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05 July 2018

It's too hot. [More:]I know our weather is mild compared with the USA and Australia, but we've had a prolonged heatwave in the UK with temperatures in the mid-80s. It's set to last for at least another ten days.

Nobody here has air-conditioning. I'm pretty lucky, because I have patio doors I can open, so there is some air flow at least. Fans help too.

But, oh God, public transport is horrendous. The line I have to travel on, the Central Line, is the worst. My morning walk to the station is nice, as it's mostly downhill, and I leave early enough that it's still not too hot. But coming home, uphill, with the sun shining straight down the road and no shade, damn, it's brutal.

So, how's it looking where you are?
34 with a humidex of 46. It's been like this for about 11 days and the nightly lows have been in the high 20s with lots of humidity so it just been sticky all the time.
posted by arse_hat 05 July | 13:48
I feel utterly spoiled. Here on the Central California Coast (midway between LA and SF, actually 5-10 miles inland), for over a week we've had highs between 65F/18C and 75F/24C and lows between 50F/10C and 60F/16C. It usually gets warmer during the day (in the summer) and cooler at night (all seasons). I've gotten by here for 12 years with no A/C but this is the most comfortable early-July I've experienced yet. Because of the fire danger (due to recurring drought... have I mentioned it hasn't rained in months?), the landlord banned fireworks for the 4th of July, and it has been quiet here, except for the usual sound of the larger trucks on southbound Highway 101 a hundred yards away. Also banned: outdoor grilling/BBQs; so it really didn't feel like "the 4th", but then I haven't felt like celebrating it since 1980. Sorry, no vacancies here at the Hillcrest Ranch apartment/mobilehome complex, but they're talking about relaxing zoning rules in the City of San Luis Obispo (aka SLOtown) a few miles north to build an apartment building more than 3 stories tall. Now all I have to worry about is if the appropriately-named Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant west of me goes Chernobyl before it's scheduled shutdown in 2025. In the long term, the Pacific Coast in this area is mostly bordered by high bluffs so only a few touristy 'beach towns' are threatened by the first 20 meters of sea level rise. Yep, I picked the right place to spend my "diability/retirement" years. The only thing missing here is a chapter of the DSA, but then, I'm in no state to be an Activist anymore.
posted by oneswellfoop 05 July | 14:49
That is a nice part of the world, oneswellfoop. I visited Cambria a few years back, took in the Hearst Castle and met up with friends who'd come up from LA. The coastline is beautiful.
posted by Senyar 05 July | 15:08
Mid 90sF, 34C. 55% humidity. Humidity was 97% the other afternoon, bleahhhh. I have a lake across the street and a decent breeze, but Global Climate Change isn't looking like a picnic.
posted by theora55 05 July | 15:14
It is indeed too darn hot, Senyar, particularly in London. Much strength for your commute. I used to commute on the Piccadilly line every day and more than once in summer I got out at Green Park to put my head between my knees for a while.

Yesterday I wore a white linen blouse. I drank black coffee and ate raspberries, Greek salad and turmeric-laden curry, and didn't spill anything down myself. So I am counting that as a win.
posted by altolinguistic 06 July | 05:19
Well, I totally jinxed myself. The forecasts have tentatively predicted little heat waves several times the last month and today it hit. Hard. From 60F/16C right here at dawn to 107F/42C at noon, almost equal to the hottest inland areas (on the beach it didn't get over 90F/32C, but that's still hot for the beach). Now at 6PM local time it has 'cooled' to 92F/33C, which is supposed to be about the high temps for tomorrow... but who trusts the weather forecast anymore... Did I mention they had inaccurately predicted heat waves several times in the last month?

It's only semi-uncomfortable inside the Foopartment thanks to the window fans at opposite ends of the place doing 'flow-through' in from the nicely covered porch in front and out the sunny side of the building; plus keeping some ice packs in the freezer for placing on/behind my head and between my lap and my laptop.
posted by oneswellfoop 06 July | 20:23
And after the temperature dropped to 65F/16C by midnight, it went back UP in the 3 hours since to 80F/27C... I have rarely if ever seen the nighttime temp rise like this... YIPES!
posted by oneswellfoop 07 July | 05:36
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