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28 October 2016

Friday question NOT from the book of questions Name three things strangers do that make you happy.
1. Holiday decorations

2. Gardening

3. Volunteering to help people who seem to be in trouble.
posted by bearwife 28 October | 10:20
1. Show kindness to a person or animal

2. See the humour in things, in a not-cruel way.

3. Grow things. On my commute I pass a new set of allotments, at Pudding Mill Lane. They opened this year and it makes me happy every single time I go by to see how, over the past few months, people have grown fruit, vegetables, flowers. Some have painted their sheds, built little pergolas. The ten seconds I have to look at those allotments as the train goes by fills me with joy.
posted by Senyar 28 October | 12:14
1. Don't talk to me
2. Use their turn signals
3. Hold doors open for each other.
posted by apoch 30 October | 13:41
1. Say thank you
2. Treat children kindly
3. Put on special surprises for other people- I love videos of students doing something nice for a fellow student, soldiers surprising their families when they come home, etc
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 30 October | 15:37
1. Post cute pics of their kids and/or pets online
2. Drive the speed limit when they're in the left lane
3. Don't talk to me when we're in the elevator
posted by bluesapphires 31 October | 07:40
As a follow-up, I emailed the Pudding Mill Allotment website, to say how much I loved looking at the allotments from the train. I had a lovely reply:

How delightful to receive your email!
After many years in the wilderness Manor Gardening Society have moved into the site having been evicted from the Olympic Park some 8 seasons ago. I have a plot right by the railway, and having spent a few weeks becoming accustomed to the passing trains (which I now really like) I began to consider things from the point of view of the commuter. I realised that for some people passing the site will punctuate the year in seasons.
The 50 tenants have transformed the site in just a few months from that bare scratch of soil you saw in March. We're starting to give shape and character to the place, and at last it feels like we're back home again. On the whole, for a first season on sterile soil, people have grown terrific produce - all shared amongst family, friends, and some lucky locals!
My steadfast neighbour on plot 7 will be delighted to hear your approval of her shed and pergola - we feel it our duty to create a place that encourages you all to sit on the correct side of the train, and watch our little site develop.
Check our website occasionally - we may be participating in an 'Open Gardens' event next year - you'll be able to have stroll around and a cup of tea!

posted by Senyar 04 November | 14:24
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