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05 December 2015

Wassup? What's been going on in your day/life? [More:]
I've had a good meal made from a surprise trout (heh, sounds sketchy) that was given to me today by a co-worker. I shared with kitties. In turn I've had catlap and now have quiet, sleeping kitties. Now I'm heading to a long luxurious soaking bath (which will be adorned with kitties draped along the tub edge.)

What's happening in everyone else's lives at the moment?
We ended up not going to the parade so it was a lovely quiet (or as quiet as a 2.75 yr old kidlet can be) day at home. Currently I'm drinking tea while checking a variety of internet stuff before returning to the newest book in my beloved dragon series.
posted by bluesapphires 05 December | 20:34
Sitting here watching cartoons with my kids. My husband is taking off work tonight and we are going to go to an awesome drive-through Christmas light show at a farm nearby. Not sure what's going on between now and then.

In general, life is good except for the constant specter of layoffs which are going on at my company. I love my job and don't think I would ever be able to get another as good, so I'm terrified of being the next on the chopping block. Plus, given that severance is based on the number of years you've been there, and I've been there less than three, I wouldn't get much severance.
posted by amro 06 December | 08:12
There will be no Sunday relaxing around these parts. I have work-work to do, and I have kitchen work as well. All in all, a pretty normal Sunday, but I have started to feel like I may be taking on more commitments than I can handle. I slowed my life waaay down when I found out I had MS, and I have been mighty good about keeping flares at bay. But I've had some heart problems (MS related, who knew? What fun.) crop up, and I am thinking I need to ramp back my activity level again. I haven't flared in a year, and I've been going pretty hard these days running, working, going out, cooking. All those things I love to do with my life, but I think my new year's resolution has got to be to slow the fuck down again.

Sorry to hear about the layoff threat amro, that is scary as hell. I don't know what I'd do if I lost my job.
posted by msali 06 December | 09:12
I did exactly what I'd planned - I put up the lights and the tree and made roast butternut squash soup, which I've just had for dinner. Lucy is curled up on a cushion next to me, and I'm going to have an early night as I have a 5am start tomorrow morning.
posted by Senyar 06 December | 15:42
I am listening to The Powers That B (rude, NSFW language in link) by Death Grips.

This afternoon, I watched a YouTube video of a man with a Canadian accent destroying a tickle me elmo doll with a truck-mounted jet engine.

I also did an impressive amount of laundry.
posted by jason's_planet 06 December | 17:28
A very low-key weekend here so far. Yesterday: yoga, then my friend Sam's annual party, where some of the regulars I hoped to see didn't show up, but there were potstickers and a first-rate fruit tart and a lot of pictures of someone's new hedgehog. Today, not much. A little laundry. A few phone calls with friends and family. Too much puttering around online. I'm about to launch into some food prep for the week.
posted by tangerine 06 December | 19:30
This weekend was a trip to the emergency room at the children's hospital with my niece - they thought she might have appendicitis, but it was only constipation. (yay, no surgery!) I feel like I'm getting the crash course in parenting all at once.

I have a cold, so I'm trying to rest up, but the weekend was the usual errands, plus baking cookies for the cookie exchange. and a bit of Fallout 4.
posted by needlegrrl 07 December | 07:47
There was an excellent book (Just Mercy, by Byron Stevenson) and a lot of Lara Croft Tomb Raider Anniversary in my weekend. And some errands too.
posted by bearwife 07 December | 16:41
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