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27 September 2018

Burn it all down.
and leave the world a better place.
posted by arse_hat 28 September | 03:29
Burn the House Down
posted by amro 28 September | 07:27
Care to clarify, Miko?
posted by jouke 29 September | 02:34
Care to clarify, Miko?

If it's unclear now, nothing I can say will clarify it.
posted by Miko 29 September | 22:33
jouke, are you aware of what's been happening with the women coming forward and testifying about how the US dictator's supreme court pick raped/sexually assaulted them?

when anita hill did this 27 years ago it was in front of a Democratic led senate and Clarence Thomas was still allowed to be on the court.
posted by brujita 30 September | 13:18
He's a terrible candidate, has repeatedly lied, his finances are sketchy. He basically had tantrums in the hearings. He's an entitled, ill-behaved, predatory, country club fratboy. Christine Blasey Ford is credible. Kavanaugh should not be confirmed.

The Republicans want to push it through because they want a long-lasting Far Right, pro-corporate court for more anti-union, anti-voting rights, Citizens United-style decisions. When poeple say your vote is important because of the Supreme Court, he's why.

Burn it all down.
posted by theora55 01 October | 18:12
Senators go into attack mode.

I'd comment but just no.
posted by arse_hat 03 October | 13:13
≡ Click to see image ≡
This is the face of a man momentarily worried he will be held accountable for horrible things he has done as if he is not a well off white man who has been in a pact to keep secrets for many other well off white men.

Meanwhile, all you people who subject yourself to facebook, can't you see all his classmates and therefore a generation's gang rapists?

To quote his t-shirt wearing supporter, they don't care if he's a rapist. They don't care if he's a murderer. They don't care if he eats babies as long as it's not their babies. They do care if he's going to not tow the party line which involves not exposing every other scumbag he's pinky sworn to cover for and he is too chicken shit to step out a toe out of line.
posted by ethylene 04 October | 07:23
That's, unfortunately, a good summary, ethylene.
posted by mightshould 04 October | 15:43
Mitchell Langbert, business professor at Brooklyn College: "If someone did not commit sexual assault in high school, then he is not a member of the male sex."
posted by arse_hat 05 October | 13:00
"They don't care if he eats babies as long as it's not their babies." I think most of them would be fine with him eating their babies as long as what he is doing makes other people hurt. nose face spite
posted by arse_hat 05 October | 13:03
There is, sadly, truth in this, and it's probably the only time I've ever found humour in the subject.
posted by Senyar 05 October | 16:33
There will certainly be no publicly acknowledged baby eating. We cannot upset the delicate sensibilities and stomachs of the weaker set who could not even properly clean up after themselves-- btw, where is the screaming alley of the internet? I seem to have forgotten the address of the endless chasm we use to store our overflow of horror at what seems to be world at large but may be a simulation to test how ridiculous things have to become before we start openly testing the "state of reality."
posted by ethylene 06 October | 04:14
Ah, dear arsehat, which my spellcheck keeps wanting to make arsenate, you seem to think pure cruelty is enough of a purpose to perpetrate on the grand scale of a world stage. Unless that is your particular fetish, it is not so: you gotta back that shit up with a bottom line.

And spellcheck keeps advising me I have been privy to a strange and narrow vein of knowledge oozed by men who want to show off and yet cannot conceive of real peril
posted by ethylene 08 October | 05:34
Sooo, we had a bit of weather here... || I got a gift this morning.