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11 December 2015

Friday question NOT from the book of questions Inspired by the Secret Quonsar thank you thread on Metatalk -- what present have you given or are you planning to give that you've enjoyed planning for the most?
I told my Bear there was no way I'd ever get him a drone -- so of course it is the little camera drone I picked up for him that I've been snickering about to myself.
posted by bearwife 11 December | 20:06
For Secret Santa at work I drew the name of a young Bangladeshi Muslim man. Planning his gift - on a 5 budget - has been interesting and fun. I nixed food treats because of religious dietary restrictions. He has a beard, so aftershave was out (the standard Secret Santa gift at work for the young men seems to be a Lynx (Axe in the US) gift set).

He has young nieces and nephews, so I thought I'd found an ideal gift - a set of magic tricks. But I was almost at the checkout when I thought I'd better make sure. And sure enough, according to the internet, magic tricks are not permissible for Muslims.

I settled on a 'build your own air-powered rocket' kit that I think he'll have fun with, and will be able to build with his nieces and nephews.
posted by Senyar 12 December | 04:52
My wife and I put a lot of thought into what we each want for Christmas. I really want a new German olive wood hairbrush. My wife really wants a pair of tan corduroy pants.

But what we want even more than these things is to take the money we would have spent on each other and give it to the local orphanage to spend on diapers.

So that's what we did. Best Christmas ever.
posted by Hugh Janus 14 December | 03:06
...a new German olive wood hairbrush.

I thought this was going to be one of those Gift of the Magi situations, but I couldn't figure out how the corduroy might fit in. ; )

(Nice to see ya, HJ-- happy holidays!)
posted by Pips 14 December | 14:47
I love you, Hugh Janus.
posted by Senyar 14 December | 15:40
Huge Anus is tops in my book.

I love giving presents, and I take pride in my gift giving. But this year, of all the presents, the one I am most excited about is the puppy calendar I got for my seven year old nephew. He is going to love all of his new toys and games, no doubt, but nothing is going to make him squeal with joy like this calendar will. I know my nephew, and that kid loves him some puppydoggy.
posted by msali 15 December | 10:03
Last year, I came across these ladies boots - they look sort of like Uggs, but the shiny patent leather front part folds down, so when you have your winter pedicures, your feet mainly stay warm and cozy with just your toes sticking out. My mom and I have a monthly ritual of a pedi for me, and a mani/pedi for her (she has mani's every week). She's getting older, and I saw these boots and could not wait for Christmas Day to give them to her. She absolutely loves them, and wears them even on non-pedi days.

This year, I am able to give her a "sable" coat. Since she was a little girl, she's loved sable fur (don't judge please). So, through a great faux fur site, I have found a gorgeous cruelty free sable coat. I am so looking forward to her expression!
posted by redvixen 16 December | 20:42
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