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15 July 2018

It's gonna be hot for a while. What's in your forecast?
Summer here brings opressive heat and humidity with an ever present 30% chance of afternoon showers. If they happen, the showers don't improve the humidity factor, especially when the sun comes back out before nightfall.

Some mornings are like walking into the putrid mouth of the "baby who tweets".
posted by mightshould 16 July | 07:13
It's been raining in the afternoons for what seems like forever. I don't remember this being normal Atlanta summer, but I may not have been paying attention before.
posted by needlegrrl 16 July | 08:06
A bit cooler. High 20s (low 80F) but the humidity is over 80% so it sticky and going to be for a while. No rain for a while and everything is brown and dry.
posted by arse_hat 16 July | 09:28
Blah. High eighties and 2000% humidity. I'm sitting on my porch with a glass of wine and the ceiling fans going and not feeling like I want to do anything.
posted by octothorpe 16 July | 19:05
I'm in Maine, upper right coast US. We had 1 beastly week with humidity in the 80% ranges, temps in the 80s-90s, F. Not fun, but not as bad as killer temps in some places. I live across the street from a small lake so it's not hard to cool off. I don't usually swim as early as July 4th, but it was hot, so instead of standing in the lake cooling off, I kept walking in deeper, wearing a cargo skirt and thin top, ended up swimming. forgot I had glasses on top of my head, lost them, but they were generic readers that I bought several of since I like the style. The lake is much warmer than usual, you have to go out a bit to find a patch of cooler water.

Nice day today, then in the evening, the fog lowered; you could see it moving in on the lake. 100% humidity, but 65F at midnight. Typical Maine summer weather. Beer helps with surviving hot weather.
posted by theora55 17 July | 00:53
We're having a hot summer, but today was a little cooler, with some cloud. But it'll be back up to 29C by the weekend. Ugh.
posted by Senyar 17 July | 13:33
Well, it's pretty mild now - 12c at 9:00 pm. Much nicer than yesterday when I was in Canberra and it was -3c! Mind you, it is mid-winter here.
posted by dg 18 July | 06:05
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