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10 December 2016

Saturday question NOT from Book of Questions Disclose your favorite cookie/biscuit variety, please.
Toll House style chocolate chip cookies, always.
posted by bearwife 10 December | 12:32
I have to call them 'biscuits', which is what they are here.

For me it's a tie between Lotus Biscoff (the biscuits that form the basis of Speculoos cookie butter) and Bahlsen Choco Liebniz (dark chocolate, although I'll eat the milk chocolate at a pinch).

The Biscoff are very moreish, caramelly with a hint of cinnamon. They're now sold in large packs at Poundland. I have to exercise restraint.

The Bahlsen are more of a treat as they're quite expensive for a biscuit. They're best straight from the fridge, so the chocolate is crisp. And they make great ice cream sandwiches, with the chocolate side in and a dollop of Ben and Jerry's between two of the biscuits.
posted by Senyar 10 December | 14:14
I may possibly like ALL the cookies, given the right opportunity.

Some are best for dunking in milk.
Some are best accompanied by coffee or hot tea.
Some are best when eaten as raw batter.
Some are best right out of the oven.
Some are best eaten cold/frozen.
Some are best fresh out of the container.

Mmmmmmm cookies!
posted by mightshould 10 December | 18:13
Buttery shortbreads.
posted by arse_hat 10 December | 18:35
Chewy chocolate cookies. When I made them for school events I would have to fight to keep my father away from them : "I only want just one (If I relented, he would pull the same thing every 10 minutes until they were all gone)! Why are you being selfish and not sharing (he knew perfectly well that these weren't meant for him)?"
posted by brujita 11 December | 10:01
I have many cookie favorites, but my most recent have to be oatmeal raisin cookies that my partner made. He toasted the oats and soaked the raisins in bourbon, and they were truly delicious. They lasted a week, and I am hopeful that more will be made. :)
posted by needlegrrl 11 December | 12:43
All the cookies. I eat all the cookies. Unless they have raisins, then I will not eat them. Raisins belong in rice pilaf, not in cookies.
posted by msali 11 December | 16:45
Sorry needlegrrl! I just realized my anti-raisin rant came right on the heels of your beloved raisin cookies.

Still don't like raisins in cookies, though. Even if the are soaked in bourbon.
posted by msali 11 December | 16:46
The more buttery the cookie, more I like it! I love snickerdoodles, and toffee cookies, and cookies with jam in the center. I love them all, though, really.

posted by amro 11 December | 21:34
It's okay, msali. more for me! :) I haven't had raisins in rice pilaf though!
posted by needlegrrl 12 December | 09:08
I am discovering I like raisins in everything now, even bread. It is as if some alien has taken me over. I am highly fond of oatmeal raisin cookies myself. Also want to give you a huge Hanukkah hug for that chewy chocolate cookie recipe, Brujita. Really I just want one...
posted by bearwife 12 December | 10:44
I had Irish sofa bread with raisins in it yesterday (slathered with butter, of course). Yum.
posted by amro 12 December | 12:28
toll house chocolate chip and my mom's sugar cookies recipe (I think originally from a Betty Crocker cookbook)
posted by bluesapphires 12 December | 13:49
Toll House cookies right from the recipe on the Nestle bag. Make it with butter, though, not margarine.
After that...My wife's handmade date pinwheel cookies she makes every xmas. If you like Fig Newtons, you'll love these.
posted by Thorzdad 12 December | 17:37
Oh, and leave out the optional nuts in that Toll House recipe. They just get in the way.
posted by Thorzdad 12 December | 17:39
I like to put white chocolate or mint chips in them.
posted by brujita 13 December | 10:27
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