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29 January 2016

It's just Photo Friday but no one put anything up i can see so I added a little flourish
Well, that was a bear to post. Is something going on behind the scenes?

I haven't used flickr much lately so I don't know what's up (hassle), also the last few times I checked metachat has been down for instances or dropping server connections. Also, I may be having issues, but what the what? Anybody? We got news on any front of anything?

Meanwhile, the Bees may have put on a pound or two but she can still do tabletop for days:
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posted by ethylene 29 January | 15:57
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Hello Effie

I've found it easiest to ferret out and copy the img tag info from flickr's new 'embed' code. That works, but eeesh. MetaChat itself seems to be working fine for me.
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 29 January | 20:49
I think the topic was supposed to be open this month, as in post anything. I'm a little late but it's still Friday somewhere.

This is a recent picture I took of my 1966 Raleigh 3-speed:
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Here's another one. Soon, Edwards Ranch will just be the name of a development here in Fort Worth. But not yet.
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posted by Doohickie 30 January | 01:36
I don't know how other people do it, but the requirements for using other hosted images always use to be copying the image address (you can add that here by pasting it after hitting the image button) and linking it back to the source (you can add that here by pasting it after hitting the link button) because YOU GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE and I've never had any problem with anyone.

With Flickr now, I go to "view all sizes" and copy the image address of whatever size I want and link back to the image in the photostream, but I bet Flickr would be fine with any link back to Flickr if it cares at all.

I only ended up joining them to share stuff here and because of the notes feature which was comedy gold. The beloved notes feature departed without warning, killing so many jokes and I had resisted because in the early days, I was letting someone else have Flickr, when you could kind of quadrant off the internet by avoiding different social media groups. You kind of still can, as not that long ago I knew people thought of the internet was just Facebook. That seemed great as they could just stay all penned together away from the rest of us. It use to be fascinating how differently different people use the internet, now much of it is unnecessarily upsetting. Why would people replicate the least rewarding/most unpleasant aspect of their life online?

I wanted to post a thing about why and how people use and use to use the internet but I'm waiting to see if there's more input on what metachat is.
posted by ethylene 30 January | 17:41
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