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24 December 2016

Sending love and hugs to Mightshould [More:]and to anyone else who is feeling the loss of a loved one at this time of year. Tomorrow would have been George's birthday, and although it's 11 years since he died, I miss him every single day.
There's no expiration on missing people. It's tough at the holidays. My father and birth mother are gone almost twenty years, and sometimes I cry like it was yesterday. Warm hugs all around.
posted by Pips 24 December | 11:57
This can be a very hard time of year. Hugs to all and hope that you find some light and peace this season.
posted by arse_hat 24 December | 14:09
Our beloved kitty Cleo died about two weeks ago. We have a new kitten I previously arranged as my husband's early Xmas gift and the loss of a cat pales beside the loss of a loved person but I am feeling very sad.
posted by bearwife 24 December | 17:23
Thanks for remembering me and y'all all know how hard it can be. My loss was Dec 24, 2005 and it seems like yesterday and forever. The hardest part sometimes is that nobody knows (everyone assumes I'm attached) and the few folks who do know never ever mention him. It is isolating this time of year when you're not suppose to bring everyone down with such things.

You good folks are a lifeline at times and I truely do appreciate your kindness.

Thankfully I had to work today and it was retail crazy. Then I visited neighbors and we had our wee gift exchange of little goodies. I scored some of her homemade chocolate sauce (which has become a tradition that I hope for ever year.)

Blessings of peaceful holidays to you.

posted by mightshould 24 December | 17:35
a little belated, but hugs & good thoughts to everyone who is missing someone.

I know I miss my grandfather bustling around with the video camera and doing all of the Christmas tasks that he used to do, even though he's been gone for almost ten years, and passed in July.

This was our first single pug Christmas in a long time, and it was a little sad as well.
posted by needlegrrl 27 December | 16:36
Friday question NOT from the book of questions || If a song can capture the true spirit of the season