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13 August 2017

Charlottesville I'm still trying to process the awfulness that happened.[More:]
It's a travesty that white supremacists exist; yet, I somehow keep focusing on the clownlike idea of them carrying tiki torches.

How can any citizen take them seriously? Yet, their intentions are deadly for so many of us.
Yeah it's weird. I kinda feel the same way about this as I felt about the stabbing on the train in Portland, which is just a disoriented "wtf?"

The way the Trump political era started with him dissing Mexican immigrants and developed into this broad bigotry makes me think of this Chris Rock skit: That Train is Never Late

Something I notice is that I lived in the US during the height of the Iraq war and didn't sense as much overt/mass hostility towards Muslims as seems to have developed after 2010. These alt-right types have been organizing online over a few years...
posted by Firas 13 August | 18:15
I have not yet really read or seen anything about what happened. I know only that people died and were injured when counter protesters were attacked with a car. When something big and ugly happens I now avoid it for 3 or 4 days.

The news channels just need endless talk and the web sites need endless text and pictures and social media just needs endless bullshit and aggression and I find if I wait a few days it is easier to separate the wheat from the chafe.
posted by arse_hat 13 August | 23:51
How is this not considered terrorism?

In the UK, we had the Westminster Bridge attack, where a British man, who held extreme beliefs, drove a truck into people on the bridge. One of the London Bridge attackers was British and held extreme beliefs. He drove a truck into people. Both of these were instantly recognisable and identified as terrorist incidents.

I do not understand why the USA is treating this differently?
posted by Senyar 14 August | 11:06
I absolutely consider it terrorism, as do many Americans. I find the events extremely disturbing - the march with torches, shields and Nazi swastikas. The explicit white supremacism, racism, neo-Nazism. The invitation to violence. It was well-organized, publicized; these assholes came from far and wide to profess their hate. President Pants-On-Fire has shown no leadership out of this. Not even remotely surprising, but I consider it the moment his Presidency officially failed.

I'm thinking and struggling with how to address my own racism and how to address the rise of overt racism in the US.
posted by theora55 14 August | 16:27
It was made clear that the water was boiling when kellyanne simpered about alternative facts. The un needs to get involved pronto.
posted by brujita 14 August | 20:32
This reminds me of all the joking and mockery about Hitler. I don't watch comedy about Trump, because I can't laugh. This is naked, murderous racism and hatred, promoted and encouraged by the supposed leader of the free world. That Trump has emboldened these people is a huge red flag to all of us that he must be removed. Now.
posted by bearwife 17 August | 19:01
bearwife, I saw something about a new Trump animated series in development. Just no. It's just not really funny.
posted by arse_hat 17 August | 19:37
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