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21 April 2017

Anyone have news? A few random occurrences for me[More:]
I followed the google streetview car for a good part of my commute home today. What an interesting job it must be to drive all over. The license tag was from California and I'm on the other coast. Maybe it's be in a little car all the time?

I got home early enough to mow my and my neighbor's lawns.

I was eating dinner with the kitties in the outdoor kitty kompound and they found a snake! Poor thing (Eastern Ribbon Snake) was trying to hide from I had to cut my meal short and bring in unwilling kitties. I imagine the snake will be elsewhete tomorrow. Meanwhile the monsters are racing up and down the hallway with kitty exuberance.
Our kittens have slowly but surely destroyed my husband's ancient and enormous begonia. It was on high but they are sneakier and taller than they used to be The latest guerrilla attack knocked out its pot, and the plant itself is a sad 10 percent of what it was. Why do we love our little monsters so?

On a business trip to D.C. area next week and very much looking forward to seeing the African American History and Culture museum ( although getting the passes for my group is one of the most difficult things I've ever tried to do and left a bad taste for some time.)

And finally I am looking forward to my husband's upcoming birthday. I am taking him to a hot new ethically sourced meat restaurant, and before that surprising him with a shopping trip for his Bday present to be -- something from a wonderfully reviewed local rock/gem/geology shop. He LOVES rocks very much.
posted by bearwife 21 April | 18:16
My husband left the Bilco doors open on Wednesday for about an hour and our indoor cat got out. We haven't seen her since. I am so sad. She is a sweetheart but easily spooked, and I just know that she is terrified out there, if not hurt or dead.

I want to whine about how bad shit seems to constantly happen, but I have this Pollyanna in my head who always reminds me how things could be worse, and makes me feel guilty for complaining.

(As an aside, I recently read somewhere that the term "Bilco doors" is a regionalism... so if it's not clear, I was talking about the slanted doors leading down to our basement.)
posted by amro 21 April | 21:15
I am trying to cope with the changes at work. My only work friend recently returned from maternity leave, and it was so good to have her back in the office. There isn't anyone else I really hang out with in the office - the group I used to sit with have all been dispersed. But she is being moved to another location in a few weeks' time, so I'm not going to see her much, if at all.

I recently updated my bedroom with new curtains, bedspread and a bargain painting that cost 1.99 in a charity shop. The new rug arrives on Tuesday. It's cheered me up and motivated me to do something with my other bedroom, which is also my home office and a dumping ground for stuff I can't be bothered to sort out.

I hope your kitty comes home, amro. Can you leave out something that has her scent on it, a blanket she sleeps on or something? That might bring her back.
posted by Senyar 22 April | 03:11
I hate yelling at people. And I hate even more the fact that yelling at people is sometimes the only way to get results.

Not much going on; handbell concert is Friday, so I'm quietly flipping out over that. About to go to my favorite diner (LOVE diners) for lunch, they have the best french fries (LOVE french fries).
posted by Melismata 22 April | 12:39
We are having silly upheavals at work because the second man in our parent company is coming on Tuesday. None of the "ideas" from the "regular" company vice presidents makes any sense whatsoever but that doesn't stop them from insisting these things be done. I've worked a lot of overtime, and my body is feeling it.

Freaked my son out a little. I made something new for dinner; and said so to my son as he came up from behind me. He didn't say a word, but I said "I heard you say "Oh no" in your head!" He smirked and admitted he did think that, ha ha!

Amro, I read that if you can place your cats' litter box outside, it helps them "smell" their way home. Keeping fingers crossed that she shows up very soon!
posted by redvixen 22 April | 17:59
Woke up with sinus problems and feeling achy all over. I have been laying down most of the day and my cat is loving it. He feels that I should spend 21 hours a day cuddling with him every day.

Amro, I hope your cat comes home.
posted by arse_hat 22 April | 19:09
As an aside, I recently read somewhere that the term "Bilco doors" is a regionalism... so if it's not clear, I was talking about the slanted doors leading down to our basement.)

Just moved back to NJ and heard this term again for the first time in ages. Other places call them "bulkhead doors."

So sad about the cat. I hope she comes home.
posted by Miko 23 April | 00:00
Ah, I did not know that.
posted by amro 23 April | 07:07
amro, I hope the kitty comes home.

We survived prom this weekend, and I'm going to a pen show today. We'll see if it's alone or not - we've had that sinus achy crud here too, this week, although I had less of it than my partner.

Took the first part of a stained glass class last week, and I'm definitely in the NRE stage of the craft where I think of all the things I can do! The realistic part of my mind says that perhaps I should learn how to actually do this before I start making big plans. But it's definitely fun to dream.

Am scotchguarding my wool rug from rugmaking class, and turned down the offer of more classes there for now - I can really only do one class at a time, especially with the homework.

Also hoping to get plants in pots and outside today - I set them outside for part of the day yesterday, and am trying to ease them into it.
posted by needlegrrl 23 April | 07:45
Just moved back to NJ and heard this term again for the first time in ages. Other places call them "bulkhead doors."

I grew up in NJ and never heard that term. We just called them basement doors.
posted by octothorpe 23 April | 22:48
I think Bilco is a brand name for bulkhead doors.
posted by Miko 25 April | 23:15
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