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02 January 2016

Did you watch the Rose Parade? To me, it's the only televised parade still old-fashioned enough for me to enjoy. There are a few "numbers" from Honda (the sponsor) and Disneyland, but mostly it's just exquisite floats, teams of horses, and marching bands going by on a beautiful Pasadena day. Here's the telecast (about 2 hours). It's the last year as hosts for Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks. I will miss them.
I remember Stephanie Edwards in her first major TV gig as sidekick to Ralph Story on a local L.A. morning show in which she quickly evolved from "bubbleheaded blonde co-host" to near-equal to L.A.'s iconic Story. Then ABC decided to put a version of the "A.M." show on the whole network with Stephanie and without Ralph and it was truly a trial-by-fire that severely burned Ms. Edwards. (Ralph quit the local show and was replaced by Regis Philbin and we all know how THAT turned out) I also remember her fondly as spokes-voice for the Lucky supermarket chain when it was one of the lowest-priced in Southern California (as well as the last holdout against 'Double Couponing'... for hyears it was my first choice for buying anything I DIDN'T have a coupon for).

Looking at the wikipedia pages for both of them... Steph is 72 and Bob is 77... makes ME feel old.

My high school band aspired to march in the Rose Parade, but they only used College Bands in those years. We did get to do the Hollywood Christmas Parade the evening before Thanksgiving (and Macy's), where they renamed Hollywood Boulevard as "Santa Claus Lane"... instead of floats, they just had a wide variety of celebrities (from a few A-listers to some C & D listers) riding in open cars and getting one-question TV interviews from 'man on the parade route' Johnny Grant (who earned a lifetime Presidency of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for that). There were also a few celebs riding horses (the bane of marching bands, do I have to explain why?).

I still love a parade. It was how my extra-curricular activity (the marching band) won more trophies than any of the athletic teams (the best defense for a non-jock), and the uniform was the only time I wore a tall hat, spats and a cummerbund (which is the way I prefer to spell Cumberbatch).
posted by oneswellfoop 02 January | 21:55
So about a week ago I posted about things I discovered still exist in 2015 and now I've the first thing I didn't know still existed in 2016. Bob Eubanks! Glad to know he is still around.
posted by arse_hat 02 January | 23:10
Not this year. I'm sorry I missed the Trump skydivers! I am with you that it is usually a New Years Day favorite here.
posted by bearwife 03 January | 17:36
We watched and really enjoyed it! We're big fans of the Property Brothers, of course.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 04 January | 09:19
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