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20 September 2017

Twitter-using mechazens! I wanted to share something I'm working on[More:]

I've been working on an app that 'summarizes' Twitter by showing top tweets that people you like retweeted, liked, or replied to. It also lets you toggle Photos only, or Videos only, and also can show top links.

Here's it working on Ellen Degeneres' account (she's a good example profile since she follows a ton of people, haha): link

What do you think? Is it something you'd find useful or interesting? It's a very early prototype (and I have zero aesthetic design skills) but would appreciate any feedback or suggestions!
Looks intriguing but I can't help with suggestions. I generally only look at Twitter once a week or less and then mostly just bodega cats.
posted by arse_hat 21 September | 23:04
Sounds useful. I am an old, and don't twit, so am only here to applaud your efforts!
posted by mightshould 22 September | 11:32
Thanks for the comments! I also added a new 'social' tab where it shows profile changes (bio updates, profile pic changes) and upcoming birthdays.

Here's a couple more sample feeds:

Marc Andreessen (tech investor): link

Fox News (interesting to see how social media bubbles work): link

It's not "self serve"/standalone yet but if you're on Twitter and want to check out how it seems on your profile, let me know I'll plug in your info!
posted by Firas 23 September | 10:57
I was wondering if you have an asynchronous process building up a profile after the first request for it. Apparently not.
Are you a php developer for your work? I develop in Scala myself.

I guess metachat is not a great place to get much feedback on your work. Since there's not much traffic. Perhaps mefi projects would be a good idea?
posted by jouke 24 September | 01:11
Hi jouke,

Yeah I work with PHP and some Node.js & React. I also plan to make a portfolio in the next couple days and make a proper resume and put it as a PDF on there. Didn't know you were in the tech field too!

Yeah I think I'm going to make a homepage that explains WTF this is and a way for people to 'Sign in with Twitter' that automatically gets their profile. I think it was a good idea to stop writing code and start sharing this, but after I posted the demo links a couple places online and it's not really getting much of a response, before giving up and mothballing this I think I should at least try sharing it in a way people can 'try out' with their own twitter profiles.
posted by Firas 24 September | 06:33
Good luck Firas promoting in it a place that has a little bit more traffic than metachat. :-)
posted by jouke 25 September | 14:14
Yeah by a 'couple places online' I meant Reddit and Hacker News. Mecha is more insider talk with friends!

Still working on the home page and 'Sign in with Twitter' thing...
posted by Firas 25 September | 15:42
Your app might make me use twitter.
posted by Obscure Reference 09 October | 07:32
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