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11 June 2017

Does every McDonalds have FoxNews playing in the seating area? [More:]So, it's not like I'm a regular customer of the Golden Arches. But, sometimes you're on the road and the only semi-reliable eatery in sight is McD's. But, the last couple of times I was in a McD's (different stores hundreds of miles apart) I was treated to flat screens on the walls blasting FoxNews at high volume. WTF? Talk about a miserable dining experience (the food notwithstanding.) I couldn't wait to get out of there.

I know FoxNews tends to get played damned near everywhere, but I'm kind of surprised to find it playing at a place that takes pains to paint itself as a family-friendly place. And FN is about the exact opposite of "family friendly" you can get. I can't see how it's a positive business decision to have something as divisive as FN playing in your stores. It certainly makes me want to further avoid the place (again, the food notwithstanding.)

What about McD's near you? Is FoxNews in there, too?
Not in my experience! I only wander into McD's when traveling and needing a restroom or a drink with ice in it, but most I've seen dont have TVs at all.

I found this. Interesting. From 2010.

Also this from 2012.
posted by Miko 11 June | 21:40
I think its generally CNN at at my nearby McD, played at low or reasonable volume. But I'm in a very blue state.
posted by DarkForest 12 June | 07:46
Egad! Complain. Complain to the manager and ask for the email address of the owner. If it continues, publicize it on various local Resistance! groups. They have a right to play what they want; you have a right to raise hell. Who could eat with that stench on?
posted by theora55 12 June | 13:08
I have boycotted McDonalds (except two visits over the past 20 years to use the bathroom) since I read Fast Food Nation. Glad to have missed that.
posted by bearwife 14 June | 11:16
For some reason this brought back a memory of flying out of South Bend IN after visiting Notre Dame. CNN has an airport network that is basically CNN headline news but with no air disasters or other such images.

Apparently the bar in the entry area of the South bend airport does not have that. I got in early and sat drinking a beer watching some news network show the flaming wreckage of a plane that had hit some TV towers and crashed in a field killing all aboard. Not really a problem for me but I can see how it might be an issue for some people.
posted by arse_hat 14 June | 23:39
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