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22 January 2016

Friday question NOT from the Book of Questions If you had an extra hour each day, what would you do with it?
I'd use it to run, do workout tapes, practice yoga or go hike/ walk with the dog.
posted by bearwife 22 January | 15:39
READ! I don't seem to have enough time to read anymore, and my book list is longer than my arm. I keep adding new books, but not any time to read them!
posted by msali 22 January | 15:53
Probably nothing, if I'm honest. I don't do much with my time now, so I don't see the odds of me doing better with more time being very high :-(
posted by dg 22 January | 18:43
Sleep. I never get enough sleep.
posted by amro 22 January | 19:38
Reading too.
posted by octothorpe 22 January | 20:04
I'd like to sleep or read, but I'd probably clean or paint (walls, not paintings).
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 January | 23:09
Time machine maintenance.
posted by Hugh Janus 23 January | 08:16
Read or sleep, yes.

posted by gaspode 23 January | 22:57
Yeah, I'm not a busy person and I get plenty of sleep so I would just do more of the same: Eat, drink, read, pet cats, watch junk, drink.
posted by JanetLand 24 January | 08:26
Guitar. Always.
posted by mule 24 January | 13:18
I'd probably waste it reading the Internet or sleeping, or maybe entertaining the kitties. I should spend it cooking healthy meals or exercising.
posted by mightshould 24 January | 19:32
I would love to have more talking time with my husband. We are usually so tired from work and twin babies that we zone out in front of the tv or go to bed immediately at the end of the day and it would be nice to have more time to talk like real people. I hope I wouldn't waste it on more internet surfing but I prob would.
posted by rmless2 27 January | 11:55
sleep is never a waste of time.
posted by Thorzdad 28 January | 08:11
Some kind of exercise, because if was anything else I'd want either more than an hour or be fretting about how much time was left too much to enjoy it.

It could be great, like a time out of time where you get to leave whatever else is going on, so in the middle of something stressful, you could just go take a walk and have a breather, or before you have to get into your day, you could have a set workout to get active and ready, or transitioning from one thing to another, etc.
I imagine you know when it will be and get to slip out of your time stream and back seamlessly.
posted by ethylene 30 January | 16:41
Impending weekend 3-point update. || Ghost Town.