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04 August 2017

Calling the IRS * It took 50 minutes, of which at least 25 were spent on hold, then I spoke to Mrs. H., and was on hold several more times, but I got 2 questions resolved, resulting in money the IRS will be sending. I used to own a business and have deep scary feelings about dealing with the IRS, so I feel relieved. How's your day?
It's fine so far. Aided by the absence of IRS in it. I got a discount today on one of my professional memberships by doing a lot of whining via email yesterday and today. Congrats on your success, theora55!
posted by bearwife 04 August | 15:07
I've had to speak with the IRS (also over the phone) exactly once and came away quite impressed and satisfied. Frankly, I've had much worse times speaking with private business phone support than I ever have with government phone support.
posted by Thorzdad 04 August | 16:30
I've had the same experience as Thorzdad. Maybe a little hard to get through, but patient, helpful and intelligent once you do.
posted by Miko 04 August | 23:58
I am irrationally afraid of the irs. Couple that with my general fear/avoidance of talking on the phone with any entity: creates a nightmare scenario in my head!

Kudos for maling the call and a good outcome.

*I really must make some calls and schedule appointments*
posted by mightshould 05 August | 04:43
I have an accountant who talks to the IRS for me. I have a wife who talks to the accountant for me. The only risk is that they would fall in love.
posted by Obscure Reference 05 August | 09:05
In 1983 I bought a business. The IRS was a horrible, error-prone mess. I had a 4 year struggle because the IRS made an error on an employment tax payment. It included them threatening a lien on my business and me eventually getting pissy with them. One reason I sold the business. The other reason I sold the business is about to turn 30.
posted by theora55 08 August | 21:13
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