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14 February 2016

What up? Me, small home reno project. You?[More:]
I started a closet redo last night after work. Today after work is a relaxed day with no work ongoing. Tomorrow's a day off paid work and will hopefully see completion of closet redo with a few follow ups during the week if I manage to get everything done smoothly.
Flying to Florida with my kids Tuesday! Here's hoping they behave.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 14 February | 21:30
Glad you asked, mightshould! I bet it'll feel good to have that closet in order. Are you purging stuff as you go, or is it an infrastructure overhaul only?

Bon voyage, TPS.

Me, I made chicken adobo. I'd been reading about it for years but never had it. It was just okay. I suspect it might be better after it sits for a day.

Tomorrow I meet up with my accountant for the tax ritual. She schedules an hour, but realistically it'll probably be
posted by tangerine 14 February | 22:58
Hey, what happened to the end of my comment?!

I meant to say that realistically, it'll be less than ten minutes of work followed by a fun, rambly conversation.

I think I foolishly used an angle bracket to indicate "less than", and that's why the rest of the sentence was truncated.
posted by tangerine 14 February | 23:01
Tax stuff taking only a few minutes? Must be that you have everything in spectacular order. Wow. I'm impressed.

The closet is a complete redo: moving door to new location, plus rearranging interior and purging all the stuff that I no longer love/fit. I've kept clothes because they are "nice" even if I can no longer fit in them. Those things are finding a new home at the domestic violence resell store (where I find most of my clothes - re-recycling them.)

Pinky, your younguns will be kids..... don't stress; it'll be only a few hours as long as you keep your sanity!
posted by mightshould 15 February | 05:35
TPS, good luck! At least it is a fairly short flight.

My 21-month old threw up all over my family room carpet two days ago and I have cleaned it twice and still can't get the smell out. Yuck.

We're not up to much. Kids are home today for Presidents' Day and we will be trying to keep them busy. As my Valentine's gift, my husband took off of work last night, which means he'll be around today to help me with the kids, yay (he works overnights and sleeps when he gets home from work).
posted by amro 15 February | 07:44
Regular work week for me, the kiddo is in theater camp.

My big thing is trying to avoid eating all the candy she got given by her classmates.
posted by gaspode 15 February | 10:13
Tax week at work - CPAs are in the office. other things as normal.

Headed to Charleston SC to visit friends this weekend, which will be nice!

Had a weekend full (okay, not full, but several games were played) of board gaming, which was fun!
posted by needlegrrl 15 February | 10:47
Good luck to everyone with travel and remodeling plans!

There is not a whole lot going on here other than work, which is a welcome relief. My big to-do list includes reading lots of books. I also have a new sourdough starter to feed, which makes me really happy, thus indicating the level of activity I am comfortable with at the moment.
posted by msali 15 February | 13:10
Work is busy for me too. I had a few days off when I went to Iceland, which was awesome. But there are so many changes at work, and so many other things I'm having to do that aren't the actual job I like doing. It's tough at the moment, and not very enjoyable.

I've not felt very sociable, and haven't been out much. A friend is very ill and might not pull through. I've tried to reach out to his wife (also a good friend) but don't want to be intrusive, yet at the same time I am there for them if they need me.

I feel sad about a lot of things at the moment. Some I can change, but others not.
posted by Senyar 16 February | 13:38
Senyar, the Iceland pictures are lovely! We would like to visit, but haven't made plans yet. I hope things look up for you soon.
posted by needlegrrl 17 February | 08:21
Does anyone know how to post pix here from imgur?? || RIP ARTFL 1911 Roget's Thesaurus