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30 March 2017

So, we may as well do a multi-point update What's up with y'all??[More:]
1. My life is hectic....working 7 days a week for now.
2. I have an appointment tomorrow for my first ever acupuncture treatment. (I have issues with the tendons in my hand.) I have no idea what to expect.
3. A friend is visiting this weekend.
4. I'm going to the community theatre on Saturday evening.
5. I'm going to a lecture Sunday after work.
Yeah. Busy.

Anyone else have an update?
1. Looking for work. Interesting note: in the last 2 months I have been getting a lot of email from IT headhunters looking to fill US jobs but they all say the company will not do visas. Read in to that what you may.
2. Getting quotes for a new roof. Seems to be a good business because they take forever to get here. We need it ASAP.
2.5 The class action suit for the roof we have now has come to a setlement but we have no idea yet what we will get.
3. Not doing much in the way of volunteer work lately. I need to get back into the rhythm of that.
4. My cat has just jumped up on the arm of my chair and is rubbing his face on mine because he just woke up and it's cat needs love time.
posted by arse_hat 30 March | 18:55
1. I'm in Atlanta, where part of I-85 collapsed last night. It's part of my daily commute - rode MARTA in today, and will see how next week (and after!) plays out. So glad that no one was injured!

2. Almost done with my wool braided rug class - final class is in a week. Need to finish prepping fabric and braiding, and then she will show us how to finish it. I love the braiding part, but the creating the fabric to braid, not so much. (She thrifts old wool garments and then takes them apart, which requires a lot of prep.)

3. Moved into a new rental house in November, and tested the water this week - it's hard. Getting a new showerhead with a filter this weekend, and hopefully that will help - skin issues have been flaring up, and I am hoping this is the easy answer why.

4. Bunny (Mr. Munch) now has cataracts in both eyes. Took him a few days to get comfortable moving around, but he does remarkably well. He reassured me the other day by locating a piece of paper slightly outside of his cage, grabbing it through the bars, and pulling it inside and chewing on it - that means he can see better than I thought he could.

4. We're going to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Fox Theatre next week, and I can't wait. We saw a show of it when we started dating, over ten years ago, and I have been waiting for someone else to do it here. The Fox Theatre is such a beautiful venue, and we have amazing seats. We may buy some discount seats for our niece and a friend, and take them with us (when we bought our seats, she had other plans for spring break, but those were canceled earlier this week).
posted by needlegrrl 31 March | 07:12
I've always wanted to do a braided rug but figured I'd never finish the prep part. I've seen some gorgeous ones on Etsy.

1. 6 weeks of maternity leave are gone. Not accomplishing much of anything and I need to start going to bed earlier. We'll see how the last 12 weeks go.

2. Big Girl is now 4. It seems forever and yet just yesterday that she was my little baby.

3. Baby Boy is growing like a weed and thankfully has a similar disposition as his sister -- not any crying outside of hunger & tiredness. Now if he'd just stop fighting sleep sometimes.

4. I got the free 2 month subscription to Amazon Kindle Unlimited from Groupon and have been binging on fantasy & paranormal romance. I may have to resubscribe once a quarter to keep up with a few series I'd like to continue but not that interested in buying.
posted by bluesapphires 31 March | 21:47
1. I'm doing a work course in the weekend. On Kafka. So we're in Zeeland. From the house we can cross the steep dunes and are directly on the beach. Very nice as a break between listening to lectures and doing exercises.

2. mlkshk just shut down. So last night I was rushing to scrape the metadata of the images I saved while my colleagues were doing board games and drinking. So now I have everything to create a static memorial site during the next week on my old school home page. I'm planning make it automatically skip through the images at random.
It feels rather pointless to create that site. I guess it's like letting your child create a nice burial box for her hamster. As a way of letting go.

3.there is no 3

4. oh wait. I've made jokes about Die Verwandlung, and "es war kein Traum", and "jemand mußte Josef K. verleumdet haben". My colleagues just look at me. I guess they don't know what the Kafka software has been named for.
posted by jouke 01 April | 02:59
1. I am in the process of deciding if I am going to move from NYC to Seattle (where my company is based). If I do, it would be a huge change! I would have a job that I would like much more than my current one, but I would be leaving friends and all my family. And I am concerned that they will flip out because they are so attached to my daughters and love seeing them weekly. But, it could be fun to have a new lifestyle!

2. My girls are turning 2 soon and I just can't believe how they keep developing abilities. I remember feeling like I couldn't wait for them to talk, and I am so happy that they can now! I love hearing what they want and what they are thinking about. I am impressed that they remember things. We took them to see monkeys in Feb and when we were just reading about a monkey in a book, R said "like eat raisins" because that is what we fed them in the monkey forest.

