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02 June 2018

One day in and I already missed a day! [More:] I barely touched the computer Friday; it was a day of errands. I made over half a dozen stops at the pet supply store, hardware store, bicycle shop, county tax office, and another couple of places I don't recall at the moment. I also had a couple of tradesmen over. One checked out our AC with the hot snap, and it's cooling much better now. The other finally finished the tile job on our master shower.

So with all that, plus I just plain forgot to check in here, there was no post yesterday.
Sometimes when running errands and such I forget to check in anywhere, ha ha. I've noticed that I have less patience with "adult stuff" and I just want to sit on my butt and read a book, with a cat or two on my lap or next to me. I'm wondering if it's just me, but I find human contact exhausting anymore.
posted by redvixen 02 June | 18:40
Must go read my own book now. Simply delighted to see some action here.
posted by bearwife 02 June | 20:20
'less patience with "adult stuff" ...sit on my butt and read a book, with a cat or two on my lap or next to me.' - that seems pretty adult stuff to do.

I have been away from online life for a couple of months. I have just lost interest in social media and sharing economies and all of it really.

I miss this place and you guys though. I am trying to talk myself into writing about that.
posted by arse_hat 02 June | 22:21
For the most part, I've been extremely busy with work / my life is too boring to write about.

I'll try and share some of the remotely interesting stuff.
posted by mightshould 03 June | 14:27
Hi. Life moves along at a crazy pace. Should have some good news soon.
posted by Miko 05 June | 07:06
In which I endeavor to revive this platform. || Pan disappears, Ginger gets friendlier, tuxedo, Wen, Ed Sheeran or Wilson...