thick mucus slugs. (Sorry about that descriptor)

Everyone else who's had it spends 4 weeks fighting it and another four weeks with a cough. So. That's the only update. Just need to share a whine.

Cool news about the new kitty arse_hat! And glad Ginger is ok with things. The tax system is an evil force when things go awry.
Hugs to essexjan and needlegirl.
posted by mightshould 29 April | 11:09
mightshould, I hope you feel better soon!
posted by needlegrrl 29 April | 13:10
So sorry to hear that mightshould. Hope you're 100% soon.
posted by Senyar 29 April | 17:05
Damned American election talk. || The Private Life of a Cat.