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18 November 2018

So, what are we watching on TV these days? [More:]My taste in TV shows runs to the trashy. And I can't wait for my favourite TLC shows to turn up on TV here. We always get them a few months after the USA, and then I can't join in on the snark on the fan forums. So on Monday evenings when I get in from work I find a stream of the latest iteration in the 90-Day Fiance franchise. Currently it's the OG 90DF, but I also like Before the 90 Days and 90 Days: What Next? I have no shame. And it takes my mind off the catastrophe of Brexit.

I'm afraid I gave up on The Good Place. It just got a bit too silly for me, and I don't particularly like the characters enough to want to stick with it. For a comedy fix I re-watch The Office (the US one). Seasons 2 and 3 are perfection.

I've loved Better Call Saul since Season 1, and I think it's better than Breaking Bad. I'll be sad when it ends, but the transformation of Jimmy into Saul is almost complete, so it's reaching its natural conclusion. Bob Odenkirk is a wonderful actor.

Over the last week I watched The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. Scary as f**k. All those glimpses of nearly-hidden ghosts, so clverly done. The Bent-Neck Lady episode nearly destroyed me.

'Tis the season of the feel-good Christmas film. You know the ones - the cynical divorcee returns from the big city to her podunk home town for Christmas and there's some hot widower who ends up making her realise that what she really wants for Christmas is lurrrve. There's nothing nicer on a cold, wintry afternoon than a couple of Lifetime Christmas films.

So, what's on your TV planner at the moment?
Well, mostly trashy! While I enjoyed 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days with Darcy and Jesse; Rachel and John, and the rest, I'm having a hard time enjoying the latest batch. I feel sorry for Colt and the Samoan guy.
I do enjoy Forged in Fire, where contestants build their own knives/swords and compete against each other. It's fast moving and interesting.
And of course, vet shows (The Vet Life and Dr. Pol are my two favorites) and North Woods Law. I seem to be a reality junkie.
Christmas Season won't begin until I see Charlie Brown Christmas!
posted by redvixen 19 November | 18:57
Loving a new season of the Baroness von Sketch Show. It's available on the CBC site but might be geo locked. I know it runs in other countries but not what networks.

Watching the new season of Outlander. I liked the first two seasons but last year was lacking. Things seemed rushed and not quite finished. This year has been better except for the slave plantation thing. I know things did not work out for the right minded white folks but could we please just stop with all that bullshit in TV, movies, and books?

The vet shows like Dr. Pol and Dr. Jeff are OK and I really like The Zoo about the Bronx zoo.

Back in the spring of this year I found an app that shows old TV shows. I watched Fridays, ABCs answer to Saturday night live and even a few episodes of the beebs shows The Young Ones and Bottom.

Not much else.
posted by arse_hat 20 November | 04:27
Oh and I have been watching the new Dr. Who and I really enjoyed Killing Eve.
posted by arse_hat 20 November | 13:26
The main things I see are Jeopardy and some PBS travel shows when I'm staying with my Mom. Otherwise, I have no cable TV at my house and, really, no time.

But, books! I have time to read by catching a few minutes here or there, and I always have a book in process to read prior to going to sleep. I just want to retire so I can read all the good books.
posted by mightshould 21 November | 12:27
I really enjoyed a tv series about 1920s Berlin. It's called Babylon Berlin and it's really really good.
posted by jouke 24 November | 05:54
Berlin Station Season 3 starts this Sunday. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 2 starts December 5.
posted by Obscure Reference 29 November | 08:23
MeFi Holiday Card Exchange is up || Things I've learned from drivers.