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01 December 2018

Holiday treats I just had to buy a box of this chocolate covered cherries...[More:] and I just ate 2 of the things. Not so much good as .... compelling; and a thing that says seasonal treat.

Glad I got that out of my system.
Rosemary made a chocolate mint bark. That's been the seasonal start here.
posted by arse_hat 01 December | 22:49
The missus is about to embark on her annual holiday candy-making binge. Many pounds of innocent chocolate shall be melted-down in tribute to the season.
posted by Thorzdad 02 December | 08:55
This is my first vegan Christmas, so I've been searching out vegan treats. Some, of course, have always been vegan, like the Dutch Windmill cookies that I love.

This year I won't be eating the mini butter stollen bites from Lidl (one of our German supermarkets). But Aldi (also German) sells vegan stollen in apple-cinnamon and cranberry-orange flavours, as well as the plain marzipan. I also bought some Lebercuchen (heart-shaped soft gingerbread cookies with apricot filling covered in dark chocolate) which are accidentally vegan too.

I also have some lovely treats of marron glaces, figs in chocolate and orange cookies to eat over the holidays.
posted by Senyar 02 December | 14:39
We have Aldi here... I wonder if the American locations carry German treats? Iíve been meaning to check the store out anyway.

I had my first egg nog of the season last week. I love it a couple of times a year, but any more than that and it becomes sort of disgusting.

If we are also talking savory holiday treats, tonight I made my annual Chanukah dinner, which included latkes, brisket, and matzoh ball soup - yum! And jelly donuts (a Chanukah tradition) for dessert.
posted by amro 02 December | 21:34
US Aldi should have stollen and oblaten lebkuchen (iced & chocolate-covered gingerbread), at least.

My goal is to avoid the holiday treats, though I did have a few miniature milk chocolate snowmen right after Thanksgiving.
posted by sysinfo v2.0 02 December | 21:59
These are the spiced windmill cookies which are so delicious.

And these are the gingerbread hearts with apricot.
posted by Senyar 03 December | 16:58
posted by amro 04 December | 09:50
I definitely recommend trying out the oblaten Lebkuchen that sysinfo links to. I grew up in the NL with Lebkuchen around christmas. They define kerstmis (as in: light, warmth & cheer in the heart of winter) for me so very much.

Ha! 'spiced windmill cookies'. That's very very Dutch. Here speculaas is more associated with St Nicholas eve (Sinterklaas) though: Dec 6th. But I'm sure it's great with any december festivity. :-)
posted by jouke 04 December | 11:29
Belatedly Sad Bunny - RIP Gman/Gabe || Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer