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07 October 2016

Friday question NOT from the Book of Questions So, if we made you Mayor With Unlimited Power for one day, what three things would you change about where you live?
Seattle: I would wave my Mayor wand and create --

1. Instant housing for every homeless person on our streets, regardless of criminal history, addictions or alcoholism

2. Plenty of low income and middle income housing options, funded by all the people erecting high rises and fancy high income condo buildings.

3. Safe Dutch style bike lanes, with barriers, on every street and avenue.
posted by bearwife 07 October | 11:16
1. Affordable, decent housing for all who need it.

2. A better bus service and extension of the Tube Freedom Pass to pensioners in our area. We pay for the Tube, but because we're just outside the London boundary, our pensioners don't get the Freedom Pass for the Tube, just a free bus pass. The last bus up the hill to Loughton runs at 6.30pm, which is ridiculous. The cost of Tube travel (4.90 for a single journey from my station to Loughton, just one stop further along the line) means that many pensioners are stuck at home in the evenings if they have no other available transport.

3. I'd turn the streetlights back on. Having to walk a mile home from the Tube in the pitch black on uneven pavements is horrible. There's been a huge spike in burglaries, cars broken into and sexual assaults since the council decided not to light the streets at night (a money-saving exercise that takes no account of the cost in human terms). Nobody wanted it, yet the council went ahead and did it anyway.
posted by Senyar 07 October | 16:45
1. Plentiful, safe, and affordable housing.
2. Improved public transit. The local county governments have been talking light rail plans for ten years. BUILD THE DAMN THING ALREADY (I know it's not that simple, but, I have unlimited power). This also includes clearly marked bike lanes and paths through town. We are actually pretty good about that already, so I am tacking it on this item instead of making it a separate point.
3. Put a forever ban on development of protected wildlife preserves, set aside in the 1980's. Suburban tract developers are itching to get their hands on the land and make more of their overly-priced sprawly sprawl. NO MORE SPRAWL!
posted by msali 08 October | 10:38
1. We still have affordable housing so the trick here would be to preserve that for the future. Rents here are starting to up toward NYC prices; one bedrooms are going for over $1000 a month now so I'd want to forestall that trend.

2. Build the damn subway from Downtown to the East End. They've been talking about that for more than a century now and the best that they're proposing now is Bus Rapid Transit.

3. Fix and clean all the things!. Pave the roads, fix the stoplights, fix the floodgates on Washington Blvd, fix the streetlights, fix the sidewalks, fix the crosswalks, fix the bridges, fix the dams and locks, etc.
posted by octothorpe 09 October | 08:16
1. Raise minimum wage so a person could support themselves on one job;and abolish this crap of part time jobs that cut hours down to 12 hrs per week whenever they feel like it.

2. Mass transit that reaches at least the majority of residents and runs a schedule that meets their needs.

3. Infrastructure spending on all the old patched crumbling things plus spending towards future needs like affordable internet.
posted by mightshould 09 October | 23:55
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