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30 March 2016

Happy happy, joy joy! Today was a very happy day. How was yours?[More:]After more than a couple of years of torture, the problematic employee has finally left and I am a very happy person. The PTSD may linger around for a while (please, please clear the stuff from his cube so that I won't be reminded when I walk by it!), but I feel about ten pounds lighter. We're going to have a big lunch tomorrow to celebrate. (And the boss is off for the rest of the week, so we'll be able to take a really, really long lunch too, perhaps with alcohol.)


Ok, that's better.

How's your day going?
I am happy to hear that you're happy!

My day is going ok but I continue to be pretty low energy and I'm struggling hard to lose weight. Iron seems to help when I remember to take it.
posted by amro 30 March | 17:37
Woke up to no hot water and a dead water heater. Still, we will have a new one before noon tomorrow and it was sunny and warm and there are birds all around building nests and squabbling so its been a nice day.
posted by arse_hat 30 March | 17:45
On the downside, I'm a government contractor, and Congress isn't releasing money into my department's budget to pay us.. which means that I didn't have any work today. May be the same tomorrow. April 1 should see us right.

On the upside, it meant I could go for a mid-morning 5 miler in Central Park with a friend, on this beautiful cool spring day.
posted by gaspode 30 March | 17:49
Persistent headache -- kinda a weird one that feels like someone is pulling on my scalp, and is probably referred neck pain -- but otherwise all is well. I had a wonderful bike ride past many flowers in sunshine this AM to work, and am looking forward to more of the same going home.
posted by bearwife 30 March | 17:53
Melismata - that sounds awesome! Congrats!

We're going on vacation next week, and *all the things* need to get done at work before then, and new things keep popping up, and it's making me a little crazy.

But, we saw Kinky Boots last night and that was fun! (although the recording of Hamilton may have ruined me on musicals..)
posted by needlegrrl 31 March | 06:44
Wow! That sounds as bad as senyar's awful neighbor- so happy to hear you can celebrate with your whole group too!

Anticipated project at work didn't materialize, so I've had no work this month, which is financially tight, but I've been working on making an outdoor cat enclosure and the weather has been pretty good.

Also, I'm happy about planting some things that have been in pots and I've gotten a bit of landscaping done. I absolutely love working outside.

Yay for lack of work coming at a pleasant time of year!
posted by mightshould 31 March | 06:52
Why is it that, every time I shower at a gym, the locker room has two women in it who go on and on in LOUD voices about everything that is wrong with the world? Is that a standard requirement for gym locker rooms -- must contain loud pontificators?

Otherwise things are going okay.
posted by JanetLand 31 March | 07:50
Yay, excellent news! Enjoy your long boozy lunch!

Things are good. I have bigshot visitors coming to work next week and a LOT to get done before then, (and am clearly managing my time well, hahah), but it's all good.

Mr. Fig and I are getting our carpet replaced with vinyl plank flooring, and the materials will be delivered tomorrow. We have a herd of small pets, so this is a very exciting home update. I'm also getting tattooed tomorrow night, eeeep.
posted by Fig 31 March | 09:45
Do tell! What sort of tattoo???
posted by bearwife 31 March | 13:10
Why is it that, every time I shower at a gym, the locker room has two women in it who go on and on in LOUD voices about everything that is wrong with the world? Is that a standard requirement for gym locker rooms -- must contain loud pontificators?

I never shower at the gym*, but there's always seems to be people talking loudly to each other when I'm in the aerobics machine room and I'm trying to concentrate on not dying. Who has anything to say to anyone at 6:30 in the morning?

*I live two blocks from the gym so it's easier and less humiliating to just shower when I get home.
posted by octothorpe 31 March | 14:16
A friend and I took Blu to an UNESCO World Heritage site for a walk (the stone circle and henge at Avebury). I thought it was a wonderful way to spend a sunny spring evening with a friend; Blu thought it was a lot of things to pee on and then he got to third base with a little terrier we met.

Can't take him anywhere.
posted by ARobotNinja 31 March | 14:39
(Is it weird that I feel bad for the guy who left? I get along at work, for the most part, but there are probably a few folk who would pop the champagne if I left.)

My day was meh. Car was acting up. Afib acting up. Both of us ready for the pasture.

Teaching a unit on Holocaust literature. Reading Maus. Rewarding, but sad.

So glad it's Friday tomorrow.
posted by Pips 31 March | 20:12
Got to work today to find out that my project was cancelled and I was moving to a new team. Now I have to learn to work with a new set of teammembers and learn two different new Javascript test frameworks within a few days. Joy.
posted by octothorpe 31 March | 21:18
I felt for Maus. Finally read it for the first time last year. Thanks for teaching that unit.
posted by bearwife 31 March | 23:40
Too funny || I'm home