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10 December 2017

I want *all* your fantastic Christmas musics. In years past, MeChazens would post .mp3s, many of which are on hard drives that are long gone. Share me your favorite, curated, best-beloved holiday tunes and your new favorite discoveries. I've linked some Vince Garaldi from Peanuts' specials.

[More:]In my family, you'd arrive home for Christmas, and somebody would put on Ski Trails, featuring the talented Jo Stafford. They are all winter, not Christmas, songs, but it doesn't matter, this music signals Christmas in my family. Even right after my brother's stroke, Ski Trails perked him right up. I was shopping the other day and heard o Stafford on the music system, and now it's Christmas season. I need to get a little Christmas.
Youtube is fine, no sense tangling with the DRM cops.
posted by theora55 10 December | 15:30
Not usually a fan of Per Rum Pum Pum Pum, but this is awesome
Alex Boye' ft. Genesis Choir
posted by theora55 10 December | 16:03
I probably posted this last year but it's the perfect winter song
Boyz II Men - Snowy Day

posted by bluesapphires 10 December | 21:09
Sad story: my hard drive burnt out this fall and I lost 10 years' active collecting of holiday music - along with it much of the good stuff from here.

I'm slowly rebuilding. In the meantime, this is a good place to look for free downloadables. Some very nice stuff there, but you have to weed through it. Amazon also has a lot of free Christmas songs if you search.
posted by Miko 10 December | 22:29
Christmas 17. Mostly mellow songs and lesser known stuff.

Low down Christmas. Sometimes Christmas just ain't like those happy TV commercial images...
posted by arse_hat 11 December | 14:21
My particular favourite this year is Tom Chaplin's Christmas album (he was the lead singer in Keane). I love his version of 'Walking in the Air', a song which I find mawkish when sung by a child. But his wonderful vocals give the song an emotional depth I'd never heard before.
posted by Senyar 14 December | 06:49
Thanks. Y'all have some great taste in music! It's even agreeable to everyone at one of my workplaces.
posted by mightshould 15 December | 13:06
Rocking blues || A look back at a Charlie Brown Christmas.