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29 November 2015

Hi fellow bunnies. I REALLY need to get some attention right now. Good thoughts from you or prayers if that is something you do. I won't give you much because I am a middle-aged male raised Irish Catholic and as such you can load me up with booze and I can get maudlin but mostly I am easy going but stoic about what comes at me.[More:]

That means I don't feel good about putting my life and needs out in front of people. Especially on the web. But I am staring at an abyss. Potentially the worse loss of my life. AND I don't want the details out in the wild BECAUSE FAMILY. It's all just potentiality at this moment and I don't want to kick things into gear until I know more. I am keeping things close until I know more. Here I can ask and it will not get to people I don't want it to get to yet.

But I just need to know I am alive and something something.
*hugs and whuffles*
posted by brujita 29 November | 04:54
Sorry to hear you're going through this... hope things work out for the best. Hugs.
posted by Firas 29 November | 05:48

Oh my. Warmest thoughts and hugs. You know you're safe here. We all care deeply for you.
posted by mightshould 29 November | 06:11
Well that blows. Fear not, voices are still heard here!
posted by JanetLand 29 November | 10:50

Knowing what you've lost in the past, I appreciate that this must be something really serious you're going through. Sending my thoughts and love to you. Stay strong, my friend, we are here for you.
posted by Senyar 29 November | 12:46
Hugs, good thoughts, and prayers from here. Stay strong, we are here for you.
posted by bearwife 29 November | 14:05
Warms thoughts and many hugs to you, arsey. So sorry to hear that you're in the middle of it right now. Take care of yourself, keep reaching out.
posted by gaspode 29 November | 15:39
So sorry, dear. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 29 November | 16:20
I am a middle-aged male raised Irish Catholic and as such you can load me up with booze

I have no idea what that's like.

(take care of yourself, bro)
posted by jonmc 29 November | 16:24
Hugs to you, arse_hat.
posted by initapplette 29 November | 17:54
Hi, arsey. What Senyar said: I remember, and this must be serious.

Whatever it is, so glad you aren't sitting on it alone. We're here. Big hugs. Stay safe and warm. Take care. And please check in regularly.
posted by tangerine 29 November | 19:53
Sorry to hear of the troubled times, my friends. Please hang on. You're not alone, I am happy to know you, and please reach out if there is anything at all I can do, even just listen in confidence.
posted by Miko 29 November | 22:00
Sending a bro-hug from Texas. Be well, friend.
posted by Doohickie 30 November | 00:43
(((arsey))) Right here, dude. Feel free to email.
posted by chewatadistance 30 November | 02:13
Friday question NOT from the Book of Questions || Thanks folks. It was great to see your responses to my post below.