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10 August 2016

Humpday 3-point update [More:]
1. Lucy has been diagnosed with an over-active thyroid, and is now on medication. She's 15, so this is an expected illness for an elderly cat. She's otherwise fit and well and in good shape for her age.

2. I had a horrible time at work last week, undermined by people I couldn't come back at (they're way senior to me). But today I found out that my former boss, who's now in a very senior role, told them to back off and let me do my job. It's a big relief to have her on my side.

3. This evening a parcel arrived for me, a Gardener's Gift Set from Letterbox Gifts. I'm feeding a friend's cats for her this summer, and this was a thank-you from her. It's made my day, it's such a lovely, thoughtful gift.
1. Tomorrow is my 32nd Wedding Anniversary :)

2. Work is driving me crazy lately. I like what I do, they just have way too much of it for me to do.

3. I crashed my bicycle Sunday. When it happened I was pretty sure I'd destroyed my shoulder, but I apparently managed to roll just enough to avoid serious damage (still pretty sore though). And now it's time to fix my bike.
posted by Doohickie 10 August | 19:12
1. Happy anniversary, Doohickie! We celebrated our 19th on August 2. So fun. Went to the BB game and my husband had us up for a nanosecond on the big screen. I even captured a picture of it.

2. Quiet week at work. I am catching up on All The Reading.

3. Listening to audio book of all of Beverly Cleaver and thinking of Janetland. I am surprised how much I am enjoying her. It makes me remember 3rd grade.
posted by bearwife 10 August | 22:00
That was Beverly Cleary. Stupid iPad autocorrect.
posted by bearwife 10 August | 22:08
1. Off tomorrow- G got sent home from daycare for diarrhea (haven't seen any since he got home) and can't go back tomorrow (rule says they stay out 24 hours). Will be fun/exhausting to have a day with my youngest!
2. Bathroom remodel continues- walls and ceilings coming in! Bathtub sitting in the garage, I think it goes in tomorrow. Will have to get G out of the house tomorrow so they can work.
3. Did phone banking for our congressional race last week. I had imagined I could meet local folks, but it was all super young staffers from all over the US. Oh well, still fun! Can't WAIT until the election is over.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 10 August | 22:12
Hurrah for Beverley Cleary!! She's the best.

1. On vacation this week and last, but since it's all spent with family it hasn't been very relaxing. However, I spent the last two days watching adorable small children I'm related to running around, and I got to hold a tiny baby I'm related to, and today I'm starting for home, so it's ending on a good note anyway.

2. After 20+ years in Maine, I find I don't understand air conditioning any more. I can't get this hotel room comfortable -- it's either too hot or icy cold.

3. I boarded my cats at the vet and got their teeth cleaned. I fear their revenge when I pick them up on Saturday.
posted by JanetLand 11 August | 07:23
Oh, and 4. I finally got a [small, cheap] smartphone. I'm not too sure about this 21st century yet, but I admit I'm looking forward to getting on the train and grandly holding out my phone when it's time to scan my ticket.
posted by JanetLand 11 August | 07:25
Happy anniversary Doohickie!

1. We are also in the middle of a remodel. I have gutted our large guest bathroom and will rebuild it up from the studs. I do all of the demo work myself, and hire professionals to clean up after me. It's quite cathartic, and ends up saving us money, so win-win.
2. My bathroom remodel took a two week postponement, because I got my first-ever case of vertigo at the end of July, and it knocked me straight off my feet. I only had the "room is spinning, eyes pinballing around their sockets" for a day, but the recovery time has been slow. The nausea and fatigue were just awful. My GP says classic vertigo, but I have an appointment soon with my neuro, and I bet I am stuck into an MRI machine by month's end.
3. My nephew is coming to spend a week with us and I am having so much fun just planning activities. We're going to an alpaca farm! And the Duke Lemur Center! And eating ice cream every day!
posted by msali 11 August | 09:26
Happy anniversaries!

1. Biggest accomplishment today was my nuchal translucency screening ultrasound. Baby is 12 weeks along and all is well. So I told some close friends (who didn't know I was trying) & my dad + wife (who did know). That's always fun.

2. 2nd biggest accomplishment today was the dogs' baths. Annual vet visits are Fri/Sat and it had been way too long since bath time.

3. I took today off and it was lovely to not have to deal with work. I'm taking an extra day off for Labor Day weekend and am so looking forward to it.
posted by bluesapphires 11 August | 19:49
Happy anniversaries and congrats to bluesapphires!

1. Heading home today after a week at the shore. It was nice but I'm ready to go home.

2. We are having our (quite long) driveway redone and widened. The contractor we're using offered to do it while we were away but hasn't. I'm expecting that he will start today so that we won't be able to pull in our driveway when we get home. Which means parking fairly far away and then unpacking the car (not to mention two toddlers) at a fair distance from our house.

3. I have bruised ribs from a very bad cough I had for about 6 weeks (thanks allergies). I never knew that you could get bruised ribs from coughing, but man, it is no joke! I've been in a pretty distracting amount of pain for about two weeks now and I'm told it could take at least another two before I'm feeling better.
posted by amro 12 August | 05:54
Ugh. Bruised ribs are the worst. They never get better, you just get used being sore all the time.
posted by Doohickie 16 August | 22:34
Friday question NOT from the Book of Questions || A genre I didn't expect to be into