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23 February 2018

It's rants all the way down. but here is a mildly amusing peek at MeFi history.

Ok, so many things to rant about, but I'll just pick 2 that are related. Why do prepared Asian-ish meals have to have cooked red peppers and edamame? How about some cabbage or onions for crunch, color, and the ability to say there are vegetables in your garlic chicken? Broccoli, green beans, those are nice. But nooooooo, cooked red peppers, diced small so they're difficult to remove, and green soy beans.

What is ubiquitous that you hate? Other than Kathie Lee Gifford. Not fair, everybody doesn't like Kathie Lee. [More:]And, obviously, you don't want to get me started on Megyn Kelly. Happy Friday, Mechazens!
I have had a day full of stupid annoyances. Thanks for letting me blow off steam. Or not. Feel free to tell of your love for cooked red pepper, edamame, Kathie Lee Gifford, Megyn Kelly, being on hold for 35 minutes with my health insurer, the ill-informed front desk person at the doctor's office. It's not all bad - the checker-outer at the grocery was sweet, and I had an enjoyable breakfast at McDonald's, though the bar was low because I had to have a fasting blood draw so I was desperate for coffee by 10. Routine, no worries.
posted by theora55 23 February | 16:06
Health "care" and health insurance systems are among the worst to deal with in my experience.

And to piggyback on your food rant, why do frozen mixes of "Asian" stir fry include sugar snap or snow peas? Those things do NOT survive freezing and then cooking without turing into worse than mush.

But I've been enjoying the little bit of Olympic "nordic" events I've seen. Love the cross country and ski-shoot stuff. I even enjoy the speed skating.

There must be an out of control "controlled burn" in the area....everything is smokey for many miles...combined with the tree pollen things are stuffly here.
posted by mightshould 23 February | 18:36
From a personal point of view, and speaking as an old disillusioned designer, I hate that no one seems care about good, basic graphic design anymore. The field has been taken-over by secretaries and assistant managers armed with Photoshop, sending screen-resolution files off to VistaPrint.

The other night, my wife brought home a sample of the business cards the "new girl" put together and had printed. They were just hideous. Three or four different typefaces (set in Photoshop, of course), peoples' names crammed up under the logo where they completely disappear, while the basic contact info (address, phone, web url) take up 2/3 of the card. To top it off, she had used ultra-thin type reversed out on a dark blue background. Of course, being done by VIstaPrint, the blue was built in CMYK, which resulted in the thin white type have a pronounced purple-ish cast. The whole thing is a very sloppy, unprofessional look. But, no one cares. They all love it.

I hear the same stories from other designers. Eventually, you get tired of beating your head against the wall and just quit the business.

posted by Thorzdad 27 February | 21:53
I think young 'designers' also have a brief to turn the web unreadable. I get it, you're 22, you can read light grey tiny thin text on a white background... the rest of us can't! lol
posted by Firas 01 March | 01:31
"light grey tiny thin text on a white background"

posted by arse_hat 01 March | 12:49
NYC cats make dick pic in parking lot. || This child vs. a pigeon