3. The possibility of this move and feeling "wanted" for this new position makes me feel confident and positive, I hope I can keep this feeling no matter what happens.
posted by rmless2 03 April | 13:41
1. Crazy busy and mostly tired from all the crazy business these days. My husband and I did have a wonderful week long trip to Mallorca in the midst of it all, which was lovely.

2. At my fattest for quite awhile. See number 1. I am determined to address this.

3. In love with our kittens, the ones I got my husband for Xmas. Both are getting to be enormous cats already, especially him, but they are kittens inside and also exceptionally friendly and smart, which makes for ingenious creation of chaos.

P.S. Totally thrilled that rmless2 might come out here to fabulous Seattle. Such a wonderful place to raise children, btw. As a former NYC'er, I've never looked back. No kids of my own but lots of contact with kids here, and I can assure you this is a very great place for kids to grow up.
posted by bearwife 03 April | 15:17
I think this should be the official cartoon for when someone leaves NYC:
posted by Firas 03 April | 16:22
1. So I haven't mentioned it yet here, but my husband was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in January. A post-surgery PET scan was clear, so hopefully surgery got everything, but he is in the midst of six months of chemo to wipe out any rogue cancer cells. After that's done, he will have to have another surgery to reverse the temporary colostomy he has now.. We are so incredibly lucky that the cancer doesn't seem to have spread beyond some lymph nodes adjacent to the colon tumor. Of course my mind always manages to find something to stress about, and now it keeps repeating, "He was only 36... What if this is only his first bout with cancer?"

2. Missing my mom so much. On a self-centered tip, I feel like I lost a lot of my own history when I lost her. When we talk about our kids, my mother-in-law will often say to my husband, "you did that when you were a baby" or "you used to to do such and such"... But I have no way of knowing if my kids are anything like me as a child.

3. Feeling super fat and old.
posted by amro 03 April | 19:34
Internet hugs, amro.
posted by bearwife 03 April | 20:07
Wow. That really sucks amro.
Lots of sterkte.
posted by jouke 04 April | 00:19
Hugs for you, Amro.
posted by msali 04 April | 07:45
Big hugs, amro. One of my coworkers went through a similar situation last year -- mid-30s with colon cancer. I hope your husband's recovery goes as well as hers has.
posted by bluesapphires 04 April | 08:44
hugs and good thoughts for you & your husband, amro.
posted by needlegrrl 04 April | 09:10
Hugs amro. Best to you and yours.
posted by mightshould 04 April | 09:43
Hugs, amro!

1. Feeling super fat and old too. Tired of everyone telling me what a kind and generous person I am, when all I want is a boyfriend. Ok, so I get brownie points in heaven--yay?

2. Should really replace my iPhone 5s soon. Keep putting it off, because I hate change. Boo.

3. Handbell concert coming up at the end of the month--lots of work, but yay!
posted by Melismata 04 April | 14:59
1. Joining the tribe of 'feeling fat and old' too. Exercise has been hard, because I screwed up my knee ligaments by over-stretching myself doing hot yoga. The heat makes you bend further than maybe is good for you in those hot yoga classes and it's easy to injure yourself.

2. I've struggled with loneliness and depression this winter, and I've had a couple of go-rounds with a horrible winter bug that laid me low. I've eaten too many carbs, and I need to get back into healthy eating.

3. But I love this time of year, with lighter nights, warmer weather and everything starting to grow.

4. I've been working hard preparing things for spring in the garden - planting, pruning, digging, feeding. Last year for the first time I grew some vegetables and it made me feel so good to pick fresh food from a plant to eat that day. So this year I want to grow more.

5. Work sucks, but I still have my two days a week working at home, so that's fine, it makes the whole thing tolerable.

6. I have a few social things planned, and Easter is coming - a four-day holiday in the UK, our equivalent of Thanksgiving, with family gatherings and usually a big feast on Easter Sunday. I've taken an extra day's holiday, so it will be a lovely break for me from work. No family gathering though, because no family.

7. Easter eggs! For some reason, Easter egg chocolate tastes much nicer than chocolate in a bar shape.

8. Lucy is well, although she's slowing down. She likes to go outside and get the sun on her old bones.

9. Melismata, I need to change my phone too. I have my eye on a Huawei P9 lite, as it has an excellent camera. But, gah, change. Sometimes it's too hard.

But I really have nothing to complain about when I see what others are going through, and so much to be grateful for.
posted by Senyar 04 April | 15:33
Hugs also Melismata and senyar..... I'm in the old fat feeling group too.

I can report that acupuncture did help my wrist tendon issue. It will take a few more treatments but I have hope that it will be all better soon.
posted by mightshould 05 April | 18:36
To me, the most intriguing part of || hi. cats.