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18 December 2015

Friday question NOT from the book of questions So, if you celebrate Xmas, what's the first thing you are going to be doing, once out of bed/washed, this coming Xmas morning?
It is my devout hope that as usual, my Bear and I will be nomming his truly awesome eggs benedict (with some non meat variation like crab or spinach.) That is a long standing Xmas morning tradition for us.
posted by bearwife 18 December | 13:47
Probably the first thing I'll do (after flicking on the coffee maker) is to put the oven on so I can get the marinated pork in to slowly braise. I'm making puerco pibil for Christmas and it needs a long, slow cook. I'll try and have a light breakfast - probably fruit - as I know I'll eat too much later in the day. I bought a ridonkulous set of PJs yesterday, fleecy, with owls on. So I'll probably wear those for most of the day.
posted by Senyar 18 December | 14:55
Changing my daughter's diaper :/.
posted by amro 18 December | 17:04
OK, AFTER that, amro?
posted by bearwife 18 December | 17:22
I'm guessing that the kids will want to tear into their Christmas gifts after that. My son is three and it's his first year of being really excited for Santa to come. His younger sister will also enjoy it but she doesn't quite get the whole Santa thing yet. I'm Jewish (husband is Catholic) and it is fun for me to see what the whole Christmas tree/Santa Claus (aka non-religious) experience is about.
posted by amro 18 December | 20:51
My first thing will be probably trying to ignore the cheers from my oldest when he discovers the Christmas presents under the tree. I'll be tired because I won't be home until after 1 am due to our 11pm Christmas Eve service.
posted by stynxno 18 December | 21:48
presents with the kiddo. Then I make pikelets!
posted by gaspode 18 December | 21:53
Make an espresso. Or, feed the cat. One of those two.
posted by Thorzdad 19 December | 09:25
senyar, that's a wonderful tradition you've created by having a very special meal and day for yourself.

The very first thing I'll do is pee. Then feed cats and make coffee.

Day plan: I'll go to my mom's and make the day special for her.
posted by mightshould 19 December | 18:21
Definitely soak in O enjoying the sight of all the presents. And trying to keep the little one from ripping them all open. We will have fried matzoh for breakfast. No idea yet what we will do for dinner. I wouldn't mind doing a turkey breast.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 19 December | 21:42
Coffee before all.
posted by Miko 19 December | 23:47
Fried matzoh! Yum!
posted by amro 20 December | 09:02
Turn on the oven to bake my french toast casserole. That will be followed quickly by turning on the kettle to make coffee because who seriously, who can handle Christmas without coffee first?
posted by msali 20 December | 17:50
Oh boy, that casserole looks amazing.

So, I should have phrased this question better. Because yes, of course, coffee before all every day! What is the first thing you'll do Xmas AM that you don't normally do in the AM? If anything?
posted by bearwife 21 December | 11:48
Presents and breakfast
posted by bluesapphires 23 December | 11:06
Brass for Christmas. || Robocall tech is getting scary better