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12 June 2017

OMG! Summer! 93F, 44% humidity, only a very light breeze. It''s hot & sweaty in Maine, and it's Great! It was a cold rainy Spring and I have been craving warmth and sun and it finally arrived. If we have a lot of hot sticky weather, I will complain almost as much as everybody else, but for today it's really just what I needed. [More:]
I finally got my raised bed garden built. I buy tomatoes as seedlings; you plant them deep because they will grow lots of healthy roots off the stem, so they seem stalled, but they should be doing fine. A few of the cherry tomatoes in pots look way too puny so I'm going to replace them. Radishes are sprouting, as well as kale and mixed greens. Basil may have sprouted, or I may be optimistic.

Living in Maine means summer is short and totally bom-diggity. I am lucky enough to live very near a pretty lake, and it is sparkling merrily. Best I've felt in ages. Pretty sure it's worth the many black fly and skeeter bites and the many other miscellaneous bite-y bugs. There's a wasp cruising the ceiling - I've opened the door and the window that doesn't have a screen, but the idiot is still here. Oh well.

This evening, I shall sit on my deck and raise a glass to y'all. How's your day?
That's nice!

It's been hot and humid here for a while (southeastern coast of NC) and we were blessed with a one-day cool spell. Now it's back to H&H.

I didn't follow my vow to cut back so I have lots of plants to look after. Some are perennial so after a summer of pampering they should need less care in subsequent years.

The lake sound delightful. Enjoy!
posted by mightshould 12 June | 18:12
Miserable. No AC at my school. Top/4th floor of a large (4,000 students/7 "schools") stone building. Like working in a giant pizza oven. So hot I had chills. Not sure I can take another 95 degree day tomorrow.

Mayor's promised air conditioners in the remaining schools without. In five years. Meh. :(
posted by Pips 12 June | 20:22
I'm with you - back in the Mid-Atlantic after a couple decades in New England, and really kind of relishing the hot hazy sunny weather - "real" summer in my mind, where temps in the 80s and 90s are just what happens. Beach weather! My only frustration is having to be at work so much lately - not enough time to be out and play.
posted by Miko 12 June | 22:10
Lucky enough to be south of where Miko is and it's my day off. I tried a swimming lake in a county park but it's not open for swimming yet. The breeze off the water was delightful, though. So after a time there, I came home, soaked myself with the garden hose, and soaked up some rays for a bit. It's been a great day off, and I am not normally a hot weather lover.
posted by redvixen 13 June | 16:05
Hot and sticky in sw oh these last few days. The tgt meeting is tomorrow and if it's in or over the high 80s f im wearing shorts. Last year teabaggers showed up whining about the bathrooms. No clue if they'll be back this time.
posted by brujita 13 June | 20:37
....and given what I've just read about their spokesman showing up at Starbucks and Disney's meetings they probably will. A war on terror vet ripped him a new one wrt to hiring Muslim refugees.
posted by brujita 13 June | 21:59
At the sbx meeting
posted by brujita 13 June | 22:00
Summer, what summer? It is cool and cloudy here, and has been all week. We had a balmy high 60s weekend that felt like a soft spring one. Summer doesn't really arrive in the Pacific NW until July.

I am very tired of the hateful deplorable people, aren't you, brujita? Counting down to the time we have a recognizably responsible human being in the white house again and these awful people are shamed back into their holes. Meanwhile let's keep fighting.
posted by bearwife 14 June | 11:15
The men who showed up last year weren't there; the 2 who showed up were speaking like they wanted CO's amendment 2 brought back and made part of the constitution. I didn't get a chance to ask a public ?, but I was able to let the CEO know that I applaud his inclusiveness(tgt currently has pride displays)and that wrt black friday, holidays are for families. He seemed to agree with me about this.
posted by brujita 14 June | 11:32
We've had a couple of days of warm weather, after the initial promise of summer at the end of May gave way to torrential rain for a week. There's no air conditioning on London Underground or the DLR, so my commute has been a warm one. Not yet unbearable, and the DLR at least is all overground.

But today the mood in London is subdued and sad, and many people are angry - because of the fire. Those poor, poor people, I can't even imagine what they've been through - those who've survived anyway. The deaths of people trapped in a burning building, 23 storeys high... it doesn't bear thinking about. I haven't been able to watch the news. It's too upsetting.
posted by Senyar 14 June | 14:46
Temps in the 90s and humidity in the 80s. Not a fun time to be doing outdoor work but the trees and shrubs and hedges don't trim themselves.

Senyar, the images from that fire were just stuck with me all day.
posted by arse_hat 14 June | 23:27
The rain is back..... ARGH
posted by Miko 17 June | 21:37
Senyar, the fire in London is such a terrible tragedy; and now wildfire in Portugal. I just have no response for the terrible sadness.
posted by theora55 18 June | 14:48
Does every McDonalds have FoxNews playing in the seating area? || Anybody heeeeere?