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23 February 2016

Tuesday 3-point update [More:]
1. Lucy gave me a big scare, spending a day and night at the Pet Hospital on an IV drip after she stopped eating and drinking. It seems it was a tummy bug of some kind, as all her tests were normal. She came home today. But oh, the worry of it all.

2. The days are getting longer, and although it's not light when I leave for the office, it's light now when I come home. Spring is on its way and I'll soon have to do some serious work in the garden to get it looking right for the summer. After I had it landscaped last year I filled the raised beds with things that now don't look right and need to be moved into pots. I love roses, so I might fill the beds with rose bushes, fragrant Old English roses.

3. It's Hot Cross Bun time in England. There are so many varieties now. I had fig and cranberry the other day, which I thought would be nice but weren't, and today I bought some mini sticky toffee hot cross buns, which are nice but not like proper buns. But the best ones are from Shepherds, a local bakery. Proper, old-fashioned hot cross buns that don't disintegrate when you butter them, and are full of fruit and spice, and just a hint of Essex saffron.
1. I rode my bike all the way to work today. It was cold and clear and absolutely beautiful. I love having enough daylight to get back on the bike.

2. I created an electronic inventory using a new app of EVERY SINGLE THING in the refrigerator, freezer, pantry and fruit bowl. I feel awesomely organized. Also, I cannot believe how much vinegar, hot sauce, spices and jam I've collected over the years.

3. Our dog is ridiculously adorable these days and so is my husband. Because of my increasing sense of mortality, this scares me and makes me feel that the time with them is ticking down. (We watched the most recent episode of Downton Abbey last night and felt a big BONG on my internal bell from Edith's explanation to Mary that she came back for her wedding because some day they'd be the only two who remembered the people they had loved who were gone.)
posted by bearwife 23 February | 16:11
1. Trying to get my home back together after the plumbers tore-up the floor to get to a plugged sewage line.
2. Crying a lot about the bill for #1.
3. Repeating mantra: " never ever, ever, ever again buy a home on a slab."
posted by Thorzdad 23 February | 17:01
1. Dealing with off and on sickness here. I think kidlet still has something not quite right but she's acting fine so it'll hopefully work itself out soon.

2. I got my bonus recently and allocated most of it to the house. *sigh* But I will greatly miss that part of my pay when I leave this place.

3. Waiting to find out if I'm pregnant again. Fingers crossed.
posted by bluesapphires 23 February | 19:43
1. Sick as hell today, can't talk and slept all day. Bleh.

2. Got a good year end review yesterday and got a big 2.9% raise! Woo, hoo!

3. Being courted hard by a big well-known tech company. A tech manager had me up for lunch and gave me the hard sell on scheduling an interview for a job with them. It's flattering but I've so many friends interview with them and not get a job that I'm hesitant to put myself through that. The fact that my current job pays so crappy might push me into going through with it.
posted by octothorpe 23 February | 22:05
1. Almost wrapped up with the CPAs at work.

2. Going to another Lady Makers meetup this week - we're screenprinting this time!

3. Getting really excited about my seattle trip (and Emerald City Comic Con) in a month.
posted by needlegrrl 24 February | 08:34
1. Our old dog is long of tooth and short on years, so we are thinking about adding another dog to the mix. My rationale is that if I have a new dog to love when my old dog dies, I won't suffer as badly. That is likely untrue, but I like the idea of adding a new character to the mix. We may visit a couple of potential adoptees this weekend. I am by equal measure excited and anxious.

2. My husband needs to have some unexpected dental work done, which is leaving him uncomfortable in both the mouth and wallet. I am more worried about his mouth, he is more worried about his wallet. He is stuck eating soft food for a few weeks, so I have to adjust meal planning accordingly. He is also nursing a shoulder injury, and feeling his age.

