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29 November 2015

Thanks folks. It was great to see your responses to my post below. They mean a lot. I just needed to not feel adrift and alone.
My wife came down with some sort of possibly viral, gastric problem. She had some vomiting and then went to sleep for a bit. I woke her a few hours later to try to get some fluids into her and she was floppy, altered, and most frighteningly she had labored breathing with no rales at all. I carried her out and got her to the ER.

She was in full organ failure. They worked on her for 4 hours setting 3 lines and then a central line and pushing 8 liters of fluid into her along with a whole bunch of stuff to try to flush out toxins and get her blood chem back to something manageable. Then a full CT scan and a transfer to an acute facility. She is quite a bit better after 24 hours. They keep saying it's remarkable they got her back to some stability as she would have died in another 20 minutes had I not got her in when I did.

So we have gone from standing under a 5,000 lb. anvil tied with a thin rope to standing under a 500 lb. anvil with a somewhat better rope.

Best guess at this point is the virus caused vomiting and the vomiting dehydrated her. The Metformin she takes for mild type 2 diabetes without benefit of a full fluid and blood volume attacked her kidneys and renal failure caused all her organs to go into shutdown all in about 12 hours.

So please if you catch something that causes you to not eat or drink enough or causes diarrhea or vomiting and you are taking ANY meds at all please go to a doctor, clinic or ER quickly. It's crazy how fast a drug can become toxic when you are dehydrated.

Much love and thanks.
Whoa! That is frightening. So glad she's doing better. Keep us posted.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 29 November | 20:56
Wow. I stopped myself from commenting in the last thread "I probably know how you feel, I've probably been through the same thing", but it turns out I HAVE been through the same thing with my then-wife, when a weird virus hit my her and she ended up with kidney shut-down (plus other stuff) by the time she made it to the ER (in an ambulance). If your wife recovers as fully as mine did, she'll be okay.

Now, be careful for yourself too. I had a weird infection a couple months after her and, in spite of her experience, almost waited too long for my own good. Just take care.
posted by oneswellfoop 29 November | 21:26
Shit. Glad that she's getting better but I can't imagine going through that.
posted by octothorpe 29 November | 21:27
Terrifying. Well done getting her to the ER instantly. Seconding the pleas to take care of yourself too, to keep us posted, and to reach out if there's anything you need.
posted by tangerine 29 November | 22:21
Damn scary arsey, I'm glad things are better, & way to go trusting your instincts to get her help quickly. What a nightmarish way to stop time. Be gentle with yourself - let us know how it's going.
posted by chewatadistance 30 November | 02:17
Hugs to you both.
posted by mightshould 30 November | 08:25
Very scary stuff -- good wishes for you both.
posted by JanetLand 30 November | 08:48
Oh shit, arse_hat, that is some scary stuff! I am so sorry you and your wife have been through such an ordeal. I am grateful that she is on the mend, and that mecha has been able to provide you with a place to talk about it. I wish the very best for the two of you. Hugs from my corner of the internet to yours.
posted by msali 30 November | 08:58
Argh. What a scare for the both of you. And all triggered my 'just' some gastric issues.
Best wishes to you both from the Netherlands!
posted by jouke 30 November | 10:22
I see in the comments that Doohickie sents you a bro-hug.
Very cool.
Here in NL we're not so huggy as US americans are.
So I'll go one even bro-er: slapping you on the shoulder compassionately! Take care man.
posted by jouke 30 November | 10:27
Yikes - so glad that you caught it in time and hugs to you both.
posted by needlegrrl 30 November | 10:54
I read this with horror but I am so glad you intervened in time and got her help, and that she is better. Thinking of you and sending caring thoughts to you and to her. And hugs too.
posted by bearwife 30 November | 12:11
Oh my God, what an awful, terrifying experience for you both. Wishing her a full recovery and you some rest. Let Whitey Ford make a fuss of you, cat love is a great healer of anxiety.
posted by Senyar 30 November | 13:15
So so glad you were able to get her to the help she needed! Prayers continuing.
posted by initapplette 30 November | 15:52
Such a horror. I find myself grateful that you were there at the time and acted so fast. I am glad she is stabilizing. I have seen a few things like this in life and it is shocking how fast things can happen. I am glad she's in good care and will be thinking and praying.
posted by Miko 30 November | 22:25
*puts white light around Mrs arsey*
posted by brujita 01 December | 04:15
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