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29 June 2017

Multi-point update? Is it time for another multi-point update?
Anyone have plans for Canada Day, or the 4th of July?
Fireworks the night before!
Local parade the day of!
Hopefully a party at my co-workers lake house the weekend before? He better make that blue cheese potato salad too.
Also will probably buy some appliances in the next few days for our new kitchen.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 29 June | 20:45
Blue cheese potato salad sounds yummy!

A/C went out for us yesterday, but we have two units, so the downstairs still worked, and after a bit of rearranging, the bunny and pug were still comfortable. This is our first house with two units, so it was nice for it not to be a crisis.

Niece went to Warp Tour yesterday, had her first mosh pit, and now her first ankle injury. She's headed to urgent care today to get it checked out and x-rayed.

We're headed to Disneyland in July - it will be my first visit! I'm excited.
posted by needlegrrl 30 June | 07:28
Hubby is doing some BBQ for friends on the 4th. And of course we plan to medicate our pup. I have grown to really hate fireworks. Mostly I am going to laze and sleep and read. And because my back is feeling much better, hoping to also get in a run, a bike ride, and some hot yoga -- on other days, not the 4th!
posted by bearwife 30 June | 15:08
No plans other than continue packing for the upcoming move. To be honest, I never got into the whole 4th of July stuff anyway.
posted by Thorzdad 30 June | 16:02
4th July is just a normal day here so it'll be work for me as usual.

I've got a trip up north planned for late July, visiting cousins and catching up with a friend I've known for 40 years, when we shared a flat together in London.

In late summer I'm going to Ohio, with a few days in Chicago. I'm looking forward to exploring Chicago, as I've only ever visited in in transit, with just enough time for a quick trip to Giardinos between flights.

Work is stressful - due to headless chicken management. I try to go with the flow, but it's difficult when every week there are new changes we have to deal with that make no sense and seem ill thought out.

I relax by working in my garden. I have a lot of gardening planned for this weekend, but as I type this, I can hear torrential rain outside, so I hope we get some good weather so I can get outside. All the new little birds are discovering the feeders, and I have lots of bees visiting.
posted by Senyar 30 June | 16:37
Also, I never thought I would find something better for my skin than Cetaphil, but Costco was out of Cetaphil so I bought Sebamed Olive Face & Body Wash instead. It was only 9.99 for a litre (thank you, Costco and your massive purchasing power), and it is wonderful. My face feels like it's made of marshmallow.
posted by Senyar 30 June | 17:50
I'm working this weekend as usual, then at drafting on Monday, but I'm surprisingly off work on Tuesday.

So I'll spend the day weeding, mowing, and lots of yardwork.

Best of all: if I'm lucky, I'll pick the first tomato and nom away on a blt.

For extra bonus points, I saw a rainbow as I was heading home after an extra long day at work.

And I'm stiked about the eclipse in August. Ww should see some of it. Although I'm thinking a 4 hr drive to the path epicenter may happen. I'll bring a clay tablet to record the event!
posted by mightshould 30 June | 18:28
Nothing planned this weekend as baby boy has pink eye after 3 weeks in daycare and I'm unsure whether the girl & I have it. Bleh.

I took off Monday so I'll putz around at home and run errands. No plans for Tuesday; if pink eye watch is over, we might go to a splash pad at one of the county parks since daycare's closed. I'll watch fireworks on PBS as usual since I don't have the patience to deal with crowds of people.
posted by bluesapphires 30 June | 19:34
Nothing real big here. Our fireworks were on Monday. For the first we will head downtown to watch 40 some new Canadians become citizens then back home to watch a parade.
posted by arse_hat 30 June | 22:14
both my stepuncle and the son of one of my father's best friends died in the last few days and I didn't find out about the first until yesterday because my aol account was hacked and they didn't bother to let me know promptly that they had frozen it. There won't be any memorial for tony but malcolm's funeral is on Wednesday. I'm coming back from Cincinnati tomorrow and turning right around and going to NOLA.
posted by brujita 02 July | 09:29
I'm so sorry to hear of your losses, brujita
posted by bluesapphires 03 July | 10:29
I am so sorry, brujita. That is truly terrible. Fly safe.
posted by bearwife 03 July | 18:01
Condolences, brujita.
posted by mightshould 05 July | 18:40
:( so sorry, brujita.
posted by needlegrrl 07 July | 08:33
Last year about this time two capybaras were on the lam || Oh, Canada