3. I am beyond excited to be going back to Iceland in May, when I let my thoughts wander, it is so pleasant to let them wander to what I want to do while I am there.
posted by msali 24 February | 12:07
Not in chronological order. Pools of butter are my top priority today:

1. Back to the city today for like the 382nd hoop jump in the 2-year saga that is "try to keep the perfectly-good old garage while staying a sliver of a step ahead of the prohibitively expensive fees"
2. Take my partner to a free organ concert at lunch for a surprise.
3. Eat bagels with pools of butter.

posted by aniola 24 February | 12:10
1. Another night of not enough sleep last night. My son has a bad nighttime cough and I'm now wondering if it's an allergy and not cold-related, so I washed his pillows, comforter, and sheets today and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it helps.

2. I had an absolutely awful episode of chest, stomach, and back pain for about four hours the other night. Throwing up helped but it felt like no stomach bug I've had before. I was actually considering a visit to the ER. I'm wondering if it was my gall bladder. I would love to know how to prevent it happening again.

3. Further to #1 and #2 above, I'm behind on my work thanks to the aforementioned ongoing lack of sleep.
posted by amro 24 February | 13:05
1. My closet reno project is almost complete and I am so pleased with my efforts.

2. We have potential for severe weather tonight- the same that went through the middle of the country last night. Crossing fingers.

3. After a year of having almost no days off, this year is almost no days at work. Part-time as needed sucks for the budget when things are slack. At least it gives me time to do projects like #1 above!
posted by mightshould 24 February | 14:53
I'm headed to California (North, then South) in 2 days. TWO. DAYS. Eek.
posted by Eideteker 25 February | 10:54
1. I made this, and it's really good, and I left out the cucumber because I dislike cucumber. I will add peas sometime instead. I am now in love with farro, although I apparently don't pronounce it correctly.

2. I am very very slowly starting the process of getting my bathroom renovated. I am dreading the upheaval and expense but it kind of needs to happen, especially if I ever want to sell my house someday. Luckily I have another toilet in the basement so I just have to figure out the interim shower problem.

3. I now have my mother's set of china. Should I toss my stuff and use hers instead? It's not particularly inspiring but it's not hideous either. She almost never used it -- it sat in the dining room cabinet my whole childhood. Seems wrong.
posted by JanetLand 25 February | 12:08
That salad looks lovely, JanetLand, although I'd probably sub brown rice for farro, which is stupidly expensive here.
posted by Senyar 25 February | 12:59
- About a month ago I lost an earring. I didn't know when or where it had happened, and I'd given it up for lost. Someone a few blocks away found it and hooked it at eye level to a fastener on a telephone pole. Miraculously, my dog stopped to pee on that very pole a couple of nights ago, and so I spotted it. Thanks, mysterious neighbor!

- Going to see Stanford Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra tonight.

- Tomorrow: eye appointment and then dinner with some friends I haven't seen in a while. We're going to a cheerful, unglamorous local Italian-American restaurant that's been around since the 40s or 50s.
posted by tangerine 25 February | 17:25
Oh that salad looks good. And I do love cucumber so I may just make it exactly as written.

I wouldn't bother to use your mom's dishes unless you prefer them to your current ones. If they don't inspire you, maybe market them and get some money for a set that does?
posted by bearwife 25 February | 18:56
I ended up keeping half the china and goodwilling the rest, along with some other dishware I'd never liked anyway. So, what I kept doesn't take up any more space in the cabinet than before I unpacked the boxes, and I still have the plates I use every day.

Interestingly, my brother, who packed the boxes, put each large plate into a heavy padded envelope. So I now have 10 large padded envelopes in like-new condition. A supply that will last for some time, I think.
posted by JanetLand 28 February | 12:51
1. Thank God, thank God, thank God, the useless intern's last day is March 31. Can't come soon enough.

2. My best friend is having some flare-ups of her bipolar and depression. I've known her my whole life, and I'm totally running out of ways to say "I'm sorry you feel bad, I hope you feel better." Argh.

3. I need to eat more fiber. Think I'll try the Kellogg Fiber Plus bars.
posted by Melismata 29 February | 16:21
How do you open jars? || OMG! BAD BUNNY SHIRT!