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03 June 2017

Mecha crosspost thread post some things you've shared on social media lately[More:]

1. Is it just me or is this Emmanuel Macron video asking American engineers concerned about climate change to work in France kinda seductive? I can't get his good looks but I gotta learn how to talk in these dulcet tones, lol.

2. Great essay on F. Scott Fitzgerald.. It's nice to see that, away from social media frenzies and clickbait, there is still some great writing out there. “Fitzgerald is less the heir of Veblen, perhaps, than of Marx, who described the fetishizing of commodities… Marx was being satirical, but so is Fitzgerald when Gatsby gives Daisy a tour of his mansion and begins pulling his tailored clothing from ‘two hulking patent cabinets which held his massed suits and dressing-​gowns and ties, and his shirts, piled like bricks in stacks a dozen high.’ Daisy is overwhelmed with emotion. ‘“They’re such beautiful shirts,” she sobbed, her voice muffled in the thick folds. “It makes me sad because I’ve never seen such—such beautiful shirts before.”’”
I just shared this on Facebook.
posted by Senyar 04 June | 04:11
I have been avoiding social media for a while. I was about to go back and dip a toe in but the first two things I saw made me wish for a species ending event so I decided to keep staying away.

I've book marked the Fitzgerald thing for later. Thanks.
posted by arse_hat 04 June | 15:18
Interesting article from a tech and management perspective:

What Really Happened with Vista
posted by Firas 06 June | 03:26
Frias, I see your petition is still getting signatures!
posted by mightshould 06 June | 13:39
mightshould: yes! Thanks for noticing :) I don't have any great ideas on how to get it to a large audience these days but doing the legwork of reaching out to a few people every day... Twitter replies, occasional youtube clips, blog posts etc

We crossed 2,200 signatures yesterday.

One idea I have is to make a youtube video (or blog post? or both) called "Top 10 comments from the petition to release the Ghost in the Shell soundtrack".
posted by Firas 07 June | 10:34
I've last shared this Marlene Dietrich song.
I came across it through watching the movie Personal Shopper. I found the movie rather forgettable. But the song is quite striking. It's in German though and the text is a major part of what makes it affecting.
Marlene Dietrich sang it with her weary pathos in 1952. But the song hails from 1834 Vienna.
posted by jouke 11 June | 09:33
Have you had a midlife crisis? || Finally, someone explains this dog's bollock business