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11 November 2018

My neighborhood is burning down. A few weeks ago a 100 year old 50,000 sq ft office building and production area a block and a half away burned down when workers doing renovations ignited a fire.[More:] It burned for almost 20 hours.

≡ Click to see image ≡

Yesterday on the street my street connects to a half dozen 115 year old row homes were destroyed.

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by arse_hat 11 November | 15:11
What caused the fire on the row homes, did they say?
posted by needlegrrl 12 November | 07:36
posted by mightshould 12 November | 10:40
The fire marshal's office and the gas and electric utilities people were here all of the next day and they dug up all the gas lines.

They must have found what they needed because the fire was Saturday, the investigation Sunday and today, Monday they are tearing down the houses.

None of the families got to get anything out.
posted by arse_hat 12 November | 12:38
Just watched someone's wedding cake cutting picture get eaten by a large hydraulic claw and dumped in to a bin. What a depressing day. Even if you have insurance your whole life can be ripped apart so quickly.
posted by arse_hat 12 November | 15:30
...the fire was Saturday, the investigation Sunday and today, Monday they are tearing down the houses.

That seems oddly fast to get to demolition already. I would have thought the homeowners' insurance companies would have wanted to take a look first, before demo started. Unless the gas company already admitted fault or something.
posted by Thorzdad 14 November | 07:14
Yeah, it turns out the demo is part of the investigation. They have been stripping layers off to get a better idea of how the fire spread.

They have pulled two units down completely and removed some of it.

On Tuesday I watched a group of investigators talking for a long time as they looked at a burnt box that looks like it may have been a microwave oven.

Today, Wednesday, a disposal company has put up a fence around everything.

One of the homes was occupied by a couple who own a book store on the other side of my block. They retired and moved here to be close to the store just about 7 months ago. Their old house flooded the night before closing during our third 'storm of the century' in five years. Now this.

They are hoping the homes will be replaced and they can stay in the area.
posted by arse_hat 14 November | 11:34
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